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  1. Are you job hunting???

    If you go to the actual job posting, it's not required: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/54236
  2. Are you job hunting???

    CDL would be required to drive a truck over 26,000 pounds or a bus, not fork lifts. Not sure why it would be required.
  3. Over. I think football is going to surprise a lot of folks and basketball won't have to do much to get the rest, so I think quite a few games over.
  4. Can you find the 5th Husker?

    The five that are checked in are Webster, Rivers, Parker, Shields, and Pitchford. Where Tai is remains a mystery. He might be behind #1 because something is sticking out near his leg that doesn't belong.
  5. Football help

    Hate to disagree, but I saw him play against a very undersized and out manned Lincoln Lutheran team his senior year and he either had 2 or 0 points and he ended up fouling out. They had nobody over 6'3" on him and he was just plain not good that night. This was the only time I saw him play in person, but I went to the game specifically see him play and I came away not impressed.
  6. 2015-2016 Season Tickets

    Bump. Given the happenings over the last couple days, I suspect this to be even more true. That's fine, but I tried to pick up a couple of extra 100 level seats before last season, the response from the athletic department was over 500 priority points would be needed to request 100 level. That much demand isn't just going away in one year.
  7. NIT

    I know Oklahoma and Georgia had them. I did not remember Minnesota at all, but I'm pretty sure Texas didn't. I used to know all the schools that had them, there were 8 schools that wore them IIRC.
  8. NIT

    ALL BOUT THAT BASS I seem to recall a series of sport specific fat Herbies though but I couldn't find them with a simple GIS. It's been a long time, but IIRC, there was one with Herbie wearing a white hoops uniform spinning a basketball on his finger, and one of him in a red singlet for wrestling. Possibly even a baseball one with him wearing pinstripes??? Anybody else remember these? Of course I could just be imagining things, too. No, you are right, I remember all of those except that baseball one. It probably existed, I just don't remember it specifically,
  9. Wisconsin game

    A lot of the games in the early 90s were pretty damn good. The MSU game in 90 and most of the conference games later that season were pretty wild. I can remember Rich King draining a wide open three against Mizzou in 91 that I thought was going to bring to roof down. I can't say that any game the crowd stayed on their feet and yelled as much as Wisconsin though, close but not quite. I'd agree with the 92 game with CU In football was wild, but that was more of a party because of how that game unfolded. The UW game in 91 was more like the Wisconsin game because TO had implored the fans that week that they needed help to win that game, it was the loudest game I have ever been to at Memorial Stadium, ever play the crowd really dug in and gave it all they had.
  10. Go on a Jay message board and see who is obsessed with who. Jay fan recently, when Connie Yori's name came up: "She's dead to me now". Seriously. Can't make this stuff up. I'm just impressed that they knew she coached there, must have read it somewhere...
  11. Which Facility Is Better?

    Umm, it's a dump?
  12. Craig Smith to South Dakota

    I really thought this was a concern for next year, maybe not this one. I didn't realize the USD job was open or I would have been concerned.
  13. Postseason Games Thread

    They already lost one player to injury and the general efficacy of your average towel kid is dubious. Seriously who thought preteen boys would be good at cleaning anything? I've never got why they put kids there to do that job, and when they do the job poorly, there doesn't seem to be anybody pointing out what they should be doing better. I've always thought college students would be better suited. Let them in free and tell them to pay attention to what they are supposed to be doing.

    They had them at the arena about a month ago.
  15. We took I35 up and back (other than going around Austin on 130), wasn't a problem. The 80 mph limit in 130 was nice. Can't believe slowing down for a bunch of small towns on 281 would be better.