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  1. NIT bracket announcement

    Do we know when the game will be
  2. Karrington Davis is N

    What I’m getting from these articles is that he never played this year is that right? If not what we’re his ppg last year.
  3. We have never proved that we can play well on the road it might be that simple.
  4. Big Ten Tournament

    Does this mean that MSG is bad for shooting that wouldn't be terrible for us right?
  5. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    We would be the team within the top 5 highest rpi to ever get into the tourney if we lose to Iowa. In the first round
  6. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    Yeah, my bad looks like it would this could really suck.
  7. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    Does anyone know when the last time we made it to a conference semis was. Seems like it’s been at least a decade

    Didn’t help that we were up 17 by halftime a closer game would have been better for the crowd
  9. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    This can not happen they are a tier 1 win no matter what I’ve spend some time on rpi wizard
  10. I’m going to go with something quite likely and say Thor won’t be here senior year would love it if he stays but don’t think it’ll happen

    Do we need to have a one more year chant for Palmer when he’s at the line? Students?