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  1. Buffalo - Nebraska

    Buffalo may b the best team we have played so far
  2. Creighton - Nebraska

    Guys we r 3-1. Played well at times so far and not well at times. Thats what young teams do. Hopefully nobody thought we were going to go undefeated this year. We will win some more and lose some more. I promise. Enjoy the journey. Don't start melting down 4 gms into the season about minutes, rotations, shots etc. that will be counter productive. Save that for football. This is going the right direction but it will be a gradual steady process.
  3. 2020 recruiting...

    State of KS has a few really high level kids in 19 (Kennedy brown) 20 (emily ryan ) and 21 (Payton verhulst ) classes. Hope they end up at nu -- 2020 Dani Winslow from Olathe KS was at gm v umkc She is a very high talent also
  4. That didn’t take long ...

    What u r referencing Huskerfrank r player and team growth issues that will occur over time. It's not a chemistry issue. The kids like each other, respect the program and each other, want to be here for the right reasons and are learning how to work and play. That's how the foundation is laid. Then it will build from there.
  5. That didn’t take long ...

    Addition by subtraction is real Cudos to the staff for having the guts to embrace it last spring A lot of staffs wouldn't have The program is now very healthy and in the begin phase is a steady upward climb. 1) Lots of talent in the underclassman, 2) good recruits coming in, and 3) leadership teaching the young talent how to go to workevery single day by the upperclass All 3 elements r critical. Program >team> individual = healthy program. Enjoy the upward journey Won't be straight up without natural hiccups but definitely headed up
  6. Natalie Romeo

    I highly doubt it's that. Would be best if people don't speculate and let her and her family have thier privacy.
  7. This years starters

    And obviously Taylor will play a lot and have great moments. She is long talented and scores in bunches. Physicality will b an adjustment but she played high level club and has been around it. Cross our fingers she can stay healthy and utilize her skills and talents. Again, however, people need to be patient. Bcs level basketball is a major jump for kids and takes time
  8. This years starters

    Maddie is going to play a lot at the stretch 4 and do well -- nicea and Hannah should b ready to have very nice seasons now that they have a year under their belt. -- I would not be surprised if Jas surprises people and I hope she does because she is a nice kid and deserves it -- we desperately need Rachel to stay healthy enough to play a lot -- Kate is a big strong kid and good talent. People need to remember she is young and the speed of the gm bothers most posts for a considerable time while as they adjust (Jess was an exception as a freshman not the rule ) -- Bria and Janae both add needed athleticism Bria has all the physical tools and skills to be a very good pg Biggest adjustment willl be learning to b a vocal leader at a position that needs to b vocal -- darrien has lost weight and is moving better and healthy and will show flashes of athelticism that surprise people - grace will battle her tail off and should b more comfortable as a soph - all 12 kids including Emily will play some because we only have 12, and its girls bball so people will always b banged up -- team chemistry and sr leadership are way better and schedule is more manageable -- toxicity is gone and coaches can truly coach.-- tough situation last year when the most talented player doesn't buy in Creates a toxicity that cannot be under estimated. -- we will still have ups and downs but the program will steadily begin to return to where the fan base wants it. We have a very good 2018 class signed and r in on some great 2019 and 2020 kids. Young players are now being exposed to a work rate and work ethic that is needed and have good upperclass examples to follow

    Had 5 recruits today. All 4 2018 commits and a very good 2020 kid
  10. Board is boring considering we have recruits and signed kids in town for first few football gms , current players back in school working out, and some good area young hs kids to keep track of etc
  11. Surprised nobody has thrown kaylnn Meyer name around from superior. Big kid 2020 sisters throw discuss for nu. Super athletic n bball vball and track
  12. Transfers

    You guys fail to distinguish between levels of d-1. Every kid on the roster could go to a different d-1 school and get a scholarship. I certainly agree very few could go to another power 5 school. Probably only a handful. But what isn't being factored into the rough record is also that brutal schedule we played. Very hard non conf with the small schools such as drake and creighton ending up being top 25 teams who won conferences, the bad draw on the big teams we played twice all being in upper half and 2 being in top 3, and then the lower half teams we got a larger share on the road and u want those to be home Gms because they r more winnable. Combine that with a new system and youth and it was a struggle. However schedule and experience alone and no new players we will still be substantially better next year. Add the transfers and other new kids and redshirt and if healthy we will be close to 500 I predict. If we add another quality big either from Europe Jc or 5th year kid and I think we could have a fun year and maybe win half or more. Certainly not the long term goal but good progress
  13. WBB: Game #28 vs Michigan State

    To answer your question yes we had 2 recruits from Minnesota there. Both 2018 kids I believe. -- and special shout out to Maddie. She has taken some heat on here by a few posters but she was great yesterday for the second gm n a row and we wouldn't have won without her. She had 3 of the biggest hustle plays of the gm; scored the ball and had 4 asst against zero TO in 28 minutes.
  14. WBB: Game # 24 vs Ohio State

    Can whoever usually posts links to post gm press conf post it. I can't find it