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  1. So who has improved more over the course of the season? Jack or Jordy? Both don't even resemble the guys we saw early in the season. i agree with those who think this team can make a run in the conference tourney. Wisconsin is the best team in the league and we all saw how close we played them with over 20 turnovers. We are SO close to turning the corner. If we can get hot at the right time we can do this. I love the collection of players Miles has assembled.
  2. And a lockdown defender.
  3. We go from being a very inexperienced team to a very experienced team next year. Next year is when things should click. Barring injuries, of course. Hopefully Palmer can fill Tai's shoes to a degree.
  4. You could argue Iowa is tired as well. Struggling with Rutgers as we speak. A double OT game will do that to you.
  5. You guys pretty much summed up my thoughts. Glynn was off, Northwestern was unconscious shooting the 3. We didn't play bad. Just have to give Northwestern credit and get ready for the next one.
  6. Iowa's freshmen looked better than I expected. Those kids can ball. Their game against Omaha must have been their Gardner Webb. AWESOME WIN!!!!! We had plenty of chances to fold with the missed free throws, the crappy call where they gave Iowa the basket they tipped in after they fouled Tai, etc. The kids were up to task every time. So proud of our guys.
  7. Funny how the 1-3-1 topic came up and we end up running it the last 10 minutes to beat the Terps. Coincidence?
  8. I think shooting for a .500 record and an NIT bid is very reasonable for such a young team. Anything more is gravy. For me, this season will be fun to watch the freshmen and sophomore classes continue to develop. Once this group is seasoned, I think some really good things will happen for us.
  9. I think we can realistically finish 9th. Cracking the top 8 will be tough, but you never know.
  10. Well said Norm. From the limited articles on him, he sounds like a team first player that isn't afraid to do the little things that help a team win. Not a bad type of guy as your 4th guard.
  11. No kidding Norm! Miles never ceases to amaze me
  12. He does seem to fit the athletic profile Miles looks for in that he is listed at 6'4" (or more) which is pretty long for a PG. the shooting percentages look a little scary, though. At this stage of the game beggars can't be choosers, and we sorely needed another guard for this upcoming season. Hopefully he can provide some depth behind Watson. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this find given the timing of the AW III transfer.
  13. Hopefully Zay will be Dixon's first All American in any division one sport. Heck, I'd take all conference honors. No pressure! I am very excited to see him play in all seriousness. He may have to be a point forward with our precarious depth in our backcourt. Billy Owens 2.0
  14. So factoring in the "almost", probably 205
  15. How much did Roby weigh when he arrived? 200ish?