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  1. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Or Creighton.... How have they not played themselves on to the bubble?? Only win in the last three weeks was a 29 foot buzzer beater to beat the worst team in the league.
  2. Gotta think that the insane development/statistical growth for Petteway, White, and now Palmer will be a huge recruiting push when pursuing the next transfer type players.
  3. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    That'd be 24 wins.. and MSU isn't losing round 1.
  4. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    I don't think we want an upset... I think we want (Need?) Michigan... Now Michigan after a double OT marathon would be nice....
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Bagley out for duke tonight- that sucks. give VT a fighters chance in Cameron Indoor
  6. The announcers also said last night that Palmer was 11/13 on 3s vs Iowa LOL
  7. Scouting Wisconsin

    This doesnt seem like a Duby game to me? Jordy did a nice job of bodying Happ up and keeping his chest in front of him the last time we played. Id guess any non roby/cope minutes go to him? Were going to need to play well to win.
  8. James Palmer/Cookie Belcher

    I love James... and he might be better offensively-- but he hasn't shown the ability to guard like Cookie. Cookie was an in your face- rat terrier defender like a benny parker/evan taylor type. Didnt he lead the conference in steals? Palmer uses his length well but his feet aren't as good. He got worked pretty good vs Ohio State on the defensive end (Maybe cause he was the only player for us on the other side of the court!)
  9. Rutgers

    Hopefully these refs don't call fouls on him for not touching anyone like the refs in Columbus did. His 3rd and especially 4th were pathetic calls.
  10. Rutgers

    absolute must win tonight. Cant think of any way we lose to 2-6 Rutgers, watch our Ken Pom drop into the 90's and than rebound to get an at large bid. Hope the boys are ready to battle tonight.
  11. Potential Transfer Rule changes

    I think it would hurt us more than help us... Imagine if in April, Watson 'hears' that Kansas could really use a point guard so he bolts-- than after Villanova loses three early guys to the draft, Roby decides to go play there. Palmer says F it and bolts to USC and Copeland decides were going to suck so he goes back to NC State....
  12. I thought Nana was redshirting?
  13. One Miles decision last night really irked me. I get that Watson has been in a major funk, not scoring-- maybe even struggling on D a bit so we went with the big guard line-up (Taylor, Gill, and Palmer) But.... we are up SEVEN W/ 1:14 left after getting a stop and a defensive rebound. We have THREE timeouts left and we bring the ball up the court--- I was pleading with Miles to call a timeout as Taylor was getting pressured up the court. Call a time-out, put in your best ball handler-- and run 30 seconds off the clock or shoot FT's... but Taylor makes a jumping overhead pass to JPJ who turns it over for an easy bucket and Miles goes bananas cussing them out. I totally get it-- those guys have played a ton of basketball, they need to be stronger with the ball but... Glynn is a 3 year starter at point guard. Get him back in the game and let him control the ball there.
  14. Going forward

    If roby started at the 5, he would spend the last 10 minutes of each half on the bench in foul trouble. No way he could play 28-32 minutes guarding a guy that outweighs him by 60-100 pounds. The lineup we finished the game with yesterday is perfect for FINISHING games... Other teams legs are tired, possibly lazier w/ help side defense, etc. The other 3 centers have to play in some capacity and for the most part, have been ok on defense.
  15. He spent the offseason working on his 3 point shot.
  16. Is it time to start Roby?

    Re: Gill--- His defensive performance yesterday was BY FAR the worst on the team-- and we had a lot of bad defensive performances. Add to that 1-7 from the floor, zero rebounding ability and the fact that he's a senior-- Yea Id rather every minute he plays just go to Allen or even Nana.
  17. Obviously our top two scorers need to play well or we are going to really struggle but for me-- we need a third scorer to emerge. My prediction is Copeland gets on track, pours in 15-17, Taylor & Roby make enough glue plays down the stretch and we pull out a big road win. What do you think we need to do tonight to get a W? I can't wait!!!!
  18. HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    I like where Im at (43rd)..... Big game for me thursday
  19. st Johns- 68 Huskers 71 Refs TERRIBLE - Palmer ices a DEEP 3 for the win.
  20. Huskers 74 EI 60 NC- 10 total- 20
  21. Bakari Evelyn Transferring

    Really wish he was still here. Fun kid to watch.
  22. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    JT thinks he's playing in the NBA someday. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes his work ethic/attitude/desire don't match his dream. Costello dreams of being the next Drake Beranek and works his A$$ for it every single day.
  23. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    My thoughts being there live: Watson- ready to go as a top 4-5 PG In the league. Has a lot of responsibility but seems to want that. Was pesky defensively and had some really good streaks on offense. A couple of bad looking shots but mostly good. One time, he got iso'd on copeland w/ 10 on the clock, and settled for a 3 pointer with a hand in his face (good D by copeland)-- and he got lit up by the coaches. Kind of nice to see honestly. ET- ready to go. Great catch and shoot corner 3. really good defense. Got to lane when he wanted and made good passes doing so. Will be our top perimeter defender so his offense will come and go. What a great addition late by the staff last year. Palmer- Love what he brings to the table. He reminds me of such a combo of our recent really good players (under control like white, gets to rim with ease and size like TP, not super quick twitch but patient and controls game like shavon. He will have to have his 3 ball in the league to bring defense out but in transition- he was dominant last night. Blew right by Gill once and copeland couldn't handle him off the dribble either. Loved him and cope going at it. Copeland- You can see the offensive tools. Smooth 3 point shot that will get better and better. Can put the ball on the floor. Ran some high low stuff with Jordy & Duby in practice. Finished with both hands. He should average 10-12 easy. On D is my concern- who do we want him to guard? He couldn't keep Palmer from getting right to the rim, and he couldn't keep Jordy/Duby off the glass. Has some work to do on that end but he will be much better playing with a rim protector. Jordy- Dude is so big. I can't imagine how dominant he can be on the block in a year or two. Just needs to keep getting better. Had some dumb fouls and didnt have great touch but whenever the ball went in to him- we got good shots. Having Duby to spell and limit his minutes will be vital. Mcveigh- Had a great night. Will be really vital to our success as we penetrate and move the ball-- he's just gotta hit threes. Looked comfortable on D albeit limited athletically. Lot to like as his shot was probably the most consistent all night. Roby- The positives are easy to see. Can really run, can rebound, defended much better than last year. Still didnt look comfortable handling the ball or shooting open jump shots (Think hawkins his freshman year). One possession ET made a great drive and kick to a wide open roby who passed up a three to basically drive and kick again- ET let him have it "Shoot the ball!"... If his J ever develops, he's going to be a force. As is, a really solid 6th/7th man w/ Mcveigh Okeke- Probably the most impressive player in terms of what I was expecting. Knows how to find openings and create angles when guards drive. Extremely strong with the ball. Reminds me of the good things Morrow did without the want too or desire to do the bad. Crowd went nuts when he hit a FT which was funny (for know!) I think hell play more minutes than we think. I imagine if we have a lead late-- he will be our C not Jordy--- unless he really can only shoot 30% from the line. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The top 8 are pretty much locks-- hence the line. Lots to like with the other guys though as well. I think the 9th guy will be either Allen or Gill and I think there minutes will be fairly limited-- the reason I say that is because Watson, ET, and Palmer are maybe our 3 best players and I think Miles will play all three of them at or over 30 minutes a game. Allen can flat out shoot it-- looked really solid chasing watson around and playing D. Made some really careless and bad passes though. Gill doesnt do much for me-- had a couple nice drives and mid range shots but he lacks range and strength to drive and finish. Knee looked healthy though. Nana can fly- super athletic. Really elevates on his shot and I think will have a good shot. His d was below average on the ball and he looks like he doesnt know what to do on offense-- other than run at the rim after shots for put back slams. I like the upside though! Thorir- we will see. Not the quickest dude. Can slash- vision and passing ability were better than I thought. Slow release on his three but could develop into a role guy. Guys seemed to really like him. Costello/Borchardt--- PERFECT walkons! Hope they both finish there careers here. Costello can flat out shoot it. Knows how to play. Borch is a hoss. Limited but can finish with both hands and knows his role. sets screens, hits boards hard. Plays physical.