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  1. wordyginters

    NBA Playoffs

    Just belatedly jumping in to say ME TOO. Bucks fan. I'm old enough to remember having to get thru Bird Celtics and Dr J Sixers in the east. Sometimes they'd get by one, but never both. Good teams back then tho. What do you think of Bud as HC? I like it. He did good things with some no names in ATL.
  2. wordyginters

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    No doubt. He's the kind of coach who can beat you with his team, and if he coached the opposing team, he'd beat you with them too. He hasn't got a title yet, but what he's done in Boston, with average to good rosters, at his age, with only NCAA exp, is remarkable. The NBA has changed A LOT in the past decade. Old school fans who haven't kept abreast of the revolution likely have no idea what they are seeing. The disconnect between new/old ways of analyzing and understanding the game among some of the people broadcasting basketball is painfully obvious. Same thing happened in MLB. I recall Joe Morgan being about as out of touch as Shaq and Barkley. Although, today, most of the major network MLB coverage has gotten much better. Same thing will happen in NBA, but it definitely takes time.
  3. wordyginters

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I hope you are right. It's been a looooong time since we've had talent like those two. Sounds like you've got some connects or insight? What's the scoop? If you've got any additional insights, I'd love to hear them.
  4. wordyginters

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    What's your take? Are both of these guys coming back? And to kill three birds with one mis-crossed post, any insight on Teddy or Wingett ending up in Lincoln?
  5. wordyginters

    Really OT

    Iggy Popp & The Stooges David Bowie Velvet Underground Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Sonic Youth A Giant Dog The Sweet Led Zepplin The Who Clash Thee Oh Sees Joy Division Johnny Cash Hank Snow Merle Haggard LCD Soundsytem
  6. wordyginters

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I was told that for the right dollar amount, ANYONE is available. Plus, we've got nice facilities. #MEADOWLARK #GBR #HEHASRISEN
  7. wordyginters

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Who used to coach the Globetrotters? They always had an incredible record, and boy, were they creative. Whoever coached that team knew what they were doing. They were ready for anything, and they used to have the best out-of-bounds plays. Efficient as hell on both ends of the court. Great adjustments. Took care of the ball. In a sense. What is Meadowlark Lemon doing these days? Sign him up.
  8. wordyginters

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'm always confused and amused when fans look at the NCAA and players in D1 sports, and somehow see the NCAA as the victim. Or the primary concern. It's like rooting for the Yankees. How about less emphasis on the bottom line for the NCAA, and allowing the players to get a share of the profit generated off their labor? Who cares how the NCAA competes with NBA and NFL and Rough Trade Records? I don't buy that line of reasoning to begin with. A scholarship, in 2018, is in no way, shape, or form appropriate compensation for a D1 NCAA basketball player. CBS is paying 8.8 BILLION for the rights to the NCAA Tourney. I think a rational place to start would be 8.8 Billion on one side of the scale, and whatever number you want to dream up for the value of a scholarship, room and board, and whatnot on the other. Considering player compensation has to be viewed in those terms. So, the slow-mo emergency of the apparent pay to play scandal doesn't bother me that much. Other than it being against the rules, I have a begrudging admiration for the players who are able to monetize their skills within the NCAA system. Pretending it's some big moral outrage takes several blind eyes to the reality of the way the NCAA "amatuer" sports system is run, how much money it generates for damn near everyone but the players, and outdated social notions about the sporting life at the ol' alma mater .
  9. wordyginters

    It's Time to Subscribe

    AMEN. Royko and Ivins were both excellent. Serious dearth of quality on all ends of the spectrum. David Brooks. George Will. Friedman. Maureen Dowd. Gail Collins. Thomas Sowell. Cal Thomas. Could easily roll out a dozen more clowns who, in all seriousness, provide a serious disservice to our democracy. How in the hell do any of these people have a job writing columns anymore? Maybe at some point in their careers they had some relevance, but now, hard to take any of them seriously.
  10. wordyginters

    The Official Media Thread

    I don't gamble for reals, but I enjoy following sports from a gambling perspective, a lot of the people I hear on VSIN have much more sophisticated takes that what you typically hear on sports radio. I've been following Malinsky since the beginning of the football season, and now through hoops. He's an interesting cat, big on analytics and "grading" games to sort out the noise in some stats, attempting to get at the truth. For example, minimizing the weight of garbage time TDs in football. He also reads a lot into the perceived mental state of teams, based off of what he gleans from reading local sources, etc. Not your typical meathead sports shouter. He's certainly not infallible, from my limited observation his analysis based off of canny use of statistics has been superior to his reading the tea leaves from a coaches press conference in the local paper, when it comes to handicapping. It been kind of shocking to see him running with the Huskers all year. And fun to see/hear them highlighted in his write ups. I guess I appreciate any sports coverage that comes from the margins so to speak, and strikes me as a notch above some of the typically BS that is everywhere. A bit of a diamond in the rough thing. And yeah, they cover again. Kind of a fortunate cover, but those count just as much as the bad beats.
  11. wordyginters

    The Official Media Thread

    Again, Husker stuff from a professional handicapper's (Dave Malinsky--frequent guest on Sirius Radio's VSIN Network) perspective at SBR.com If the unseemly sports betting leaves a sour taste for you Cotton Mathers types out there, stay for some of the analysis. It is curious to me that some folks, who ostensibly would be in a position to evaluate things with an analytical eye, keep backing up the wagon to play AGAINST Nebraska. I assume the oppo money would be based on much more than just the relatively weak perception of Nebraska's basketball program over the years. In the Sights, Tuesday NCAA… I have gone to the well with Nebraska about as much as any team in a single-season in recent memory, and the Cornhuskers have both been lead topics and an almost constant part of the discussion threads on every one of their recent game days. I was mystified for weeks at why there was money against Tim Miles and his team in just about every Big 10 game, some of the moves substantial, and have just kept riding them out. The current trading is allowing for -1.5 to be put into pocket against Maryland, and that means yet one more time behind #524 Nebraska (7:00 Eastern). The Cornhuskers have simply been better than the Terrapins, and now that we are deep into the conference schedule, using the Big 10 only base count tells a tale: Net PPP 100 Maryland -2.4 Nebraska +5.4 Yet tonight’s line is below where the home court advantage would project, despite the fact that Nebraska is also positioned to play well – this is only the third game in 15 days, and sandwiched between Rutgers and Illinois there is nothing preventing a team building in confidence from having their full focus on Maryland. The Terrapins have managed to gut out a 6-8 in league play despite being short-handed, but I believe that takes a toll down the stretch – Anthony Cowan has played 547 of a possible 565 minutes in Big 10 games, and for Kevin Huerter it has been 499 and Darryl Morsell 472. They have lost their last six Big 10 road trips, and in what is becoming an electric atmosphere in Lincoln they could play well tonight and still lose by a couple of baskets.
  12. wordyginters

    Release the memo

    NU Memos: Did Danny Nee's wife really have a dalliance with latin lothario Jose Ramos? Is it true that Barry Collier would often take short naps during halftime?
  13. wordyginters

    We have been 8-4 or better since 1998-99

    I was at that one too. Miner was a beast. MSU's Steve Smith, K-State's Michael Beasley, Durant with Texas, Ron Kellogg with KU, Anthony Peeler & Doug Smith with Mizzou. Those are some of the big time opponent games I remember. Men amongst boys kinda stuff.
  14. wordyginters

    The Official Media Thread

    This is from a gambling perspective, daily blog from Dave Malinsky, a pro handicapper who is on Brent Musberger's Vegas Sports & Info Network on Sirius XM a couple of times a week: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/point-blank-david-malinsky/3453192-pb-1-29-tis-monday-before-super-bowl.html Love listening to VSIN, these guys cover basketball with much more of an analytical emphasis than you ever see in local media. Item: Why haven’t the markets respected Nebraska Had I not brought Tim Miles’ Cornhuskers here as a lead topic, I might have been able to win a bar bet of my own by predicting a question that would be in the first three asked in the comments thread – “are we supposed to be riding Nebraska again”. The Cornhuskers have become a meal ticket, starting with that win at Northwestern four weeks ago, and what has been remarkable through the stretch is that the value has stayed strong, in part because there has been consistent money against them. So what happened once again, in the trading leading up to Nebraska/Wisconsin tonight? The host Badgers opened -2 at Pinnacle and a shopper can now take +4.5. It leads to what has been an on-going question: just who is it out there that doesn’t like this team, and why has that money been so defiant? I have not been able to put my finger on it. There is a case to be made that two main contributions to the Nebraska success would have been difficult to anticipate: A. How good James Palmer has turned out to be; and B. How dramatically the defense has improved. That could have caught some market segments off-guard, but what is keeping them off of the track, now that enough games have been played to establish some realities? Palmer only averaged 3.5 ppg as a sophomore with Miami in the ACC in 2016, before sitting out as a transfer last season, though learning the Miles playbook along the way. This season it has been 17.2 ppg, along with 4.3 rpg, and he is a legit candidate for Big 10 MVP by elevating to 19.3 ppg, 4.1 rpg and 3.0 apg in league play. Palmer’s impact may go beyond the numbers because he has been a missing link for the program, which has lacked a go-to player. Let’s start with Miles, after Palmer scored 28 points vs. Iowa on Saturday: “I remember one possession late in the game. I’m like, ‘James, James, go get the ball and do something!’ He can make so many plays. The first half he had four assists right away. He’s willing to share the ball. But he also knows when to take over.” And from Iowa’s Fran McCaffery from the other side of that outcome: “He has been a go-to guy in our league. It’s hard to be that guy when you’re marked. And he is marked, and he’s still doing it. Let’s face it, he’s a hard cover. He dribbles it, he shoots it, he drives it, he gives it up. He’s not a selfish guy. He handles it like a guard, he posts like a big and he’s got a 3-point shot. But his length is what makes him so hard to guard.” Now the key handicapping question. Has the presence of Palmer, and the fact that he helped the team get over the hump in terms of winning Big 10 games (7-4), instead of just coming close, allowed the role players to defend with more energy? The elevation of the quality of defense being played by the current cast, with most of the contributors in their third season, has been striking (these are Big 10 only trackings): Total D EFG% 2-Pt 3-Pt 2016 107.5 (9) 53.0 (10) 49.7 (9) 39.3 (13) 2017 108.6 (12) 53.2 (13) 47.7 (7) 42.5 (14) 2018 99.2 (4) 43.8 (2) 27.6 (1) 44.8 (3) If those market segments fell behind the curve with Nebraska because they couldn’t anticipate that there is no fault. I still struggle to fully buy in to those defensive improvements because there is not a lot of size around the basket. But now we are more than midway through the conference schedule, and if the players believe in themselves that can be a formidable energy. Do the Cornhuskers go into pocket again? Yes, at this price point, even though it is a daunting schedule challenge, only one preparation day and facing their fourth game on as many different courts over eight days. The simple truth is that they are better than the Badgers, who are starting two freshmen and potentially at a low-ebb in terms of confidence. Also note that Nebraska’s 63-59 win at Lincoln earlier was a bit more decisive than the final score can show, with this rather meaningful end-game sequence: 2.0Brevin Pritzl made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Brad Davison. 56 - 621.0James Palmer Jr. Turnover. 56 - 621.0Brad Davison made Three Point Jumper. 59 - 621.0Foul on Ethan Happ. 59 - 621.0Evan Taylor missed Free Throw. 59 - 621.0Nebraska Deadball Team Rebound. 59 - 621.0Evan Taylor made Free Throw. 59 - 630.0End of Game 59 - 63 Yes, that all happened in two seconds. Tonight’s schedule setting would not have worked for me at +2, and there would have only been a slight chime at +3. But at +4 the markets have caused the bell to ring one more time.
  15. wordyginters

    Times Change I Guess

    Got to be a troll. Not bad, but trying too hard. He/she gets the grumpy old man vibe right, but the needy replies and almost subtle baiting are a tell. Bonus points for the demise of jump stops for sure tho. Does it get anymore fake old school than wanting to pound the ball inside? Didn't Stan Van Gundy bury that old school conventional wisdom in a press conference a few years ago? Pointing out how much more efficient corner threes, and I think, just about shots from every other spot on the court were/are than a contested shot from a big man being defended in the paint? Regardless, rage on troll. I like it.