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  1. i believe white averaged around 18 minutes a game and a little over 8 points. not exactly the white big ten fans were used to seeing. i tuned into an fsu game, oh, maybe late jan early feb to see how she was doing. i was a little surprised. she didn't get in much and when she did, she appeared to look healthy. so........ i guess when a team is winning and expectations are high, odds are players are a little more content.
  2. i thought if Kim Barnes Arico could get her squad to buy into playing hard during the wnit, they would have a great shot at winning it.
  3. hear ya! the powers that be never opened up the indoor places during summer to play. we had to play on a outdoor tennis court that had a hoop on one of the end zones-----it had a chain link net. or, we could play on someones driveway.
  4. pretty interesting: https://www.facebook.com/CHYYONG/videos/397947483917555/
  5. yup, got that right
  6. like this?........http://www.hudl.com/video/3/7094262/58705ee1da5b3d0ae4ecafc2
  7. just hoping she isn't "injury prone"!!! 🤕🚑😉 like bud grant once said, "durability is as important as ability". 😁 in all seriousness, it should be interesting----especially if she picks up the college game quickly! take a little pressure off hannah next season.
  8. not sure we need to speed up the game THAT fast. i really like what i see out of sd's 35 second shot clock.
  9. IF true, i would have to believe you aren't going to hear anything until WNIT is over with (for USD). i think they play at Iowa next. that will be a tough one since it is at Iowa.
  10. tried to post mckewon's tweet, but, kept freezing up on me. anyway, stated that coach williams will be looking to possibly add juco or hs player. will be attending juco nationals (or whatever it's called).
  11. doesn't surprise me, really. i questioned if one might leave, but, i also figured if coach williams wanted everyone to return, they would. it is good news.
  12. i'll go with UConn, Washington, Florida St, and as much as it pains me........................Texas.
  13. http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2017-03-14/ui-womens-basketball-whos-next.html albeit, the columnists list-----------pretty interesting group. would be surprised if any of them----unless they really open the wallet. might see the coach from princeton and/or temple giving it some thought. difficult to say, they just might like where they are.
  14. well, will be interesting to see if there are any defections 😉
  15. i am really surprised. finish 3rd in the big ten; 23rd sagarin/cbn rpi; 46th ncaa rpi; rpi better than some teams that got in. guess the 1-4 finish really hurt. 0-4 top 25 and 4-7 against top 50 still, i thought they would make it.