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  1. I can sympathise for sure with this illini team. Unlike us, very well coached with a dynamite gameplay down the stretch. better team than their record. Unlucky at the end. This is college basketball.
  2. Well put, sir. Balanced analysis for sure my man
  3. Nothing new in the big ten, ALL are scrappy if not elite, even in a down year. Gotta go on the road too. Yeah with a front loaded schedule, we have to win the games we are supposed to win. I still have hope but this is another rollercoaster team. Gotta stop playing down to our opponents!! Have to respect them, illini included!
  4. MAN, that goddamn Finke guy, he's so annoying. He's 10 & 9, most of those rebounds being mostly offensive. He's been a big under our skin tonight. Ugh. I swear to god, if we crap the bed and lose this....
  5. Yeah, let's experiment here, I need to see a couple minutes with it with energy and maybe we can shut them down.
  6. Yeah that's been the biggest surprise for me tonight... with jordy out, I thought he'd get the majority of minutes at the 5
  7. Now THAT was the run we needed. Got the energy back. Let's keep hitting free throws and we'll be just fine.
  8. 😆😅 what, you didn't start there? What are flasks for anyway?
  9. At least it's close, but yet another bad shooting night. Defensive intensity was up and GREAT 1st half, but we just don't have the size to finish rebounds out, and thus you saw lots of illini O rebounds. Love seeing roby in a bigger role, I like him more at the 4 though. Again, I'll never understand why we can't score, I mean we get to 70 most nights... we have no excuse though, most college teams though score effusively and yet we can't hit the broad side of a barn.
  10. With my pops tonight, we pulled off the heist and have now moved down to the 5th row. This is incredible. Can't get over how blessed we are with this arena. Another chippy low scoring game. Need to get hot and this crowd will get LOUD. GBR
  11. Nebraska 76 Illinois. 73 13 assists by the boys in red. Can't wait to see this illini squad, let's get that turnaround game and smoke these cats!
  12. yeah, exactly. when it's this painstakingly close, it's those (MANY) missed FTs that haunt you. and you also think of what if they hadn't hit some crazy prayers like that. WHAT. IF. ugh.
  13. IF we were legitimate, this is one we would've won. it was all set up. a lot of things to point to, it's a collective effort and failure. just hope they have as much composure as I have seen in them so far and what they're capable of. This team might be NIT if we can handle the pressure. Ugh...... I probably should't be posting in this mood, I might say some depressing things. This isn't me.
  14. wow... that's incredibly accurate, actually. imo.