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  1. wow. the number of transfers just seems to be skyrocketing. especially on the women's side. i've just come to expect it on the men's side, but, seems like the women are following suit. maybe i am way off base. i tried to do some research and find any articles/study on numbers but didn't come across anything.....yet.
  2. maddie---inconsistancy. much to prove yet. just when you think things are clicking......... jazz---wouldn't surprise me at all to see her minutes diminish.
  3. shimmy gray-miller http://texastech.com/news/2017/4/20/lady-raiders-add-shimmy-gray-miller-to-coaching-staff.aspx sure is getting around.
  4. yeah, saw a twitter account that, imo, was mocking RCJ's transfer (being a "walk-on" and transferring). for crying out loud, if the schollie wasn't going to happen for her at nebraska, why not take advantage of the opportunity of a schollie somewhere? geez, take a minute and think about it......
  5. too bad it didn't work out, but, agree with mwm89. i suspect her destination will be mid-major (if she is looking at a good shot at playing time). wish RCJ best of luck.
  6. granted, i only came across 3-4 games on our Fox channel. the one game, i don't think Lanie even got in (maybe due to an injury?)----but, there was only 1 game i remember she even got substantial minutes. Kaylee played a lot in the games i watched. jmo, but, i didn't think Lanie looked to happy-----except for the one game when she was draining her shots.
  7. "Another source close to the situation confirmed Boise State would be interested." ya' think?!? lol (and every other school west of the mississippi 😉)
  8. all i know is i heard the announcers state along the lines that he is a coach who is going to put a player on the bench if he sees fit. i get it, but............
  9. not a "rooter" of uconn, but, the flagrant 1 foul should have been called right away. no problem with the ref's decision at all. no doubt, ms state could have lost it right there. so be it.
  10. for the uconn "haters", the streak begins all over next season. imo uconn SHOULD go undefeated.
  11. came across this fairly recent quote: (speaking of azura stevens the transfer from duke) "We don't usually get involved in transfer situations but this particular one was intriguing," head women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma said
  12. a little surprised with this observation--------do you think she could handle fennelly(sp)?
  13. i believe white averaged around 18 minutes a game and a little over 8 points. not exactly the white big ten fans were used to seeing. i tuned into an fsu game, oh, maybe late jan early feb to see how she was doing. i was a little surprised. she didn't get in much and when she did, she appeared to look healthy. so........ i guess when a team is winning and expectations are high, odds are players are a little more content.
  14. i thought if Kim Barnes Arico could get her squad to buy into playing hard during the wnit, they would have a great shot at winning it.
  15. hear ya! the powers that be never opened up the indoor places during summer to play. we had to play on a outdoor tennis court that had a hoop on one of the end zones-----it had a chain link net. or, we could play on someones driveway.