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  1. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    Unsurprisingly, I failed to look around and note the presence of similar posts. Oh well! more the merrier.
  2. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    Great reference! Wish we could create a tiered categorical heirarchy system; my topic I just posted is also about the tournament, I kind of wish now we could merge this into one space. Regardless, thanks for the post! Good to know. Looking forward to this one, should be fun if we aren't smorked by Johnny boy again (in finals).
  3. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    I know someone probably went over this already, but may I refresh our focus on this upcoming tournament. These invitationals are always great opportunity to boost RPI and get early-season experience and test out young teams. As others have pointed out, there are a lot of dangerous ranked and RV teams in this field. Funnily enough, our new nemesis, St. John's, is in the field. If somehow by dumb luck we were to upset a few teams (and West Virginia) and make it to the finals, we could exact revenge on that same team. Which I would find darkly hilarious. You can always dream. How awesome would it be to win one of these things? The contenders always do. Just wanted to put this here, for perusal and reference. Should be fun, and I think I'd like to look back at this after the invitational is over to see how everyone did. Even later in the year it might be a fun exercise to see where all of these teams are (usually something we would do anyway for purposes of RPI calculations). Bracket: Advocare Invitational
  4. Didn't manage to make the game, night owl I am Question: did we fix that flat-arc 3 point shooting? Was that copeland? Nice to see some positives from most of the team; every guy has their strengths. Especially with all of the depressing negatives so far. Side note: why are there 3 post game chatter threads? A bit overexcited, are we?
  5. Now THIS is more like it! Against a bad/not bad tourney team last year, not bad. Have to figure out wtf is going on with the spotty offensive efforts (effort being the active word here) and lock down on D. 3/4 of the time this team looks REAL bad, then you get flashes where they actually put it all on the court, and you see the talent and team cohesiveness shine thru. At this early stage its always too early to judge a team, nor should we; College basketball is always crazy, with these young guys. But that's no longer an excuse. In the grand mosh pit that is CBB, the teams that succeed and win are the ones who simply have chemistry and make the fewest mistakes... the more "mature", if you will. If you can just come together as a team, have a decent amount of talent, hit some shots, and put the effort in, you win most of the games. The luck kicks in on those close games, but in my experience, experience and discipline win those tight ones. That takes you from a .500 team to a 20 win team. just my opinion, but I think we all agree that some things need to change. CBB is complex yet mindblowingly simple at times. It's frustrating yet exciting. That's why we watch this sport and these guys (beyond our undying love for Nebrasketball and all the happiness and misery involved in that). Family.
  6. Is it time to start Roby?

    It's a no-brainer. His rebounding and shot blocking at the very least make him worth the start. We need leaders like him on the court to set the standard and tempo, especially defensively (which is where we need to start each game. Offense comes from good movement and skill, but begins on the defensive end). I think miles was onto something that one year we made the tourney, which not so coincidentally was the year we were clicking on D. Might be a bit of a wacky looking lanky dude, but he's needed in the starting 5!
  7. I don't have the energy this time for a fun loving post. Buskers 71 Bison 64
  8. Send em to ray Allen shooting school!!! 3 weeks of set pieces and mechanic training!! (for real)
  9. Particularly considering how great we've looked in both categories so far this year. (Its still early)
  10. We're we enjoying the new York night life too much???
  11. Just tuned in (work). W T F guys! Wyd. This isn't a good team. This is bad.
  12. Scouting St John's

    Yeah, is contend that we look much more like a conventional solid basketball team this year. Real athletic basketball players, finally.
  13. Scouting St John's

    Which is really rough, when you realize that the 3 in this era of basketball is more popular than it's ever been. (Steph curry, etc etc) It's a staple of any contending team. So we have to face it and work on it. Miles can do it, I believe, but it's gonna be tough.
  14. HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    Just happy to be on the board with some HHC legends. Fun start to the season, hope to keep it going, >>CONSISTENTLY <<this time. *glares at self*
  15. Good ol' bois 74 Catholics 73 They not good, but we ain't either...yet. Away is tough. Almost picked a Loss, but it'll be close, unless they decide to shock me. I've been around long enough to know better, but I could see it.