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  1. From what little we have to go on and a few questions left to be answered, here's how I see the starting line up to unfold next November and why. G - Hannah Whitish 5'9 - sophomore to be, her ability to knock down the outside shot got better each game she played and her defense progressed as she became more comfortable on the court. Earned the starting role as the season progressed because of this. As she gets more comfortable in the system her defense and offensive out put should increase even more dramatically. One year in this system and the off season will help her immensely in all facets. G - Janay Morton 5'10 - red-shirt senior next season, has one key factor over the rest of the team that being experience. The kid has one year to learn the system by sitting on the sidelines and if you don't think that learning experience doesn't help just ask Kelsey Griffin. In each of her three seasons at Eastern Michigan Janay averaged 12.5 points or better hitting 38% from behind the arc plus she earned a spot on the MAC all defensive team her junior season. C - Rachel Blackburn 6'3 - red-shirt sophomore coming off a couple of surgeries. Extremely motivated to get back on the court. Should fit right in to the new system. Huskers can't afford to not have her on the court because of her height and the attitude she brings. Hopefully she can become more consistent on her jump shot from within15 feet. One draw back if she can get it under control, is staying out of foul trouble. Her intense play caused her a lot of unnecessary fouls her freshmen year. G/F - Nicea Eliely 6'1 - sophomore next season, proved last season without a doubt she needs to be on the court with her ability to excel in all facets of the game. Brings an up-tempo energy to the game for all 40 minutes. Should be able get more consistent with her jumper through out the off season. PG - Bria Stallworth 5'6 - sophomore next year, averaged 13 points as a freshman at UMass and 4 assists. Sat out learning the system last year. Anxious to get out on the court. Has the ability to drive the lane and dish ala Lindsey Moore. First few off the bench: sr-Jasmine Cincore, jr-Maddie Simon, fr-Taylor Kissinger I've got a pretty young line up with 4 sophomore's and a senior in penciled into the starting line up, that's how I see it now, Now my predictions could change should the Huskers sign a pretty good transfer this summer though. How do you guy's and gal's see it shaping up? Do you agree or not, don't be shy let the rest of us know.
  2. The person can only be physically gone but never the life lived and the memories shared. Have faith and be strong, Silver.
  3. Don't think she'll ever be without a job for too long. Her ability to recruit on a top knotch level should keep her employed for a quite a while..
  4. Former Husker basketball player Allie Havers is eager to ace her second sport Go get em' Allie!!
  5. She had a scholarship offer to South Dakota but no scholarship here at NU. I think she was hoping to get put on scholarship for next year, but when that didn't happen her and her family decided it may be in her best interest to go somewhere where it would. Schooling last season would have cost her parents some $20-$30 grand. The lure of free education vs her parents having to pay tuition again is most likely one of the main reasons of her transferring.
  6. Fairly good day yesterday in the WNBA draft for the Big Ten. Nia Coffee of Northwestern went at #5 to San Antonio, Shatori Walker-Kimbrough & Brionna Jones from Maryland went #6 to Washington and #8 to Connecticut respectably, Tori Jankoska from Michigan St. went at #9 to Chicago and Shayla Cooper of Ohio St. goes at #11 also to Connecticut. No other player from the conference was selected. Kelsey Plum from Washington was the overall number one pick.
  7. Surely they could afford to reach into that pot of $110 million and buy some fescue and have a few students spread it all over the Ryan Stadium football field in hopes to have a green field next season.
  8. I just don't think the parents have much room to push their weight anymore with any coach now that Lanie is running out of eligibility. Once she lands at some other school she'd better stay there, every move that they think is in her best interest from there on out, will hinder her chances of playing what she has left now eligibility wise. I don't think right now they have any plans on sending her to DII.
  9. Definitely, the beef before was with Yori not Coach Williams and her staff. I'm hearing some contact may have already been made but nothing substantial. The Page's number one goal is that they're looking for a team that Lanie would get ample playing time and right now Nebraska offers as much as any other team willing to take her on. Plus the fact they could watch her play relatively easily.
  10. Great game to be at. Even though I got a little chilly sitting out there last night Jake's pitching kept me warm enough to make it through. It seem's as though if we can get a little movement on our pitches they have a hard time hitting it squarely. When there were fastballs right down the middle they connected with good swings but most were hit where they didn't do too much damage.
  11. She will go some where, where the first thing dad will inquire with the new school is that they apply for a waiver for her to play immediately since she has already used her redshirt year. She used her redshirt season to recover from surgery to repair a torn labrum in her shoulder she suffered in high school. So she's sitting now with three years to play three years. Rumor had it when dad hauled big sister Kaylee back home he also asked for Lanie's release from her scholarship from the Huskers. A stunt that Lanie didn't really agree with as she had mixed thoughts about wanting to leave NU. Lanie is good friends with Rachel Blackburn, and I'll have to admit with those two running the show underneath is really appealing to me. My guess is that the Page's will contact the Huskers about the possibility about coming back here since it's so close to home. And my guess is Coach Williams and staff would listen. The Page's know If she would receive a waiver to play next season she would get a lot more playing time here than what she got last season and most likely more than any other school they look at. But the question is are putting up with Dad's shenanigans should they happen again be worth it? Should she choose to loose a year of eligibility by staying in conference she would most likely end up at Kansas, Texas Tech or Okie State before Lincoln though. Don't count out Missouri or Iowa either.
  12. Messages from Rusty on the progress of his wife!
  13. You're right huskerchode for some reason I had him as our trainer on my mind.
  14. Rusty's got his hands full due to his wife's health and he needs to be with her and his kids as they battle this dreadful disease.
  15. Tim McCoy, Tory McCoy's dad speaks out. Not to sure how many teams want a 6'4 kid playing on the perimeter.