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  1. Huskers/Cubs

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    With Xavier Johnson having signed a LOI, why would NU give him his release?
  2. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    I a diehard Husker basketball fan since the late 70's. I'm just very frustrated with the last of respect for the NU basketball program. We should at least have a first round home game in the NIT.
  3. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    If I was NU I would consider boycotting the NIT. I understand NU was a bubble team, but to get a 5th seed and no home game is an absolute slap in the face. NU basketball is the Rodney Dangerfield of college hoops: NO RESPECT!
  4. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    This post is wanting more for this program! The goal is NCAA tourney period! Going to the NIT or staying home is about the same now days.
  5. Huskers/Cubs

    Big Games under Miles

    I agree, the pressure was on the Huskers today. I think it really helped Michigan playing yesterday, most teams have struggled shooting there first game in MSG. I was amazed that Wagner was able to dunk and flex and no tech was issued?
  6. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    There is no Knee jerk reaction here, just history repeating the same old story! Miles teams have earned a 4th seed twice, and have lost both times. I have followed this team for 40 plus years and I am a season ticket holder.,Just want to see this team be a consistent NCAA team.
  7. I would love to be playing in Dayton. I'm just tired of knowing we are going to lose a game. I have seen this repeated for 40 plus years with very few exceptions.
  8. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    I think Bill Moos should wait until the roster is set before he renews Miles contract. If all underclassmen come back this team will contend, and be in the NCAA tourney next year and Miles should have his contract extended.If guys leave we could be back the the 11-15 win season.
  9. Huskers/Cubs

    NCAA or bust.

    Each year the NIT is becoming more meaningless. The NCAA's moved from 32 to 64 teams in the 80's when there was around 200 division 1 teams, now there are 351 teams, they added just 4 teams a few years ago, there should be 96 teams. NIT is a joke now. I say turn a bid down! No one cares about the NIT.
  10. Huskers/Cubs

    Rock Chalk Tock

    Huskers are 11 1/2 point underdog to Kansas. The early line is a little higher than I though. I figured 7 to 9 point dog. Vegas is really giving us much of a chance.
  11. Huskers/Cubs

    Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    Miles just stood there after Watson fouls out not touching the Creighton player, that call basically ended the game! Show some emotion Tim, that was one of the worst calls I have seen in awhile. 0-6 against Creighton is not acceptable.
  12. Huskers/Cubs

    Big Tv schedule released

    I noticed the Big Tv schedule has been released. This is the first year Big basketball is on Fox & FS1 along with CBS, ESPN networks & BTN. Looking at the Huskers conference schedule we have no Fox or CBS games(not a surprise) but we have only 1 conference game on FS1 and 0 conference games on ESPN networks, there must not be a must carry each conference team a minimum times on FS1 or ESPN? It sure seemed like the old tv deal the Huskers had at least 4 or 5 conference games on the ESPN networks.Just looking at Purdue's conference schedule they only have 8 conference games on BTN, the Huskers have 17 conference games on BTN.
  13. Huskers/Cubs

    Program Expectations

    What are realistic expectations for the Husker Hoops program? My expectations for this program should be a lot higher than the current administration is accepting. With the new practice facility and new arena this program should never have a losing season period.(NIT or NCAA every year) With NU now getting a full share of the Big Ten revenue, we need to spend more money on recruiting and coaching in basketball, if this administration truly wants to win in basketball, NU should have one of the biggest budgets in basketball in the conference. No open scholarships. It seems like NU is always has unused scholarships, we need all the players we can get, depth is key due to injuries. Go Big Red!
  14. Can anyone really think this program (win/loss) is in any better shape now than under the last year of Barry Collier? Miles has the benefit of a new practice facility and new arena and the results are the same. (Should make the NCAA tourney or Nit every year) This program cannot afford to lose players early, when they do not go to the NBA, he has lost Terran,Walt and White. This is the worst shooting team in NU history. Not being able to get any of the top Nebraska kids (No excuses) two at Creighton and one at Omaha.