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    Do we need to have a one more year chant for Palmer when he’s at the line? Students?
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    And Texas wins by one how unlucky can we possibly get
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Won't this hurt Va Tech as much as it will help Louisville Im not sure why either way will help or hurt us
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    That’s what they are predicting to protect themselves from future violations
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    According to college game day Arizona is out
  6. What If? Play-in game

    A perfect way to describe if us winning a play-in game “counts” is letting go of balloons after a husker field goal balloon. Most people are just tired of carrying the balloon around and don’t want to wait for the real deal.
  7. I just missed it but I think the bench mob was just on highly questionable. A terrible ESPN show for those of you who don’t know.

    What was the important game last year or the year before? A game like this one does not come around every season and especially not for nebraska.
  9. One thing that he could improve in is on-ball defense. He's okay at this point and plays great team defense but the opposing teams stretch 4-5 usually destroys us and he should be able to guard guys like that at some point. That's an off-season thing though.
  10. For a reference point 56% of major conference teams with RPI 50-60 get in. We'd be on the higher side of that but I think its possible
  11. A win vs PSU and loss to Michigan in the tournament gives us 57 RPI. The opposite plus a loss to Michigan State gives us 59. Do you guys think that enough?
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    LSU won Kentucky wins both bad for us ole miss beats missou new Mexico beats Wyoming both good for us
  13. Yeah an empty Scholarship would really help the team right now!
  14. This has felt a little better but they have number 3 out this won’t last if we don’t improve
  15. That’s disappointing but they have been killed on the offensive boards for us so far and I’m pretty sure he was tall