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  1. If youd have told anyone we'd be up 3 with under seven we'd have all liked our chances
  2. It should probably be noted... If we should so happen to tie for fourth with michigan (seems moderately likely) we now have the tiebreaker. Also have a win toward the total in case of a 3 way tie. Guess I'm trying to say that the odds just got way better for us in getting a double bye for the conference tourney.
  3. Interesting that we are also about to win the tiebreaker for the 4seed in the B1g if we should so happen to need it. Theyre the most likely competition for that any way
  4. Three of next five IMO... If we hold on.
  5. Keep the pressure on defensively. We can definitely win this if we do that. Shooting 58% isnt hurting.
  6. Id take those odds. 1 in 4.5 just seems high... Vegas hasnt done well with us vs the spread this year for sure...
  7. Survive and advance. It wont be the last game we have to do that...
  8. With that record... As blasphemous as it sounds I'd have some serious moments preferring a deep NIT run... More games for a team that could be very good next year rather than a crapshoot against a 6 seed or a play-in game. I want to see how we play purdue. If we give them all they can handle for most of the game... my opinion will be very different than if we are blown out. Hard to put so much on one game but as mentioned we have no great wins right now... Ncaa borderline cases are made with great wins and hot endings. We are still learning what this team can be in my opinion.
  9. Wisconsin Illinois Michigan Iowa Rutgers Maryland Indiana Penn state Of those, michigan and maryland are the only games that the team has a pulse in my opinion. We should win 8 at home. Should. Helps that we already beat the best or second best opponent.
  10. That was pretty much my point. Could be the 3 seed with that. Even with rpi in the 50s, could the committee leave out the 3 seed in the B1g tourney? That would take some very strange things happening in my opinion.
  11. 12-6 would put us as a first round bye in the b1g tourney. Odds are, the committee looks past the rpi at that point and takes us because the b1g likely has 5-6 teams. 11-7 might do it with a top 4 finish. He is right with the math I think but more goes into it than rpi. Not much more... But more.
  12. Talk to me after purdue -- win or lose. It is a tough matchup... We dont necessarily have to win just make it interesting for most of the game. I want to see what we do. That may sound simplistic but... Let it all hang out there boys. Nobody giving us a shot any way... Why not?
  13. I like stealing those gifts. Funny thing is... With our schedule... It gets significantly easier after purdue. If we win that game we have the inside track for a conference bye and an ncaa bid -- don't kid yourself that isnt a slight exaggeration.
  14. Miles probably does understand it but he has to worry about player development too. If we lose a game this year because of it and jordy takes things seriously and next year... Well... you get where I am going considering we return pretty much everyone. If we solidify that post, next year this team is looking awful good at this point.
  15. We stole one of those five or six road games that we could steal. Take the next one and things get REAL interesting. Fast. Anyone think we would start conference 2-2 or better? I heard a LOT of 0-4 talk. Take care of the vault and sneak a couple more road wins... It is VERY doable (it wouldnt even be very sneaky to win at rutgers or penn state).