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  1. https://twitter.com/JeffGriesch/status/940285612590092288
  2. weekly awards....

    i was thinking if you posted a "link" the site works it out so the twitter post shows up in the post so you don't have to click on it. maybe i am thinking of a different site. idk
  3. well, having thrown the ball in almost right in front of matt and jeff, they said the player from drake never touched the ball. stated huskers were gonna have to win the game twice. i only saw the one replay on tv and i sure didn't see a touch. just glad for the huskers they pulled it out.
  4. Sam Haiby...

  5. Sam Haiby...

  6. Sam Haiby...

    geez: https://twitter.com/MHDgirlsbball/status/939636836707704832 dropped in 46 against white bear lake, mn.
  7. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211688954&_ga=2.45270180.1805563627.1512787157-2049542891.1511356286 Drake has been averaging 85.2 ppg so far--------and, 89.9 ppg (7) at home. huskers are going to have to show up on both ends of the floor if they want a shot at walking out of there with a 'w'. i am going to guess TK will be a gametime decision? her appearance would be big plus---especially on the offensive end. with out scanning stats too long, i would guess huskers will be one of the better defenses the Bulldogs will have seen. i think huskers will have to keep Bulldogs under 75 for best chances of a 'w'. i don't think huskers want to get in a shootout. just thought i would add in case someone doesn't want to click on the link; game will be on espn3. Go Husker men! Go Husker volleyball! Go Husker wbb!!! GBR!
  8. Huskers vs Drake...

    yes. huskers.com has always had the "dropsies" for me. i listen to the husker img network on the TuneIn app when possible, but, they usually don't carry the wbb games, if at all. would think huskers.com could get that fixed. have to eat crow when it comes to woody-----i thought when bria and janay would become available she would have difficulty getting playing time--------but, what a great surprise. she has given the team some really valuable minutes-----and, i don't mind eating that crow ugh---kind of?
  9. enjoy the game, Bugs!!! safe travels!
  10. Sagarin/CBN Ratings (12-7)...

    http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/college/purdue/womens-basketball/2017/11/08/purdue-womens-basketball-signs-three-2018-recruits/844314001/ this article mentions the gal from Lincoln, Ne.
  11. team # rating record (DI games) vs top 25 vs top 50 Ohio St 13 94.26 9-2 0-2 2-2 Maryland 18 90.63 8-2 0-2 0-2 Iowa 20 89.97 9-1 0-1 2-1 MSU 24 86.99 5-3 0-2 0-2 Rutgers 35 84.55 8-2 0-1 1-1 Michigan 39 83.31 6-2 0-2 0-2 Minnesota 52 80.04 8-1 0-0 0-0 Purdue 61 78.70 5-4 0-1 0-4 Indiana 68 77.42 5-4 0-1 1-1 Penn St 82 75.69 8-2 0-0 0-0 Wisc 111 71.93 6-4 0-2 0-2 Nebraska 112 71.90 6-3 0-0 0-1 NW 132 70.31 5-4 0-0 0-0 Illinois 220 61.35 6-4 0-1 0-2 the record for BigTen vs top 25-50 not very impressive
  12. the only thing that is a bit disappointing is her free throw stats (i say that because i could swear i read she had shot at an 80% clip coming out of high school?) 10-20...50% she isn't the only one though, whole team could pick it up!
  13. couldn't agree more. her instincts serve her and the team well. she really appears to have strong hands. like how she keeps ball high on a rebound---not to mention other times. while not the quickest feet you will find, she keeps herself pretty well under control. her mind and body are pretty well in sync. think we all have seen some post players that try and do too much and lose body control leading to wild shots or committing really dumb/bad fouls. didn't care for the foul (dumb) she received when she tried to make a play about 12-15ft out from the rim. she shouldn't be out there. saw the disgust in her face too when the whistle blew---she knew it wasn't where she should be. definitely a foul she didn't need to dish out.
  14. wow--------nice road win. fought through that tough first half. my gosh, anyone hear hannah's postgame interview? she wasn't wound up or anything man she can talk fast. no, the kansas team aren't "world beaters", but, still a good win for the huskers. hope the TK thing corrects itself----and hope she can stay healthy.
  15. Sam Haiby...

    https://twitter.com/SanfordPentagon/status/938459752643866624 will be playing in the Edith Classic Dec. 16
  16. plays near the end of 3rd set for Huskers sweep of Stoney Brook. gets two kills and the crowd went nuts!!! a moment i am sure she will cherish.
  17. Allie Havers.....

    most of us do
  18. listened to matt and Jeff-----i was hoping he would ask coach (postgame interview) about the toss in to the backcourt when huskers only had two seconds to get it across. miscommunication? how do you not throw it into the front court? i believe Clemson scored a basket on that error to put them ahead for good. difficult to tell listening on the radio, but, did they shut down hannah fairly well? it just seems to me she should be more involved in the offense.
  19. i watched the iowa-fsu game. my goodness, how iowa lost that game is kind of a head scratcher. really doubt iowa will have another shooting night like they did against fsu. started out the game making 14-15 shots. shot 61% for the game, 43.8% 3ptfg, and 93.3% ft's. gustafson, their post, is really, really good.
  20. Maddie Update

    i was just going by what matt and jeff stated just before the game started. so, to be honest, i have no idea if that is what exactly happened to maddie. my first thought was, "that seems kind of odd---unless someone landed on her during warm-ups". seems to me you hear 'high ankle sprain' associated more with football than basketball. like i stated, kind of an odd way to bend your ankle (in bb) unless someone lands on your lower leg and bends/twists your foot to the outside. anyway, hope she heals fast either way. gonna need her----but, don't want it to be a lingering thing either.
  21. Maddie Update

    guess i was just trying to point out that it is good to see her with the group, and not in a boot. as i posted above, from everything i have read about "high ankle sprain"---normally you are looking at 6 weeks-----if not longer. at this point, i still think it will be AT LEAST a couple more weeks.
  22. Maddie Update

    posted not long ago on twitter. if this is a recent pic, appears maddie is practicing. i believe that is maddie on hannah's left. hoping she is a quick healer.
  23. Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    yeah, i know she doesn't have a great vertical but, some of those passes are just too low.
  24. Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    at least they walk away with a split. was watching football and the husker bb game, but, a few times i noticed the passing into cain was too low. get a little more air under the ball let cain go/jump for it. give her a chance. don't think we'll see whitish miss very many layups like that. not expected from her. still would like to see hannah look for her offense more. noticed she did pass up a couple of open mid-range jumpers.