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  1. Evan Taylor is really underrated. Completely unheard of out of high school, he worked his way up the ladder.
  2. Illinois

    SFA had only been to a tourney once before Underwood got there. What he did there was unprecedented compared to groce at ohio, miles at csu
  3. BTN NU Classic Games

    Someone please upload that UW game to youtube
  4. NCAA Men's Basketball Attendance

    Any chance PBA will expand since it's over capacity?

    I hope he at least let the coaching staff know it's NBA or europe and not leave those guys hanging after signing day
  6. Right, there are 0 players in this state going D1 on scholarship in the 2016 class. That has to improve
  7. New Assistant -> Michael Lewis

    Rob jeter, grew up in chicago
  8. Beckner leaving

    do you know if any of the coaches are looking to leave?
  9. Wow I thought akoy was one of the reasons Gill is at nebraska... https://www.instagram.com/p/jaffSGsfsS/
  10. Nebraska 68 Rutgers 71 0 wins
  11. Michigan(14-5) vs. Nebraska(12-8) Game Thread

    Andrew White is ripped
  12. Michigan(14-5) vs. Nebraska(12-8) Game Thread

    Getting run out of our own house early. 18-6 um
  13. Freshman Coffee Talk

    McVeigh. I like jacobson's potential too