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  1. That's a pretty darn impressive standing vertical jump, especially for a big man. Can't wait to see him swat someone's shot in November. Not sure how good he'll be overall but I'll bet he will have some highlight reel moments for us. Thanks for sharing the video!
  2. I think we have a shot with Meyers. He isn't 6'4" with a mid 90's fastball. Great college player, though. Schreiber, on the other hand..... he looks like a MLB first baseman. I would be shocked if he is back.
  3. Yes, but I really hope it is just smoke. We'll see....
  4. Now that you guys are throwing rationale stuff out there, I think you guys are probably right. Thanks for talking me down! The end of the season plus Ed Morrow leaving has me in the husker dumps.
  5. In a nutshell, in ancient times men turned their skirts into adult diapers before battle. Looks funny but I am sure it beats tripping while holding a sword
  6. I pretty much agree with Norm. This should be Miles' best roster talent and experience wise top to bottom. One thing I am not crazy about with Miles is him enrolling in the Darin Erstad school of schedule making. When you are trying to build a program, you should be using the Bill Snyder scheduling method to build confidence in your players, kind of like the Gophers this year. He threw a young team into a wood chipper this year. They fought admirably early on but just got wore down. Andrew White would not have been enough to get us over 500 in my opinion.
  7. To answer the OP, I really hope we can land a JUCO combo guard that is a proficient shooter/scorer that can also play spot minutes at the point, basically addressing point #1 and #3 with a single player. This may not be a popular comparison, but a kid like Johnny Mathies who played for Altman would fit the bill. I don't know if any of the JUCO kids we recently offered meet this criteria, but the young man who got his release from the Wolfpack may be this kind of player. I personally think with another off-season of working out, Jacobsen could back up Jordy in the post for 10 minutes a game or so in addition to playing some 4.
  8. I, like pretty much everyone, do not see this happening. I see no wing in no Ed Morrow. And you bring up a good point. If Ed's heart isn't in being a good college paint player then maybe it is better for him to go. We have a glut of better candidates for wings than Ed. If Ed is here we need him at the 4 (or 5 if you are Tim Miles )
  9. Thank you. Everyone nowadays is so enamored with the stretch 4 that they forget that is not the name of the position. Ed is an old school enforcer at the 4. I truly believe there is a place for that. Water under the bridge now but I would have loved to see Jordy and Ed become like Ewing and Oakley for the knicks in the late 80's.
  10. It sucks when you hop in the message board and find out your favorite player is leaving. Crap.
  11. All good points so far. I have to agree with Cip, until we get an AD who is strong at identifying coaches, this problem will continue. SE is still unknown at best. Riley needs to come through for him; women's hoops has had a rough start. Rasmussen at CU has done better than most of our AD's. I hope Eichorst can get it done, because if he fails we will be waiting for the next AD to hire the next coach, and at this point my patience is wearing a little thin. It has been tough being an NU fanatic.....
  12. So who has improved more over the course of the season? Jack or Jordy? Both don't even resemble the guys we saw early in the season. i agree with those who think this team can make a run in the conference tourney. Wisconsin is the best team in the league and we all saw how close we played them with over 20 turnovers. We are SO close to turning the corner. If we can get hot at the right time we can do this. I love the collection of players Miles has assembled.
  13. And a lockdown defender.
  14. We go from being a very inexperienced team to a very experienced team next year. Next year is when things should click. Barring injuries, of course. Hopefully Palmer can fill Tai's shoes to a degree.
  15. You could argue Iowa is tired as well. Struggling with Rutgers as we speak. A double OT game will do that to you.