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  1. Last night was a HUGE game and the crowd was pretty dead for the first 3/4 of it. I just think a large portion of the crowd still lacks the necessary passion for basketball. That's something that will have to come over time with success. It's frustrating.
  2. Waldron getting the start tomorrow morning.
  3. We've announced that we're starting Burkamper on Wednesday. Winning the first two games will be huge, so hopefully this sets us up to manage that. Pitching could get interesting with the weather, though.
  4. I'd feel pretty comfortable going into Omaha if we go 3-1, maybe with the loss coming to Indiana so we can notch another top 50 win against Creighton. We do kinda need them to play well down the stretch either way so they can stay top 50. Ick.
  5. Super weird that they don't have a (announced) plan for 2017 yet.
  6. Yeah, that seems to be a massive difference. I was just surprised a bit that our much greater # of games and wins against the top 100 still leaves that big of a gap. Seems more important to avoid scheduling 200+ teams as opposed to winning games against quality opponents
  7. I find the Warren Nolan RPI metric to be somewhat weird. Comparing us with tomorrow's opponent Creighton #28 (20-7): Home: 14-2 Away: 6-5 1-50: 0-3 51-100: 0-1 101-200: 17-3 201+: 3-0 Nebraska #78 (22-10): Home: 13-4 Away: 8-5 Neutral: 1-1 1-50: 3-2 51-100: 7-4 101-200: 5-3 201+: 7-1 Clearly having 10 wins against the top 100 doesn't make up for having 5 more games (one being a loss) against 201+. If anything, those two teams look fairly even to me, but we're 50 spots apart.
  8. Morrow had a few nice plays at the basket, but it was frustrating to see him lose the ball a couple times, too. He'll have to learn to be stronger with the ball down there.
  9. Ditto, CWG. Our section was not happy that they weren't in front of a TV sitting on their couch at home.
  10. Tom Thibodeau is available.