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  1. You guys fail to distinguish between levels of d-1. Every kid on the roster could go to a different d-1 school and get a scholarship. I certainly agree very few could go to another power 5 school. Probably only a handful. But what isn't being factored into the rough record is also that brutal schedule we played. Very hard non conf with the small schools such as drake and creighton ending up being top 25 teams who won conferences, the bad draw on the big teams we played twice all being in upper half and 2 being in top 3, and then the lower half teams we got a larger share on the road and u want those to be home Gms because they r more winnable. Combine that with a new system and youth and it was a struggle. However schedule and experience alone and no new players we will still be substantially better next year. Add the transfers and other new kids and redshirt and if healthy we will be close to 500 I predict. If we add another quality big either from Europe Jc or 5th year kid and I think we could have a fun year and maybe win half or more. Certainly not the long term goal but good progress
  2. To answer your question yes we had 2 recruits from Minnesota there. Both 2018 kids I believe. -- and special shout out to Maddie. She has taken some heat on here by a few posters but she was great yesterday for the second gm n a row and we wouldn't have won without her. She had 3 of the biggest hustle plays of the gm; scored the ball and had 4 asst against zero TO in 28 minutes.
  3. Can whoever usually posts links to post gm press conf post it. I can't find it
  4. Transfers can't go to road Gms. Ncaa rule.
  5. Somebody research central plains girls basketball in chlaflin KS if u want to see a freshman who can play. .
  6. I have enjoyed this board that last several years, but honestly have become very troubled by a lot of the discussions on here. The women's team is in a tough spot right now, and its not going to get any easier anytime soon. But for so many uniformed adults to come out of the wood work and take pot shots at coaches, and kids, who most have never met is troubling. Some kids might transfer, and if the do hopefully it is based on a well thought out decision between the kid, their parents, and the coaches. Not because some old guy who has never met them is convinced they can't play. The reality is a "perfect (crap) storm" caused by a whole bunch of people - coaches, administrators, support staff, media, parents, etc.-- got the situation to where it is today. Maybe some of the current and former players have some culpability in that, maybe they don't, but in my opinion to take pot shots at kids who people have never met is unfortunate. For adults to hope kids are asked to uproot their lives and educations and not return is equally unfortunate. Might it improve the team quicker, sure. One need look no farther than Colorado State for the burn and start over approach. They were awful Ryan Williams first year and he asked most of the team including starters to not come back. They replaced them with about 8 foreigners the next year and improved dramatically. The guy can flat coach, and can obviously win, but i will never root for them because of how that situation was handled. The ncaa changed the rules two years ago i think and scholarships are no longer one year renewables so that approach is harder to pull off than it was before. However, a coach can still tell a kid listen you aren't going to get in and some might leave when told that. I understand healthy debate, and loving a person's favorite team, and wanting to win. I also understand monday morning quarterbacking games, plays, etc. But i will never understanding taking pot shots at 18-22 year old ladies who most making the comments know nothing about. Turning this board into the Lord of the Flies won't help us win even one more game. GBR
  7. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211212389
  8. Yeah bugs. Then if u click on the team members name it will take u to more detailed info about them and a q&a is under each kids link. Should work for u
  9. I don't know how to post the link but at the huskers.com website there is actually a similar q&a article for each of the kids if u click on their roster profile. It then says q&a under their picture and links it.
  10. 1 week from today practice starts. Gbr
  11. Bunch of good KS kids coming up. I can think of a 2019, 2020 and a 2021 that all have bcs offers already.
  12. If you go to the NU website and click on roster you can click on all of our new players (and old too for that matter) and pull up their Q&A info etc. Kind of fun to read what there interests are etc.
  13. Bball season is finally here. I hope the women have a fun year and adapt well to the transition. I also hope the fans are supportive during this transition. Going to be some ups and downs but important to keep moving forward and support the kids and coaches.
  14. Well Grace Mitchell transferred from Derby to Wellington hs her sr year so they never actually were hs teammates. They do however belong to the same club team called Next Level.