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  1. The refs totally blew this game IMO they forced us to play Jack who got destroyed on D instead of Roby who had a perfect matchup. Glynn also couldn’t play real defense because he was in foul trouble and the calls at the beginning of the game was horrible. Not to mention the charge call on Jordy and 5th foul call on Glynn. It was horrible and totally dictated the game!
  2. The refs blew that game not being able to play Roby and Glynn was just stupid
  3. BC just upset Duke

    Who knew that we're better than Michigan State as we beat BC who beat Duke who beat MSU
  4. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Was just going to post this BC up 83-81 and getting 2 shots and the ball now better not blow this
  5. After looking at the stats I realized his minutes were even better than I thought. I assumed Glynn played about 36 minutes but he only played 32 and Allen made it so you didn’t even notice when he was gone. I think he should be playing more as long as he can guard his man.
  6. It’s awesome that they didn’t make him leave the game. Also that was after the weird shot that didn’t go anywhere right. Horrible call 1st of all he clearly was out of bounds and touching the ground and 2nd it should be a travel if the throws up the ball and then catches it again. On another note I noticed during Husker Power the student holding the sign had a spotlight on them. Not sure who controls this but maybe it’s good news. Also Matt as AD should make a push for sponsoring it again even though his job is football
  7. This still doesn’t add up because they got the ball back afterwards. I understand that they get 2 shots and the ball for the tech. But the and the ball should be satisfied by their chance to shot they’re free throws. Not saying this is the rule just saying 4 shots and the ball seems a little extreme
  8. NE 67 Minn 77 9 3 pointers
  9. NU 57 MSU 75 8 conference wins
  10. I think we're going to lose but I really hope it's not this bad
  11. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    I’m assuming that if we play St. John’s again the first one is the one that counts right? Either way I would love to play them again if we get to the 1st place or 3rd place game as I feel that going 1 & 1 or 2 & 0 without risking another loss. And if the 2nd game replaces the 1st then obviously I would love a nothing to loss chance at redemption.