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  1. hats off to this young lady.....

    sorry norm-----------no, not really sorry. don't read it if you aren't interested in a young athlete making the best out of a difficult situation. if posters are not interested in human interest stories that deal with the mix of real life and wbb---so be it. i just came across this and found it a good read and thought i would pass it along. it is the "off season" and a bit slow------just thought might be a few who find it interesting. rather impressive to me to raise a child, play wbb, AND carry a 4.0 and probably going on to med school.
  2. mentioned in article on minnesota aau bb.... http://www.mngirlsbasketballhub.com/news_article/show/789653
  3. good read: http://www.vcstar.com/story/sports/college/2017/03/10/katie-campbell-thrives-motherhood-school-and-basketball/98812978/ best of luck to her and Ava!
  4. 2018 recruiting Big Board

    uhhhh.................me likey!!! wonder what her interest level is..... https://youtu.be/38C1CqjzGfE
  5. State of the Program

    i was being a little sarcastic. it is a decision that coach williams came to. if RCJ and her family made the decision they no longer could trust coach-----well, that's too bad. coach williams has a job to do and evidently she feels this is the best decision and move forward.
  6. State of the Program

    maybe the fans need brent wagner or sam mckewon to do some investigating on whether coach williams can be "trusted" or not.
  7. in case someone might be looking for some big ten wbb news.... http://host.madison.com/wsj/sports/college/basketball/men/badgers-women-s-basketball-wisconsin-home-games-average-spectators-in/article_55156f05-3f83-5fc9-8887-c76f6319e55f.html
  8. 2018 recruiting Big Board

    listened to the last couple innings. what a wild 8th inning from osu!!! i played baseball----been there, done that. man, i ran into similar situations a few times. seems like "that inning"------ no matter who/what you throw at the opposing team, you just can't get them out----or seems to take forever, anyway. guess that gave them the split. oops, sunday's win did give them a series win.
  9. State of the Program

    ummm, didn't coach williams try and talk RCJ into honoring her commitment to USD in the first place? i think RCJ and coach williams somewhat come from the same background as far as playing for the huskers, so, coach knew where RCJ was coming from. walk ons---trying to live out a dream. for amy, it worked out a little better. i would be willing to bet coach williams and RCJ had a "heart to heart" discussion and both agreed it would be best for RCJ to find that schollie at another institution. as the season wore on, i think it was a bit obvious that playing at this level was a struggle for RCJ. with the two transfers eligible this upcoming season, most likely, RCJ wasn't going to see the floor much------if at all. RCJ gave it a shot-----nothing to hang her head about. time to move on and i wish her nothing but the best. heck, i wish it would have worked out for her, but, like i stated, playing consistently in the Big Ten was going to be tough step.
  10. State of the Program

    well, i read it twice and couldn't find where Shawn Eichorst is quoted as saying the program is in "fine shape".
  11. Next season starters?

    this was a big statement from SE (taken from the LSJ men's article). lately, i think this fits either program. "We have to go get a couple of these signature players in our program that are all about the team — that are rugged, championship-flight type of young men, who have played in championship programs, who understand there's a lot of work that needs to be done, and there's a lot of attention that needs to be paid to one another, collectively, and not just the person looking in the mirror." Hear that, Andrew White? Ed Morrow? Michael Jacobson?
  12. RCJ transferring

    wow. the number of transfers just seems to be skyrocketing. especially on the women's side. i've just come to expect it on the men's side, but, seems like the women are following suit. maybe i am way off base. i tried to do some research and find any articles/study on numbers but didn't come across anything.....yet.
  13. Next season starters?

    maddie---inconsistancy. much to prove yet. just when you think things are clicking......... jazz---wouldn't surprise me at all to see her minutes diminish.
  14. shimmy gray-miller http://texastech.com/news/2017/4/20/lady-raiders-add-shimmy-gray-miller-to-coaching-staff.aspx sure is getting around.