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  1. Big Ten Tournament

    The instant Wisconsin's game ended yesterday I said today would be a war. They played each other five days ago and msu squeaked it out. Wisconsin matches up well. And they're showing it. ...and yes, we should be rooting for the badgers. Take care of business today and tomorrow and make the final. Who cares who we beat?
  2. Big Ten Tournament

    Badgers match up well with sparty is the issue. That'll be a war inside.
  3. Big Ten Tournament

    I guarantee you michigan State didn't want to see Wisconsin again as opposed to maryland. They're going to have to show up tomorrow and grind it out or kiss their 1 seed in the ncaa goodbye.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    Yes. Glue guys can dominate too.
  5. Next year

    If they all come back, hopes for a sweet 16 run are 100% legit. Heck, they're relatively legit this year if we sneak in...
  6. We own them so far defensively.
  7. Norm is right. He is just pointing out the cumulative odds are off and in which direction. And why.
  8. What If? Play-in game

    It counts It would also be a decent springboard to the main bracket.
  9. Psu isnt going to win out. They'll be lucky to win more than two of four even as hot as they are. Osu At purdue Michigan At Nebraska ...yeah ... Nope. ... And I will add if they do they'll be a top 40 rpi and probably the game in new york will be for the fifth bid. ...still... Nope.
  10. 2018-19 Husker opponents

    If that plays out it is a great opportunity for some high value ooc wins.
  11. Given how mason shot... I know we played well offensively but when you beat a guy who shoots 7-9 from three you survived... Huge win.
  12. ...I was worried the layoff would hurt us. We need to close it out but... Holy crap this is fun lol
  13. We might have to for the ncaas...
  14. Northwestern just beat michigan and handed us the 4 seed on a silver platter.