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  1. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    I have a feeling that a couple years down the line Thor is going to be a very fun player for us to watch. Once he settles down, he could be a very crafty piece for us. I was very impressed with his passing and vision, especially the half court alley oop that he put right on a dime to Roby. Excited for this team!!
  2. Jacobson Gone?

    From what I've heard, this has no impact at all because it occurred recently.
  3. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    Thanks for the correction. My minds been in a tizzy lately with all these updates lately
  4. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    New Mexico is still available and has struck out on every candidate they've interviewed so far per John Goodman.
  5. Morrow leaving

    Does this statement have anything to do with the post a few days ago asking if a certain someone would consider falling on his own sword?
  6. You Get One

    Sorry I didn't clarify very well. Terran would be my choice too, but I meant to say a player who played at Nebraska as an incoming freshman
  7. You Get One

    As the dog days of summer are upon us and activity on this board slows down, I thought I'd pose a hypothetical to keep our interest up as basketball season comes right around the corner. With the roster we have currently, I am probably more optimistic than most thinking that this team will surprise a lot of outsiders and nonbelievers this year. However, with one open scholarship, I'd like to pose a question to have some fun with. If you could have one former Husker back as an incoming freshman for this year's team, who would it be? But heres the catch: Since I'm relatively young, it has to be somebody from Barry Collier's tenure or later. So from 2000 up until now, who you got? Taking into account our roster: Guards: Tai Webster, Glynn Watson, Anton Gill, Malcolm Laws, Evan Taylor Wings: Isaiah Roby, Jeriah Horne, Jack McVeigh, Nick Fuller Posts: Ed Morrow, Jordy Tshimanga, Michael Jacobsen From the demographics of our roster, it'd be pretty easy to take a guy like Aleks Maric and throw him right into the thick of things. But with this coaching staff, boy I'd love to have another shot with Joe McCray and keep him in line. I feel like this current staff (nutritionists and Coach Wilson included) would be able to do wonders with the talent that he had. So who you got?
  8. ok, but he's from virginia and they have been a top seed in the tournament the last 3 years. that was my thought process. Virginia Tech might be more likely, even though they're really not much of a step up from us. But Buzz Williams has a good track record and he's a "predator" who would whisper in a kid's ear, if the rumors about other coaches recruiting Andrew are true.The Hokies weren't great last year, but they have players enough players returning that they look decent on paper. AWIII would definitely increase their shot at the NCAA. Interesting but I doubt it, Miles and Buzz Williams are very good friends if I remember correctly.
  9. A Different Perspective: The Sky is not Falling

    I understand and agree with everything you said, but Roby is very, very talented and I think people will realize that quickly. Roby hasn't played a minute of D-1 ball yet. I think we are doing him a major disservice if people are expecting him to come in and be all world. He is going to have his freshman struggles just like last years freshman went thru. Unfortunately this staff is going to have to ask a lot of him because we are very thin at the 2/3. The minutes will help him down the road...assuming he stays at Nebraska which based on the past 4 years is a question mark...but this team is going to go thru some ugly spells again next year. If the writing was on the wall one would think Miles was doing some 5th year transfer recruiting of his own but there is no evidence of that. If he wasn't doing so, he better be on the phones now. We need another body for minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Andrew White Transfering

    Andrew is a very well-mannered kid, but quiet. He doesn't show you when he's too high or when he's too low. He could keep things bottled up inside of him and you'd have no idea it was going on. Sometimes, it's difficult reaching these types of players. Coaches struggle trying to find the "right" way to coach them, trying to squeeze out every ounce of potential they have. Every player responds to coaching differently. Walter Pitchford took things extremely personally, and any inkling of negative feedback would cause him to check out completely. Someone like Benny Parker on the other hand, could be screamed at until Miles' head falls off and it would only cause him to play better and harder. It takes time to find that adjustment in each player, and I think when Miles think he found it, Andrew didn't like the way he was personally being coached. But Andrew wouldn't tell Miles that, because he's quiet and just kind of a go-with-the-flow kid. With that being said, that falls on Andrew. You have to man-up and learn how to confront someone (i.e. texting Eichorst). You can't keep running away from problems in life, which brings me to my next point. I personally do not think Andrew will ever play a minute in the NBA, and this decision only strengthens my belief. The way I see it, Andrew doesn't want to be "the guy". He is very one dimensional in his 3 point ability, and teams can find a way to guard that. Without Shavon this year, teams are going to be putting their best defender on him, and I don't think he was ready for that. Especially after NBA teams telling him that he needed to work on ball handling and playmaking decisions.... Have you seen the guy dribble with his left hand? He said what he wanted scouts to hear which is "I'm going to go back to college and tell my coach that I need to show these things in our offense next year", but I don't know if he personally believes he can do it. I think he foresaw be a season of low numbers with every team's best defender guarding him night-in and night-out, and not being able to showcase the things they want him to. Man-up and take the challenge head on, don't run away from a challenge for your own selfish reasons. My prediction: I believe he avoids the scout's advice all together and goes to a team with a couple studs, and falls into a 3 point specialist role getting about 20-24 minutes a game. That way he has an excuse that their were other players on the floor that were playmakers and deserved the ball in their hand. I think it'll be a team with a coach who has a history of getting players to the League, and I don't think he'll be one of them. All in all: Nice quiet kid, very poor decision.
  11. Andrew White Transfering

    Question to ponder: Had Miles offered Adrien White (Andrew's little brother) a scholarship, would he be staying for this final year? My guess is yes.....

    Mazda SUV or Mazda car? What I saw was an SUV. Dark silver. That's the one. Maybe going for a drive to clear his thoughts...

    Dark silver Mazda with Virginia license plates

    The way I see it, it seems as if AWIII is just waiting until the last minute for something to change. Maybe for a team to call him and say we wanna take a chance on you? If he hasn't decided yet, I think that's a good sign he's coming back given that nobody gives him a last second call. There's no other reason to be this dramatic about it if he truly knows what he's going to do, he's not one for the attention anyways.

    I just hope the papers are correctly filed this time....