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    Ohio state

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    Minnesota Fans

    fwiw, just caught an interview with a well respected twin cities sports journalist (no, not sid hartman )---stated whalen is quickly finding out her gopher coaching position needs her full time attention and expects this will be her last season as a minnesota lynx player.
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    Minnesota Fans

    thought this was an interesting read about new gopher coach whalen: Lindsay said she's contacting Dawn Staley for advice. They should discuss Lisa Boyer's role as Staley's long time assistant. You just need to find someone like Boyer.https://www.postandcourier.com/staff...12cc30958.html Lisa Boyer is ferociously intense, so listen up. “This is not for the faint-hearted,” said Boyer, the associate head coach/enforcer within Dawn Staley’s South Carolina basketball juggernaut and a Staley confidant since 1996. “You have to put people under pressure if you expect them to perform under pressure.” Boyer, Ithaca College Class of 1979, has been coaching since 1981. The Ogdensburg, N.Y., native has been a head coach (at Converse and Bradley) and has coached with Staley for 13 years. “I know exactly what Dawn likes,” Boyer said. “I know what it’s supposed to look like.”http://www.gamecocksonline.com/sport...er_lisa00.html"Having Lisa on our staff says a lot because she could be a head coach in her own right," Staley said. "I strive for perfection. If you don't have the knowledge to accomplish perfection, then you get somebody who has that knowledge to pass it along to you. When I started in coaching, Lisa was that person for me. I wore her down because I knew I needed her. I trust her with my life, and I knew I could trust her with my career, not just as a coach, but as an administrator, a manager and overall as a person." Boyer helped Staley lead Temple to five NCAA Tournaments and three Atlantic 10 Tournament titles in six seasons. She also keyed the recruitment of two players that would go on to be Temple's first WNBA First-Round Draft Picks. In 2005, the Owls became the first team in A-10 history to go undefeated in the regular season when they posted a 16-0 mark in league play. That team went on to capture its second-straight A-10 Tournament championship and finished the season in the second round of the NCAA Tournament with a school-record 28 wins. Prior to falling in the second-round game against Rutgers, Temple had rattled off 25 consecutive victories, the nation's longest winning streak of any men's or women's team that season. Prior to her stint at Temple, Boyer spent six seasons coaching in first the ABL and then the WNBA. She began her career at the professional level in 1996 as the head coach of the Richmond (later Philadelphia) Rage. After guiding her first team to a 21-19 record, Boyer welcomed the arrival of Staley to the 1997 squad. Boyer left the Rage to take an assistant coach position with the WNBA's Cleveland Rockers in 1998. During her five years with the club, the Rockers advanced to the WNBA semifinals (1998) and the conference final (2000). As part of her work with the Rockers, Boyer had the opportunity to serve on John Lucas' Cleveland Cavaliers' staff in 2001-02, becoming the first woman on an NBA coaching staff. Boyer took the position with the Rage after 10 seasons as Bradley University's head coach. With a 100 percent graduation rate throughout her tenure, she guided the Braves to a 15-13 record in her first season (1986-87). Boyer also posted winning records in 1989-90 (16-12) and 1991-92 (17-11) before leaving the program following the 1995-96 season. In her final four seasons at Bradley, she also served as the department's senior women's administrator and compliance coordinator. Bradley was not Boyer's first head coaching stop, however. She led Converse in 1982-83, just one year after getting her start in coaching as an assistant at Davidson. Following her single season at Converse, Boyer served as an assistant coach for one season at East Carolina, Miami (Ohio) and Virginia Tech, respectively. A native of Ogdensburg, N.Y., Boyer was a standout forward for Ithaca College, from which she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in 1979. She also earned a master of education degree from UNC Greensboro in 1982. For her 30+ years in coaching and shaping both professional and collegiate players, Boyer's alma mater honored her with induction into the Ithaca College Athletics Hall of Fame in 2014.
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    Minnesota Fans

    there is some trepidation coming from some gopher fans-----yet, the hire has brought a lot of excitement from most. geno was interviewed about the hire: http://www.startribune.com/lindsay-whalen-as-gophers-coach-geno-auriemma-s-reaction-to-mark-coyle-s-idea-wow/479652123/ btw, no coaching experience that i know of, and, no staff hired at this time---but, with her connections it may be something to watch.
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    Minnesota Fans

    yep, live in ne/sd, so a lot of goofer coverage. listen to kfan out of nd once in awhile------and, of course they have connections to goofer sports. i also stream a few of the nebraska stations when i get the opportunity. mainly 1620 though. my father was a huge gopher fan. i used to follow them (especially bb) when i was younger, but always was a huge husker football follower---and, over the past couple of decades started to follow practically all husker sports. i have a sister that met her husband at sdsu in brookings and they farm in ne/ne. his family has had football season tickets, like, forever. my sister got me turned on to husker vb. long story short, i evolved into a big husker fan.
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    Minnesota Fans

    i just happen to catch an interview with coach whalen. she said she figured at some point in her life she would have an opportunity to coach gopher wbb. she didn't expect it to be quite this soon, but, she also thought the timing was right.
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    Season ending Banquet

    i agree rb had her moments last season and i was rooting for her all the way.........but overall, it is so obvious with those knees. one thing i feel confident in, is if rb thinks she can deal with it------no doubt, fans will see her again.
  8. whoopdeedoo

    Minnesota Fans

    kinda goes back to when they had "co" AD's (back in the 80-90's?) think things may have settled down a bit, but, they use to have some "powerful" women that really raised heck and the men and women's programs were pretty divided.
  9. whoopdeedoo

    Season ending Banquet

    as far as Washington, wonder if the continuing shoulder issue might play a part?
  10. whoopdeedoo

    Season ending Banquet

    i just always go back to what dlrk stated in one of his posts: paraphrasing, "not a matter of if, but, when". so, i wouldn't be completely shocked if she just can't go anymore. would be sad----but, it is what it is.
  11. whoopdeedoo

    Season ending Banquet

    unfortunately, i think you are correct on that one. i will guess we won't see any more out of RB than what we saw this past season-----and, possibly less. hate to say it, but, maybe she is one that is contemplating a big decision.
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    Minnesota Fans

    stollings headed for TT... https://www.twincities.com/2018/04/09/gophers-womens-basketball-head-coach-marlene-stollings-leaves-for-texas-tech/ couple of names being thrown around by fans: Ivy from ND and Baranczyk from Drake. knowing minny, i am sure they will go after a female (not that there is anything wrong with that). although, JD Gravina from western illinois is mentioned. a well respected minny sports broadcaster states his first call would be to lindsay whelan and find out her interest. StarTrib states two names to watch are SDSU's Aaron Johnston and gopher assistant Nikki Lowry-Dawkins.
  13. nebraska makes the "considered" list. http://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/23045766/women-college-basketball-way-too-early-top-25-rankings-2018-19
  14. whoopdeedoo

    Minnesota Fans

    yes, i was "trolling" to see if there was any more news on Stollings and the TT job. being reported Kenisha Bell submitted a tweet stating "should have stayed where i was. grass isn't always greener." sounded like it was taken down fairly quickly.
  15. i am sure those of you that watched the TBL video heard SM mention that the huskers are bringing in two "special" players. i will guess one is haiby. that probably leaves brown or verbeek(?)-----think i will go with brown as the other one he may have been talking about. no idea, but, thinking mershon may fall in the category of being a "work-in-progress".
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    Just threw up in my mouth a little

    can't remember ever rooting for any ND squad.....and didn't start this season, either. GBR!!!
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    Ohio State

    https://www.thelantern.com/2018/03/womens-basketball-sierra-calhoun-and-makayla-waterman-to-return-to-ohio-state-in-2018-19-with-wildly-different-team/ "If Ohio State does not add any transfers or recruits for next season and Chelsea Mitchell returns, it will have just 10 players. And without Kelsey Mitchell, Mavunga, Doss, Harper and Hart, the Buckeyes might be in for a tough rebuilding year."
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    pretty sure AZB is 24 and will be 25 this September. also sure i heard some announcers mention in late season minny games that her age would allow her to turn pro early.
  19. whoopdeedoo

    Sam Haiby...

  20. 8 pts from starters?!? ouch gotta get more scoring from that bunch.
  21. except for maybe the green bay-minny game (though minny dropped some early 3's and gb came back and owned a good chunk of the game until about mid-way through 3rd quarter). gb held a 9-13 point lead. minny's kenisha bell took over the second half. i think it's going to be important for at least one of the huskers to have a really good game around the paint. whether it be Cain, Simon, or Nicea (or a combination like huskers have had for a good portion of the season)----but, i really think it's key Simon doesn't "disappear". i believe that was mentioned in one of the articles i read this week. i would also make sure huskers are aware when Ruden comes off the bench. she can light up the 3.
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    Non-con schedule next year

    i heard the announcers mention borseth was at michigan for 5 years. sure didn't seem that long.
  23. whoopdeedoo

    Non-con schedule next year

    i wouldn't mind a marquette, depaul or green bay. i think borseth from green bay is one of the best mid-major coaches you will find. i don't think his heart was really in it when he went to michigan for a couple of years (or so?). as stated above, i also think gonzaga would be another formidable mid-major. all those schools usually have pretty decent rpi's. maybe a louisville or missouri.
  24. has 7 big ten teams in: 10 rutgers vs 7 ucla @ louisville 8 northwestern vs 9 utah @ columbia, sc 2 osu vs 15 uni @ columbus 8 iowa vs 9 usc @ waco 2 maryland vs 15 bryant @ college park, md 5 purdue vs 12 penn (ivy) @ knoxville 6 msu vs 11 utep @ corvallis, ore