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  1. on to the tourney vs buffalo...

    not sure why i had "tourney" on my mind, should have stated "shootout", anyway according to updated sagarin ratings buffalo (2-0) is sitting at 80 coastal carolina (1-1) is sitting at 278 huskers (3-1) sitting at 96
  2. Creighton - Nebraska

    imo, one might have to enter in the talent factor when you are analyzing those schools. if coach had that type of talent, she may only be playing around 7 deep, too.
  3. here's a little taste of postgame (highlights/interview) vs Delaware: https://youtu.be/j0ufW1lz78k appear to be an athletic team that can shoot the 3. looked up some stats: 2 players are shooting 41.7% and one is shooting 50%. according to minutes, coach has been playing everyone on the roster (14) 13 of them average double digit minutes while one has averaged 8 minutes. as far as height, one gal is 6'3", 2 listed at 6'1" and believe the rest were listed under 6'.
  4. Creighton - Nebraska

    well, that sucks-----------get one back, and lose one during warmups. wondered if this stretch of games might have some consequence against creighton. for as much as the offense struggled, it appeared the huskers hung pretty tough for the most part---for a good chunk, kept it within striking distance. i was hoping they could knock down a few in a row to get that momentum, but, just couldn't do it. hopefully, maddie will be ready come the holiday tournament---and, now that nicea has made a return, hopefully janay won't be far behind. maybe getting away from PBA for the holiday will help them relax a little and go out and have a lot of fun playing some ball. pick up a couple of "W's".
  5. Arkansas - Nebraska

    listening to matt and jeff, it sounded like nicea might be available very soon. someone may be able to correct me, or expand, but thought jeff stated this was the first time nicea was at least out walking around during warmups? if i heard matt correctly on his statement about janay, she might just wake up one morning and say, "i'm ready to go". so, sounds like both are getting pretty close. good to see woody out there scrapping away. might be tough for her to get minutes once nicea and janay are ready. 9 players getting double digit minutes.
  6. was listening to a "sports guy" who knows his north dakota sports talking about this kid. said she is starting to receiving lots of interest from schools as a sophomore (volleyball and basketball). he believes she will have a great shot at playing big time in either sport----just depends on which she might choose. if coach williams isn't in on this, might be worth a look, at 6'4"-----or, maybe coach cook. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/lauren-ware/zcDY-m8AEea-8KA2nzwbTA/default.htm
  7. That didn’t take long ...

    think it's safe to say will be the most athletic team huskers will have faced so far. monk and cosper (guards) appear to be the most consistent scorers. size-wise, teams match-up pretty well. might be a game where it would be nice to have janay and nicea ready---but, it is what it is.
  8. "Raising" Cain

    would love to be more positive, but, think fans are just beginning to get a taste of what the season is going to be like for Rachel. just a guess, but, i would be willing to bet many wbb players would probably hang it up. she is going to be there in any way possible---that's the kind of teammate she is. whether just contributing a few minutes on the floor or support from the bench.
  9. "Raising" Cain

    i thought i heard coach say she wanted to break Cain in a bit slowly because she missed some practice time. i believe she was in a boot for a short period.
  10. i seem to have better luck listening to the football games with the Tunein app------but, don't believe it carries wbb or vb. huskers.com audio has always dropped in and out for me. it is pretty frustrating.
  11. ok, thanks Bugs. i'm not real computer savvy, so, was just trying to figure out if it might be on my end. i have had some issues with my isp lately and we were discussing if i might need a new modem (since i have had it for almost 6 years now).
  12. just a technical question------anyone else have trouble watching the above videos of coach williams and the one with stallworth and cain? parts of the video and audio work just fine then at different sections it will start to become very choppy (buffering) and almost impossible to listen. if my memory serves me correct, had the same problem with a previous post of coach's video (mn-mankato?).
  13. and it's going to help the defense, especially, to get janay and nicea back.
  14. Row6Seat10 Musings

    imo, seems like coach williams is a little more comfortable in front of the mic this season discussing her squad. by that i mean she feels like this is truly "her team" now. she is very good with words------------not surprising coming from someone who chose the coaching profession over med school. and, if it's true what i heard, mom wasn't too happy about that in the beginning.
  15. 💰💰💰💸 http://www.nj.com/rutgerswomen/index.ssf/2017/11/c_vivian_stringer_inks_4-year_extension_does_rutge.html highlights: During a 1:30 p.m. teleconference Thursday, the Rutgers Board of Governors unanimously approved a four-year contract extension with C. Vivian Stringer that will guarantee the Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach $3.4 million in salary from the university through the 2020-21 season... ...In addition to a base salary that starts at $775,000 this season and increases to $925,000 in Year 4, Stringer is eligible for up to $690,000 in annual-bonus compensation based on the Scarlet Knights’ academic and team success.