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  1. Bart Torvik has a good explanation of what Kenpom's "secret sauce" is, too. I found reading it was pretty informative. Click link, Ctrl+F "Secret Sauce": http://adamcwisports.blogspot.com/p/every-possession-counts.html
  2. Some of you just really need to stop coming to the kenpom thread for your own sake.
  3. This is for kenpom, not RPI. Penn St is 76th in the RPI currently.
  4. Neb - 80 Indiana - 66 BIG BOUNCE BACK LET'S GO 4
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I checked RPI Forecast for Michigan earlier today. According to their projections, if Michigan goes 3-0 or 2-1 to close the season, they will be top 30 RPI. If they go 2-1 it will be REALLY close. Worth mentioning that they will have an opportunity to improve their RPI in the B1G tournament before even playing us, so if they can get top 30 in the regular season, I like their chances of staying there even after we ravage them a second time. Anyway, that's just some inaccurate forecasting food for thought. Might be worth having a bubble watch for Top 30 RPI and decide who we need to move down in RPI for Michigan to move up
  6. Hate Will Never Win

    For sure - I only brought it up because it reinforces to me the importance of what the basketball team is doing on campus, and there was some discussion on here about whether they were just giving the guy the attention he wants.
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I think the formula is quadrant-heavy rather than RPI-heavy. Of course RPI issues compound the quadrant issues.
  8. Hate Will Never Win

    Turns out the shooter yesterday was part of a white nationalist group. Puts what's going down at Nebraska into perspective. AP Story
  9. For sure. They bait you into caring about their projections by saying they're 98% accurate with picks... on their final bracket before selection Sunday. I still like checking them to see what teams are in the same boat as us, though. Having rooting interests is just fun.
  10. I am like 75% certain that his editors told him to put us in his articles because they know we'll click if we're close. So in his mind we are probably in the next four out and he'll keep us as the second team out until we actually pass that point in his mind. So don't click on Lunardi's BS
  11. And kenpom, which has been a bit slow on the Huskers but still higher on us than RPI Forecast, gives us a 22% chance of winning out.
  12. Regarding the B1G being down, I feel as though the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It is certainly not as strong as some of the other P5 conferences. How much weaker is it? Well, on kenpom, the difference between us and the Big 12 (the "top conference") is half the size of the difference between the B1G and the AAC (the best mid-major). So I take great umbridge with folks saying our resume resembles that of one of those mid-major teams trying to get an at large bid. The teams we're playing night in, night out are still far FAR FAR and away better than whomever Buffalo is playing. Basically, my point is that even when the B1G is down like it is this year, it's still in the same league as all the other major conferences. People trying to discount our resume saying it's basically like such and such MVC team from some year are full of shit.
  13. So when we came back down the court on the possession Roby ended up getting fouled, I saw the assistants trying to talk to Miles. I have to assume they were saying we should use a timeout to get Palmer back in, but he wasn't having it. There must've been something on the court that he liked. It'd be nice to know what.
  14. We were expected to win by 1 and we won by 3; that's not gonna move the kenpom meter much.