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  1. Gophers destroying Terps

    Iowa leads Wisconsin 45-23 at the half.
  2. Gophers destroying Terps

    creme says this really enhances minny's chances at the ncaa, but, does not guarantee anything. one of his last teams in.
  3. Gophers destroying Terps

    yep, minny is awful tough at williams. they have really improved over the season. one of the biggest things about their guards-they can shoot the 3 AND take it to the hoop.
  4. Freshman of the Year Award leaders...

    as the season winds down, don't see anyone passing minnesota's Destiny Pitts for FOY: avg minutes: 29.6 fg% .410 3pt% .374 ft% .90 avg rebounds: 7.6 avg points: 12.9 i think Cain would have to place an amazing run in the final two games and have an amazing BTT to get herself back in contention.
  5. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    i have no stats, but, sure seems like freshman are making more of an immediate impact nowadays. i should probably say "a good number of freshman".
  6. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    i wouldn't be surprised to see Grace Berger step right in and start. #46 recruit by hoopgurlz. i wonder what OSU and McGuff has up their sleeves? a few weeks ago i looked at their roster and i think they have 5 seniors?---and from an article i read only told of 2 OSU signees for next season. that just seems strange to me.
  7. BIG 10 Satndings.

    get that psu win, and, even with a loss at maryland---------huskers would still have a remote shot at #2.
  8. BIG 10 Satndings.

    if huskers can hang on to that 3rd spot, i really like their chances to get to the finals. ya never know, but, i like the chances.
  9. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    AHA! i bet that was it!!!
  10. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    jeff tried to make a really silly argument on the positive side. geez, can't remember what the deal was. i tried to search some threads on which game it was, but, came up empty. there was a little discussion on the board about his comments. seemed like the more jeff tried to argue his point, the deeper the hole got. and some of us scratched our head a little harder.🤯
  11. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    yep............jeff has kinda redeemed himself after jeff made that ridiculous comment earlier in the year. matt seemed rather puzzled and/or dumbfounded at the time. geez, age is catching up quickly-----can't remember which game and what it was about (number of to's i think). 🤪🤔😁
  12. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    indy had far too many open looks though----from buss, to cahill, to penn and even the other gal. can't think of her name at the moment.
  13. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    yeah, can't drop 3 in a row (just don't see the upset at maryland). someone may correct me, but, pretty sure huskers have any tie breakers, except for ohio state.
  14. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    well, it was a fantastic run. unfortunately, it gives anyone who questions if huskers are an ncaa team more fuel for the fire. crap.
  15. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    huskers have no answer for buss. not looking good. gotta figure something out for the final quarter.