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  1. Im not mad at all for the record. Long live the Huskers!!
  2. dude... we can't question coaches decisions in here. Its not allowed
  3. That falls on Timmy-- its year 5. Fans don't want to watch brutal offense from a a .500 team. sorry!
  4. See ya Timmy.... NEXT
  5. Best plan would be to pull a Gibbs circa 2014 but do it early w/ Foster-- kid is a loose cannon. Send a scrub at him-- pick a fight-- hope both get ejected
  6. We would be a better team and program with Andrew White in it as opposed to playing for Syracuse. Thats a fact. All the people bagging on him don't really know what went down. Same thing with Pitchford.
  7. TM just has to find a way to keep the core 7 (8 w/ Palmer) around until they expire there eligibility. We could grow the next two years into a dominant 2018-2019 B1G team if all the pieces stick around and develop. Watson SR Palmer SR Roby JR Mcveigh SR Morrow SR __________ Jacobson SR Horne JR Tshmingia JR Anatken SO Thats a sweet 16 type of roster.
  8. he definitely fell off as a 3 point shooter his senior year but man he took care of the rock and played great d!!
  9. does he start opening night?
  10. Hope they sign the kid from the Reservation as well. Bring all three in. Cant be worse than the Fuller, Evelyn, type of end bench guys we have had.
  11. Turgeon clearly isolated those two on the right side and let them go to work. He got exactly what he wanted two HUGE trips in a row when Benny left Trimble wide open to go pick at the post. The post guy saw Benny coming from a mile away and saw his teams best player standing wide open. Two easy passes, two wide open 3s for maybe the best player in the league, and our backs were broke. and NO, PLEASE don't turn this into a we did a million other things wrong thread. I know that. We missed 6 transition layups. Missed the front end 3 times, gave up offensive rebounds on missed free throws four times. I am talking about these two plays--- what was the thinking behind this??
  12. Was thinking same thing last night. 2-3 games we easily could have/should have won would have us right on the bubble currently.
  13. *Creyton
  14. He was 6'11 his whole junior year... trust me, I saw him play
  15. Not sure if he would have seen the court?! Lol come on... Give me a break. Kreklow would be starting at the 2 and playing 25 minutes a night