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  1. Does Xavier not have a PG?

  2. https://t.co/XPIyAQDLaa

  3. March madness strikes again

  4. RT @SethDavisHoops: I am going to make sure my sons see this. Tony is all class. https://t.co/3VFKSMiTGy

  5. @stackhouse33 @vegasbedwards Eh, I wouldn’t care either. Experimental/consolation tournament.

  6. @adamb_15 @MikelSevere There’s something about Clemson skill positions ending up in Buffalo and not living up to the hype.

  7. @adamb_15 https://t.co/PZL0ciUlnz

  8. RT @espn: Our guys are reacting to the bracket on ESPN and @DickieV is NOT happy about OU > Oklahoma St. https://t.co/alrMzoBfZG

  9. As usual, Cuse is on the bubble all year and sneaks in. Continuous reward for inconsistency. And if they get past t… https://t.co/pwEGT9kkUG

  10. Got to love teams heading into the tourney playing their best basketball. Since Feb. 1st OU - 2-8 ASU - 4-6 https://t.co/Lp81UUuDWx

  11. I thought @ESPNLunardi and the committee treated teams as independents... and now he's comparing conference standin… https://t.co/GgdnX8QT8q

  12. Louisville with the Quad 1 w... what? https://t.co/ojrICKGE0q

  13. @connortjensen @jppalmCBS If we beat Michigan and MSU at a neutral site, we are in. Michigan only - I think we are… https://t.co/1SzeQGeT7e

  14. @summersbird33 @ESPNLunardi There is losing, and there is getting throttled. Late season games that you get crushed… https://t.co/N5XM19VptF

  15. Texas, Baylor, and Louisville are all in the Last Four In. I could see each one of those losing their last 2 remai… https://t.co/g4eo5c3S9p