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  1. You go back to your 60th reunion? I have yet to attend one of mine. 287 in my class and not really many I am interested in seeing but sometimes I am curious as to what became of some of them.
  2. Hey, what class? I was class of '70.
  3. You a fellow Grad?
  4. So we will know by August 31 at 11:59:59!Never Mind Why never mind? Mine was just a smart ass remark. So what was the problem with it? Nothing to do with your remark at all! I had not heard about Rosenthal leaving LJS. Read the wrong thread first is all. Sorry it it came across differently. I couldn't figure out how to delete the post asking about Rosenthal so.... My fault. Just not a adept at things as most on here.
  5. So we will know by August 31 at 11:59:59! Never Mind
  6. Who the hell is Zay?
  7. The difference with Tai is he would have to sit out a year, as he hasn't graduated, yet, or go play pro for New Zealand. Or he simply stays home to play professionally.
  8. That is what I heard from the beginning about Tai, that if White went he would not return. White has not talked with Miles in over a month so I would say the writing was on the wall for quite some time. White went directly to SE for his release and completely bypassed Miles so that also says something. Timmy needs to get his house in order or he will not be long as Nebraska's coach (IMHO not hearing this but).
  9. Not that I give a crap Norm, but it must be nice to have the privilege to see what every other poster does or does not do. Talk about Big Brother watching. You just seem to like to push your agenda. I stated what I did, or didn't state, and moved on. I don't really care who left or who did or did not sign or come back in the end as they will have no bearing on the upcoming season (at least in my thoughts). You play with the cards dealt you and don't worry about what might have been. Like the two recruits moving on perhaps not even making it through preseason without a stress fracture or broken foot or some other such malady that has been pervasive over the past several years. Coincidence? I think probably not but hey, what the hell do I know, YOU are the guru around here.
  10. He addressed this directly on Sports Nightly Wednesday night. Said if we were able to get someone who could help, we would do it. If not, we would save it, and take another guy in 2017. I realize that isn't very specific, but clearly we have irons in the fire and haven't moved on from the 2016 class. So white leaves do we carry 2 scholarships over to next year?? Try 3
  11. Welcome!! Has Isaiah mentioned anything about hearing if our prospective center recruit is leaning our way? Thought he may have been in contact?
  12. FIFY
  13. Ya know Jimmy, most years I might say wait a minute, how can you say that but this year, I think you are being kind!
  14. Calling my shot now.....Connie Yori to Vandy; Kathleen Doyle to Vandy. J/K. Doyle AND M'Cole to Vandy?
  15. Any word on Doyle, Romeo,or our 2nd recruit (sorry name escapes me)?