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  1. The 2016 Transfer Thread

    Per Goodman, Nevada, AZ,TCU,A&M,Wisc,Marq,IowaSt,Miami.
  2. Jordy Tshimanga - Freshman Play Poll

    Unders all the way, and it won't even be close.
  3. That's obviously not true. It also doesn't indicate which guys have agents and which ones don't. Clearly hyperbole on my part. But my point is, getting into the NBA is like, really REALLY hard to do. If one has even the slimmest of shots at it, they must take their chance. How AWIII declaring is an indictment against anything I'll not understand. Sure, we'd like to have kids come back to play for DONU just because they love playing in Lincoln NE for free and our entertainment SO MUCH, but that's unrealistic. Not everybody is as stupid as Douggie McBuckets... Wouldn't call him stupid. His play from senior year is what elevated him into a lottery pick in the the NBA draft. it still cost him millions of $ to play his senior year. That's not exactly what I'd call brilliant. Wow, that has got to be the most idiotic post you have ever made. And that is saying something.
  4. Nebrasketball on Fox Sports 1

    I wonder how Rutgers slid by. At least Kansas is good at one sport. TV sets
  5. The 2016 Transfer Thread

    Color me skeptical.
  6. NIT Bracketology

    What????What does that even mean? Better than what? If you're excited about a CBI invite your expectations for this program are WAY lower than mine. I don't want us in some rinky dink tournament with a bunch of no-names, and frankly I don't care how "beneficial" the extra practice time would be. I see, so it's better to deny extra practices and game experience for our underclassmen because they should instead be made to sit at home and reflect on the damage they've done. They should be ashamed of themselves! That'll really teach them to not suck so much next time, won't it!!! We've turned down the CBI before... And how has that worked out???? We are not above any postseason, period.
  7. NIT Bracketology

    What???? What does that even mean? Better than what?
  8. Can we finally talk CBI?

  9. NIT Hopes

    www.dratings.com current projections on the NCAA and NIT We are not close to the NIT right now.
  10. Thanks for the great forum

    Somebody has way to much time on their hands.