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  1. Greatest Upset in the history

    Might I suggest you just try to enjoy an incredible moment.
  2. Greatest Upset in the history

    They shot 54.2% against arguably the best defense in the country. Pretty incredible.
  3. Greatest Upset in the history

    Their whole team was in the zone.
  4. Postseason Tourney Talk

    UMBC looks like the perfect group of rag tag misfits to be the first to do this!
  5. 30.2 and 33.9 fg% last 2 games
  6. I must have missed that one possession.
  7. If we’re saving the 1-3-1 for something times running out to use it ...
  8. We need Copeland stronger and more consistent next year. Hopefully he can take that next step.
  9. USC Coach nails it

    They may have the most legitimate gripe of all.
  10. NIT bracket announcement

    I’ll be a Wildcat fan ... at least, for one game.
  11. NIT bracket announcement

    Well, we have been claiming the last several weeks that we were better than the likes of Baylor, Louisville, and Notre Dame, and we may just get a chance to prove it.
  12. NIT bracket announcement

    I haven’t looked at the bracket, but any chance of an all B1G final with us and PSU?
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    We weren’t even in last 4 out. SMH