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  1. Time to eat a little crow

    If we bring in Bill Self then we need to be prepared to have Adidas pay our players. It is what Self does. At least that is what Doc told me before he was fired.
  2. While I am happy for the win, I’m concerned that EIU took us out of our game plan so easily. With our height advantage Copeland, Roby, Taylor & Palmer should have had haydays! I give Jordy a pass because he is still a year away. We looked out of sync all night offensively.
  3. A few impressions from last night. -team needs to turn up the defensive intensity -Thomas Allen will be a good one! -Copeland is smooth. You can catch glimpse of how good he can be. Like the team in general, he needs to turn up the intensity. -An achylis heal for this team is PG backup to Glenn. I noticed this in the MSU benefit game too. Take Glynn Watson out & this team struggles with offensive rhythm.
  4. Closed Scrimmage

    I read that Nebraska played 12 players while ISU played 8. Probably made a difference.
  5. Who will play PG when Glenn is out? Taylor and Thomas both tried but the offensive flow & production took a big step down in both cases.
  6. Offseason Potpourri

    Jordy looks buff in that video. His body looks completely reshaped! Anyone else see that?
  7. Breakout player

    I see we're all hoping for a big step up in the 4 spot short term & shooting the 3 longer term. Makes sense to me.
  8. Agau's Salty

    You are right cwg, the juice just isn't worth the squeeze!
  9. Next Years Starting 5

    I saw one practice in early March and in scrimmage Palmer shot the three reasonably well and looked like he belonged. Something in his shot led me to believe that he may be a streak shooter but I am no expert so take that with a grain of salt. He is long and seemed to have good handles.
  10. Surprised nobody posted this yet: Jordy

    I hope Nana develops the handles to play Tai's role. Nana is super athletic, looks lean and quick and can really shoot the 3. Just needs to improve his dribbling. I remember one high level tournament he played in and had 0 turnovers for the tournament so he must have pretty good handles and at least serviceable passing..
  11. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Bolingbrook beats Fremb for 3rd place in state to finish 30-2. Nana 2nd leading scorer with 16. For a good part of the season Bolingbrook was rated #1 in the state of Illinois.
  12. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Bolingbrook led most of the game & Nana led Bolingbrook in scoring with 16.
  13. OT: The "Jeans" Are Spreading

    Many of the shouters have plenty of free time & are paid to shout. Not sure they're are willing to pay for a sporting event.
  14. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Actually one of 12 boys players nominated. 9 are girls.
  15. BOOM (Copeland has decided)

    He has applied for a medical hardship and, if granted, will be eligible to play two years beginning next fall.