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  1. From what little we have to go on and a few questions left to be answered, here's how I see the starting line up to unfold next November and why. G - Hannah Whitish 5'9 - sophomore to be, her ability to knock down the outside shot got better each game she played and her defense progressed as she became more comfortable on the court. Earned the starting role as the season progressed because of this. As she gets more comfortable in the system her defense and offensive out put should increase even more dramatically. One year in this system and the off season will help her immensely in all facets. G - Janay Morton 5'10 - red-shirt senior next season, has one key factor over the rest of the team that being experience. The kid has one year to learn the system by sitting on the sidelines and if you don't think that learning experience doesn't help just ask Kelsey Griffin. In each of her three seasons at Eastern Michigan Janay averaged 12.5 points or better hitting 38% from behind the arc plus she earned a spot on the MAC all defensive team her junior season. C - Rachel Blackburn 6'3 - red-shirt sophomore coming off a couple of surgeries. Extremely motivated to get back on the court. Should fit right in to the new system. Huskers can't afford to not have her on the court because of her height and the attitude she brings. Hopefully she can become more consistent on her jump shot from within15 feet. One draw back if she can get it under control, is staying out of foul trouble. Her intense play caused her a lot of unnecessary fouls her freshmen year. G/F - Nicea Eliely 6'1 - sophomore next season, proved last season without a doubt she needs to be on the court with her ability to excel in all facets of the game. Brings an up-tempo energy to the game for all 40 minutes. Should be able get more consistent with her jumper through out the off season. PG - Bria Stallworth 5'6 - sophomore next year, averaged 13 points as a freshman at UMass and 4 assists. Sat out learning the system last year. Anxious to get out on the court. Has the ability to drive the lane and dish ala Lindsey Moore. First few off the bench: sr-Jasmine Cincore, jr-Maddie Simon, fr-Taylor Kissinger I've got a pretty young line up with 4 sophomore's and a senior in penciled into the starting line up, that's how I see it now, Now my predictions could change should the Huskers sign a pretty good transfer this summer though. How do you guy's and gal's see it shaping up? Do you agree or not, don't be shy let the rest of us know.
  2. The person can only be physically gone but never the life lived and the memories shared. Have faith and be strong, Silver.
  3. Don't think she'll ever be without a job for too long. Her ability to recruit on a top knotch level should keep her employed for a quite a while..
  4. Former Husker basketball player Allie Havers is eager to ace her second sport Go get em' Allie!!
  5. She had a scholarship offer to South Dakota but no scholarship here at NU. I think she was hoping to get put on scholarship for next year, but when that didn't happen her and her family decided it may be in her best interest to go somewhere where it would. Schooling last season would have cost her parents some $20-$30 grand. The lure of free education vs her parents having to pay tuition again is most likely one of the main reasons of her transferring.
  6. Fairly good day yesterday in the WNBA draft for the Big Ten. Nia Coffee of Northwestern went at #5 to San Antonio, Shatori Walker-Kimbrough & Brionna Jones from Maryland went #6 to Washington and #8 to Connecticut respectably, Tori Jankoska from Michigan St. went at #9 to Chicago and Shayla Cooper of Ohio St. goes at #11 also to Connecticut. No other player from the conference was selected. Kelsey Plum from Washington was the overall number one pick.
  7. Surely they could afford to reach into that pot of $110 million and buy some fescue and have a few students spread it all over the Ryan Stadium football field in hopes to have a green field next season.
  8. I just don't think the parents have much room to push their weight anymore with any coach now that Lanie is running out of eligibility. Once she lands at some other school she'd better stay there, every move that they think is in her best interest from there on out, will hinder her chances of playing what she has left now eligibility wise. I don't think right now they have any plans on sending her to DII.
  9. Definitely, the beef before was with Yori not Coach Williams and her staff. I'm hearing some contact may have already been made but nothing substantial. The Page's number one goal is that they're looking for a team that Lanie would get ample playing time and right now Nebraska offers as much as any other team willing to take her on. Plus the fact they could watch her play relatively easily.
  10. Great game to be at. Even though I got a little chilly sitting out there last night Jake's pitching kept me warm enough to make it through. It seem's as though if we can get a little movement on our pitches they have a hard time hitting it squarely. When there were fastballs right down the middle they connected with good swings but most were hit where they didn't do too much damage.
  11. She will go some where, where the first thing dad will inquire with the new school is that they apply for a waiver for her to play immediately since she has already used her redshirt year. She used her redshirt season to recover from surgery to repair a torn labrum in her shoulder she suffered in high school. So she's sitting now with three years to play three years. Rumor had it when dad hauled big sister Kaylee back home he also asked for Lanie's release from her scholarship from the Huskers. A stunt that Lanie didn't really agree with as she had mixed thoughts about wanting to leave NU. Lanie is good friends with Rachel Blackburn, and I'll have to admit with those two running the show underneath is really appealing to me. My guess is that the Page's will contact the Huskers about the possibility about coming back here since it's so close to home. And my guess is Coach Williams and staff would listen. The Page's know If she would receive a waiver to play next season she would get a lot more playing time here than what she got last season and most likely more than any other school they look at. But the question is are putting up with Dad's shenanigans should they happen again be worth it? Should she choose to loose a year of eligibility by staying in conference she would most likely end up at Kansas, Texas Tech or Okie State before Lincoln though. Don't count out Missouri or Iowa either.
  12. Messages from Rusty on the progress of his wife!
  13. You're right huskerchode for some reason I had him as our trainer on my mind.
  14. Rusty's got his hands full due to his wife's health and he needs to be with her and his kids as they battle this dreadful disease.
  15. Big chunk of good players leaving Maryland. Very interesting that the B1G Freshman of the year Slocum and Gillespie asked for a transfer. Unless homesickness came into play for Slocum. She is originally from Boise Idaho. My guess she'll end up somewhere in the northwest. Gillespie was figured into the starting line-up by some next year so that's sort of strange twist too. She's from Connecticut. Staiti mentioned she is somewhat homesick. She didn't see that much playing time. She's from Georgia.
  16. Tim McCoy, Tory McCoy's dad speaks out. Not to sure how many teams want a 6'4 kid playing on the perimeter.
  17. I can't recall that she had any interest from Nebraska, redsteve. When she signed with OSU in 2015 she said she also considered Baylor, Illinois, Marquette, South Carolina and Tennesse. It's sort of questionable that she would transfer after all the playing time she received as a freshman last season especially with what OSU had coming back from the year previous. Some school is going to get a fairly good big girl in a few weeks. McCoy came off the bench and played 24 minutes against NU last February and scored 9 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Kiara Lewis on the other hand started for O-State in half their games. One of her starts for OSU came against the Huskers when we played them last February also and scored 8 points. I don't believe right now anyway that homesickness played a part in either of these two transfers.
  18. I'm guessing by now Indiana is starting to wonder just who asked the Huskers to join the B1G. At least this sports season anyway. And they're probably hoping not to meet up with the Huskers in any post season spring tourney's. Lot's of "L"s from the Huskers going into the losing columns for the Hoosiers this past sports season particularly in football, men's basketball, women's basketball, both volleyball games, wrestling, soccer. The spring season isn't quite over yet so the possibility that the Huskers could still inflict more damage to their records still loom's.
  19. Going into the top of the seventh Huskers lead it 2-1. Matt Waldron comes in to clean up the mess in the bottom of the 6th. Now it's 3-1 on a homer by Jake Scheppenbach! Good way to respond after the Hoosiers get one in the sixth.
  20. Hearing he has Trump University paraphernalia plastered all over his bedroom walls too.
  21. Good game to watch! Really liked how the Huskers responded against the sidewinder after the Hoosiers tied it up in the bottom of the 7th. Props to Hohensee for keeping the game close despite being some what erratic on his pitches at times.
  22. Good for her! She turned down a volleyball scholarship to Ohio State when she chose to play for the Huskers! Hope she makes it. I see where a current volleyball player has decided to transfer to UMKC so they could find room for her.
  23. Sept 1st was the first time coaches could contact players in the 2018 class. Since the interest in the 18' class is starting to gain traction, our crack staff here at the HHC wbb went to work to gather what we could involving the 2018 recruiting interest with the new staff. The 2018 list is compiled mostly on the interest shown from recruits that have a real interest in attending NU. Some other factors are taken into account also. Now HHC lost a few sources somewhat close to recruiting with the previous regime but we have started to piece together a new list for the 2018 class. Keep in mind a few of the 2018 recruits were first recruited by the previous coaching staff, as a result some of those are still being recruited by the new coaching staff. As we find out on more recruits throughout the season and next summer being recruited by NU, we will add them to the big board. ______________________________________ Kayla Mershon (2018) 6’3 forward Kayla Mershon from Minnetonka High School in Chanhassen, MN. 3 star player who’s stock rose this summer on the AAU circuit. The Nebraska coaching staff has been recruiting her for quite some time now. Besides an NU offer she has an Iowa St, Iowa, Oregon, Arkansas, Drake and possibly a DePaul offer. Lots of other schools showing her interest, Utah, Wake Forest, Indiana, George Washington. What ESPN says about Kayla: Length, wingspan and mobility bring versatility; face-up game stretches the defense, triple-threat attack finds rim off the dribble; finesse-4 game yields results. Agile perimeter prospect with long frame stretches the defense to the arc; catches and finishes in traffic with finesse game in the paint; stretch-4 game with fundamental persona. Committed to Nebraska 2-19-17 ESPN Profile _____________________________________ Mia Lakstigala (2018) 5-9 3 Star guard from Central High School in Naperville, Ill. Just completed a breakout sophomore season where she averaged 14.0 points and 3.8 assists a game. "Mia showed such dramatic improvement, not only from February to November, but from November to March" coach Andy Nussbaum said. "I think still, for her, there's so much more potential there to tap. I thought she was one of the top three players in the league this year." Nebraska has been showing interest for some time now. She’s also receiving interest from plus a lot of other mid major schools. What ESPN says about Mia: Floor-leader with combo-game; handles and attacks under control in transition game; reads pressure, passes with purpose; smooth floor game brings offensive arsenal to the arc; executes in half-court game; a sleeper prospect in the class of 2018. ESPN Profile _______________________________________ Arieal Scott (2018) 5-10, 3 Star guard from Urbana High School in Urbana Ill. One of the more prolific three point shooters to come out of Illinois in quite some time. Scott, who averaged 19.1 points last season and drained 67 three-pointers before winning the Class 1A three-point shooting competition at the state tournament in late February. Received an offer from Nebraska in May of 2015 by Ex-Husker coach Amy Stephens. Recently has received offers from Duke, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma St. Illinois, plus many more. The past year I’ve seen multiple pictures of her wearing Husker gear. What ESPN says: Agile off-guard puts stress on the defense; handles in transition, executes in half-court game with solid skill set; finishes plays with consistent range at the arc; among the elite shooters in the 2018 class. Committed to Duke. ESPN Profile ____________________________________________________ Amy Dilk (2018) 4 Star, 5’9 point guard out of Carmel High School in Carmel IN. Has the attention of many D-1 schools in the midwest. Rated by many as on of the top players to come out of Indiana in quite some time. ESPN has her as the 49th best player in the nation. Has offers from Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Purdue. Lots of interest surrounding Dilk including Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan St, UCLA. She's a Michigan lean as of right now. What ESPN says: Smooth game manager handles, pushes tempo under control, distributes with court awareness; executes in half-court set; breaks down defender, penetrates and finishes plays; keeps thee defense honest to the arc. ESPN Profile _______________________________________ Liegha Brown (2018) 6'1 combo guard/forward out of DeKalb High School located in Waterloo Ind. Visited Nebraska the weekend of March 3. Sort of an unknown commodity but not so much in northeast Indiana. Plays on a pretty bad high school team but that hasn't stopped her from performing at a high rate. Has known offers from Belmont, Western Michigan, IUPUI. Averaged just under 23 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists this past season. Was named one of the top 15 players in the state of Indiana this season. No ESPN or ProspectNation profiles. _______________________________________ Ashley Joens (2018) 5 Star, 5-11 guard out of Iowa City High School in Iowa City IA. Ranked as the 16th best player in the nation by ESPN. Iowa High School 2015 player of the year. Averaged 19.3 points and 8.9 rebounds per game her junior year. Unofficial visit to Nebraska two weeks ago. Has major interest from Iowa St, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, De Paul, and many others. ESPN says this about her: Fundamental off-guard manufactures, delivers in half-court game; executes off screens with smooth release on jumper to the arc; mid-range game producer; emerges as an elite prospect in the class of 2018. Committed to Iowa St ESPN Profile ______________________________________ Sam Haiby (2018) 5'7 guard out of Moorhead, Minnesota, Not featured in any recruiting services. But has a lot of interest from many D-1 schools. Prolific scorer and distributes the ball very well. Could be on the verge of becoming Minnesota's all time leading scorer in girls high school play. Visited Nebraska 2-26-17. She's Also hearing from Louisville, Minnesota, Kansas State, Wake Forest, Creighton, South Dakota St plus many more. Haiby's natural athleticism is the first thing that jumps out at you on the court. She is very fast and has a good sense of the game, which helps her anticipate passes and rebounds. Haiby is one of the top hoop prospects coming out of Minnesota in the 2018 class. Her quickness and athleticism allows her to guard multiple positions, a major plus for coaches. ______________________________________ Tatum Veitenheimer (2018) 4 Star, 5-8 point guard out of Windthorst High School in Windthorst, TX. Very skilled with a high basketball IQ. Can hit the three. Nice midrange game. Can take the ball to the basket. Ultra competitor. Nebraska has been showing interest in her but that’s about it. Iowa St has been in on her since her freshman year as has Texas A&M. Oklahoma St, Oklahoma, UCLA, LSU and most all of the Division I teams in Texas are after her. Uconn, Tennessee and Notre Dame at one time or another were also showing interest. ESPN says this about Tatum: Confident floor-leader with a scorer's mentality; quick, drives and dishes with purpose in traffic; crafty defender, anticipates; executes in half-court game. ESPN Profile __________________________________________ Christianna Carr (2018) 4 Star, 6’ guard formerly of Minnetonka High School in Eden Prarie, MN, now Manhattan KS. Daughter of ex-Minnesota Timberwolves player Chris Carr. Prospect Nation has her as the 16th best prospect in the country, ESPN has her in the 9th spot. She’s a guard who can shoot it and play some time at the point while defending multiple positions. Has visited South Carolina multiple times. Has offers from Minnesota, Nebraska, Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa St, Wisconsin plus many more. Hopefully she chooses someone other than K-St, as they are trying to pull a questionable Ohio St. like recruiting tactic. What ESPN says: Smooth floor game with superior size in the backcourt; consistent mid-range game extends beyond the arc; among the elite guards in the 2018 class. Committed to k State ESPN Profile ______________________________________ Nia Clouden (2018) 4 Star, 5-6 point guard from St. Francis Academy in Owings Mill, MD. Ranked as the 12th best point guard by Hoopgurlz. Player with explosive athletic ability, a true scorer/slasher with a complete offensive game. Could be really hard to get her off the east coast. Has an offer from Rutgers and they now lead for landing her. Interest from UMass, Georgetown, West Virginia, Michigan, Temple, Nebraska. What ESPN says: Electrifying floor-leader with a scorer's mentality; explosive quickness, tough to contain, elevates in mid-range game, finds rim with regularity. ESPN Profile _______________________________________ Amaya Adams (2018) 3 Star, 5’10 wing from Notre Dame de Sion High School in Kansas City. Has a lot of length, upside and potential. Distributes the ball to her teammates well. She is progressing into a great point leader that understands how to nagivate offenses and run them efficiently. Has interest from Nebraska, Wichita State, Tulsa, Oral Roberts, Northwestern, Nebraska-Omaha, UMKC, and Pennsylvania Prospect Nation says: Adams has a lot potential to be a strong floor general and because of her size, be an impressive defender as well. Prospect Nation Profile ______________________________________ Payton Brotzki (2018) 4 Star, 5’10 guard from Platteview High School in Springview NE. A big summer on the AAU circuit has propelled this homegrown Nebraska kid to the number 36th ranked player in the ESPN 18’ class. 1st team Super State last season. One the top ranked players to come out of Nebraska this season. Tore her knee up in January of this year again as a result lots of schools are waning on their interest in her. The lack of major offers coming in now are most likely due to the acl injury she suffered her freshman season. She had a great AAU summer and has impressed many schools. More BCS offers will come her way the next year. Right now has offers from Illinois, Creighton, Omaha, S.Dakota St., FGCU and Pepperdine. In my opinion she’s anxiously waiting and hoping for that Nebraska offer. What ESPN is saying: Strong, physical, versatile perimeter prospect; triple-threat creator drives, delivers vs. contact; handles and attacks in transition; range to the arc, finds the rim, delivers at the charity stripe. Committed to Creighton 2-27-17 ESPN Profile ______________________________________ Audrey Warren (2018) 3-Star, 5-10 off-guard from Boswell High School in Fort Worth received an offer from Nebraska when the Nebraska staff paid her a home visit Thursday night. Audrey averaged 17.4 points per game, 7.3 boards and shot 47% from behind the arc last season when she played for Kickapoo High School in Springfield MO. Rated as the 18th best guard by HoopGurlz. Rice, North Texas, TCU, SMU and Wisconsin also in the mix. What ESPN is saying: Agile lead-guard with combo-game handles and passes in uptempo game; triple-threat attack with stationary range at the arc. ESPN Profile ______________________________________ Lauren Davenport (2018) 4-Star 6' wing Lauren "LoLo" Davenport from Plano High School in Dallas received an offer by Nebraska last night 9-23-16. 6-foot wing with the ability to capitalize on mismatches and be a huge scoring weapon. She can be put in multiple positions on the floor and she showed she can bring the ball up in transition, play on the low block, and trail in the 4-position for late offensive perimeter shots. Offers besides Nebraska include Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, Texas A&M, Kansas, Kansas St, Missouri, Georgetown plus many more! ESPN is saying: Athletic off-guard brings size to the back court; delivers to the arc with consistency; handles and attacks in transition; emerging as one of the elite guards in the class of 2018. Committed to Texas 12-25-16 ESPN Profile ______________________________________ Jordyn Cambridge (2018) 4 Star, 5'10 guard out of Ensworth High School in Nashville, TN got a visit from the Nebraska coaching staff. Cambridge a capable on-ball defender who does a good job pressuring the ball and staying locked in on that. At 5 feet 10 she has ideal size for either of the guard positions and should be able to thrive playing on or off the ball at the next level. Also offered by Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Kentucky ESPN Profile ProspectNation Profile ________________________________________ Grace Berger (2018) 4-Star, 5'11 wing hailing from Sacred Heart High School in Louisville, KY was visited by the Nebraska coaching staff 9-28-16. Ranked as the 46th best player in the 2018 class by ESPN and the 56th best player in Prospect Nations rankings. Agile combo-guard brings consistent production to the back court; 1 on 1 creator breaks down defender, elevates in mid-range game and delivers off the bounce; developing deep threat consistency; handles and distributes in uptempo game. A top recruit in Kentucky also has offers from Purdue, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, Stanford, De Paul, Princeton and Dayton. Committed to Indiana ESPN Profile Prospect Nation Profile _______________________________________ Mallory Adams (2018) 5-10 3-Star Wing, Lone Star HS Frisco, TX, Averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds per game as a sophomore last season. Has gotten interest from Nebraska, Rutgers, San Diego State, SMU. ESPN says she's an agile perimeter threat rebounds and handles in transition; has a smooth stroke on her jumper with range to the arc; she's a mismatch creator; competes on glass; and is a versatile defender. ESPN Profile ________________________________________ Ashton Veerbeek 2016 Flying under the radar she received her offer from Nebraska in June of 2016. Hails from the same high school as former all American volleyball player Nancy Metcalf. 6-2 F, Western Christian HS, Hull IA No ESPN or Prospect Nation Rating Class 2A Iowa Newspaper Association All-State 1st Team Iowa Girls Coaches Association All-State 2A 1st Team Committed to Nebraska 12-22-16 ____________________________________________________________ Other 2018 recruits that may turn out be on NU's radar in the future. Bree Boles - 6'-2 forward - Lapel, IN Grace Berg - 6' forward - Indianola, Iowa - committed to Missouri Cassidy Hardin - 5'8 guard - Center Grove HS, Bargersville, IN - committed to Purdue ______________________________________ THIS LIST IS NOT A COMPLETE LISTING OF PLAYERS NEBRASKA MAY BE SHOWING INTEREST IN, NOR DOES IT INDICATE THE RELATIVE POSITION OF THE PLAYERS' -- ON OR OFF THIS LIST -- PRIORITIZATION IN NEBRASKA'S RECRUITING PLANS. THIS LIST IS COMPILED USING INFORMATION FROM A VARIETY OF SOURCES BOTH PUBLIC AND NON-PUBLIC TO GIVE FANS A SAMPLING OF PLAYERS WHO MIGHT BE GRACING THE COURT AT PINNACLE BANK ARENA IN THE FUTURE. AS A MEDIA SITE, HUSKER HOOPS CENTRAL HAS NO INFLUENCE IN THE RECRUITING DECISIONS OF THE NEBRASKA COACHING STAFF, AND INCLUSION ON OR OMISSION FROM THIS LIST IS AT THE COMPLETE DISCRETION OF HUSKER HOOPS CENTRAL.
  24. Quite a few of us did. I actually believed it was a for long conclusion that she would announce this. I was hoping at first it was just a rumor and that Coach Williams could get her to buy in, get in shape and start to play at a top level. The part of the rumor I despised the most was that during the season she was contacting other programs about transferring and gauging the interest they had in her. Channel 10/11 confirmed this rumor last night. I'll admit it was extremely hard watching her play with that rumor of what she was doing in the back of my mind. The main reason I very seldom gave her game props in game day threads and was reluctant to post in this thread. I'm actually glad that we'll never have to look up at the northeast wall at PBA and see her number up there with the likes of Ivy, Jennings, Griffin, Moore, Hooper or who ever else that might get put up there. I also have my fingers crossed that this will light a fire under the coaching staff to go out there and prove they can get us back to being a consistent top 10-20 team. Nebraska is still a head coaches dream job even with the lull we've hit these past couple of seasons. There's to much fan support, budget support and great facilities to let this program slip more into mediocrity.