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  1. Natalie Romeo

    Translates as Pregnant to me how about y'all?
  2. Copeland

    doathalon? doathalon? wherefore art thou doathalon? Playing with the crickets?
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    Here you go. Making assumptions again. Norm isn't wrong at all as we speak.
  4. Thomas Allen is N

    Has Allen signed an LOI?? Haven't heard this.
  5. Jacobson Gone?

    Finally, someone who really get it about message boards. Unless it is an actual athlete, or coach directly involved in the situation, EVERYTHING else is 2nd, 3rd, or farther down the line had and all it is is someone believing something said that may, or more than likely, may not be true. Nothing on a message board should ever be taken as gospel.
  6. Harriman

    Creighton does, right?
  7. Crying time is over

    If they don't want to play the style the coach has chosen, let them get the hell out.
  8. Jacobson Gone?

    As I said, depends on which side of the fence you are residing doesn't it? YOUR opinion can be different that others and neither you, nor they have to be wrong.
  9. Jacobson Gone?

    This has been known/expected for some time. Debatable, depending on which side you are on, if it is a great loss other than a body.
  10. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    My follow up question to this would be: Does the program even care anymore?
  11. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    Deep question. I think I need to confer with Socrates on that one!! (I've been told I'm old enough to do that so...)
  12. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    I heard tomorrow (seriously). But, then again, tomorrow never comes does it??
  13. Crying time is over

    What's the gestation period? Another 108 years or so should do the trick!
  14. Crying time is over

    Hey, I've got a couple of rather large black squirrels, definitely not blind, in my front yard. May they could be hired by the program as guides to the acorn stash?
  15. Crying time is over

    Afraid no acorns to be found there; was talking about the baby bears of course. One season does not a championship program make.