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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Bagley out for duke tonight- that sucks. give VT a fighters chance in Cameron Indoor
  2. The announcers also said last night that Palmer was 11/13 on 3s vs Iowa LOL
  3. Scouting Wisconsin

    This doesnt seem like a Duby game to me? Jordy did a nice job of bodying Happ up and keeping his chest in front of him the last time we played. Id guess any non roby/cope minutes go to him? Were going to need to play well to win.
  4. James Palmer/Cookie Belcher

    I love James... and he might be better offensively-- but he hasn't shown the ability to guard like Cookie. Cookie was an in your face- rat terrier defender like a benny parker/evan taylor type. Didnt he lead the conference in steals? Palmer uses his length well but his feet aren't as good. He got worked pretty good vs Ohio State on the defensive end (Maybe cause he was the only player for us on the other side of the court!)
  5. Rutgers

    Hopefully these refs don't call fouls on him for not touching anyone like the refs in Columbus did. His 3rd and especially 4th were pathetic calls.
  6. Rutgers

    absolute must win tonight. Cant think of any way we lose to 2-6 Rutgers, watch our Ken Pom drop into the 90's and than rebound to get an at large bid. Hope the boys are ready to battle tonight.
  7. Potential Transfer Rule changes

    I think it would hurt us more than help us... Imagine if in April, Watson 'hears' that Kansas could really use a point guard so he bolts-- than after Villanova loses three early guys to the draft, Roby decides to go play there. Palmer says F it and bolts to USC and Copeland decides were going to suck so he goes back to NC State....
  8. I thought Nana was redshirting?
  9. One Miles decision last night really irked me. I get that Watson has been in a major funk, not scoring-- maybe even struggling on D a bit so we went with the big guard line-up (Taylor, Gill, and Palmer) But.... we are up SEVEN W/ 1:14 left after getting a stop and a defensive rebound. We have THREE timeouts left and we bring the ball up the court--- I was pleading with Miles to call a timeout as Taylor was getting pressured up the court. Call a time-out, put in your best ball handler-- and run 30 seconds off the clock or shoot FT's... but Taylor makes a jumping overhead pass to JPJ who turns it over for an easy bucket and Miles goes bananas cussing them out. I totally get it-- those guys have played a ton of basketball, they need to be stronger with the ball but... Glynn is a 3 year starter at point guard. Get him back in the game and let him control the ball there.
  10. Going forward

    If roby started at the 5, he would spend the last 10 minutes of each half on the bench in foul trouble. No way he could play 28-32 minutes guarding a guy that outweighs him by 60-100 pounds. The lineup we finished the game with yesterday is perfect for FINISHING games... Other teams legs are tired, possibly lazier w/ help side defense, etc. The other 3 centers have to play in some capacity and for the most part, have been ok on defense.
  11. He spent the offseason working on his 3 point shot.
  12. Is it time to start Roby?

    Re: Gill--- His defensive performance yesterday was BY FAR the worst on the team-- and we had a lot of bad defensive performances. Add to that 1-7 from the floor, zero rebounding ability and the fact that he's a senior-- Yea Id rather every minute he plays just go to Allen or even Nana.
  13. Obviously our top two scorers need to play well or we are going to really struggle but for me-- we need a third scorer to emerge. My prediction is Copeland gets on track, pours in 15-17, Taylor & Roby make enough glue plays down the stretch and we pull out a big road win. What do you think we need to do tonight to get a W? I can't wait!!!!
  14. HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    I like where Im at (43rd)..... Big game for me thursday