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  1. Offseason Potpourri

    Jordy looks buff in that video. His body looks completely reshaped! Anyone else see that?
  2. Breakout player

    I see we're all hoping for a big step up in the 4 spot short term & shooting the 3 longer term. Makes sense to me.
  3. Agau's Salty

    You are right cwg, the juice just isn't worth the squeeze!
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    I saw one practice in early March and in scrimmage Palmer shot the three reasonably well and looked like he belonged. Something in his shot led me to believe that he may be a streak shooter but I am no expert so take that with a grain of salt. He is long and seemed to have good handles.
  5. Surprised nobody posted this yet: Jordy

    I hope Nana develops the handles to play Tai's role. Nana is super athletic, looks lean and quick and can really shoot the 3. Just needs to improve his dribbling. I remember one high level tournament he played in and had 0 turnovers for the tournament so he must have pretty good handles and at least serviceable passing..
  6. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Bolingbrook beats Fremb for 3rd place in state to finish 30-2. Nana 2nd leading scorer with 16. For a good part of the season Bolingbrook was rated #1 in the state of Illinois.
  7. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Bolingbrook led most of the game & Nana led Bolingbrook in scoring with 16.
  8. OT: The "Jeans" Are Spreading

    Many of the shouters have plenty of free time & are paid to shout. Not sure they're are willing to pay for a sporting event.
  9. Nana Akenten is 'N'

    Actually one of 12 boys players nominated. 9 are girls.
  10. BOOM (Copeland has decided)

    He has applied for a medical hardship and, if granted, will be eligible to play two years beginning next fall.
  11. Nebraska's 1-3-1

    In that same segment didn't Miles also say that without Gill we would lose quickness/be a step slower on defense? Thus the zone idea. That was my take.
  12. Predicting Player Stats

    I agree. When AG is fully back up to speed from sitting out a couple months he will be a real scoring threat. I'm not sure if he, Glynn or Roby will be the go to at the end of the shot clock, but it will be one of those three. Miles mentioned Tai as one of the best options for the end of the shot clock but I'm not sure he truly has the skillset necessary.
  13. Miles 11/3/2016 Presser

    In a conversation with Jack McVeigh towards the end of the season last year he told me two things. 1. That AWIII may go pro & very well may not be here this year 2. That Anton Gill is a scoring machine in practice & had just put up over 30 points against the starters in a 10 minute scrimmage a few days before. Jack was correct on #1. I still believe that when AG is fully healthy & in game shape we will see the player Jack described.
  14. Secret Scrimmage with ISU

    Anyone have any information? I heard someone on and ISU board claimed ISU won by 9.
  15. Which Sophomore has a "Breakout" year?

    I think it will be MJ. Watson will have a great year and will be one of our leading scorers. But I already expect this to happen. So, in the definition of a "break out year" I choose MJ. Some would say he broke out last year by playing extensively, but let's face it, he played because of dire need not because he was ready. This year he is ready. He has reshaped his body and will play the position where he is most comfortable. I expect 12 and 6 production from MJ this year plus solid defense.