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  1. The joke was the idiot fans who don't really know what they are talking about and are always complaining not about his effort. The movie came out in 1980 (I Googled it) and I know he retired in 1989. So the joke was made concerning his defensive effort in the 70's. Certainly not the latter part of his career. He averaged over 2.5 blocks a game and is the third all-time leader in blocked shots even factoring in the league didn't start taking stats for this until his fifth year in the league. His stoic nature lead some to believe he wasn't always trying his hardest. Facial expressions shouldn't really be factored in on whether one is a good defensive player of not.
  2. Defensive is way more physical now? You never watched any basketball in the 80's did you. It is so exactly the opposite. Flagrant fouls today wouldn't garner a second look or even be considered hard fouls in the 80's. And on ball is the biggest difference. You were allowed to put a hand on the offensive players' hip and just hold him there. Let's allow Gary Payton or Michael Ray Richardson put their hands on the slight Curry and see how it greatly affects his game. The rules have been changed to allow for more offense. This is not an opinion, the league has openly stated over the years that has been their intention. I can disagree with someone's opinion and that doesn't mean I'm right but this isn't an opinion. You are just factually wrong about when defenses were allowed to be much more physical.
  3. So you're saying you wish he would have played with Jordy more so he didn't have to guard the 5? Offensively there was nothing different from what he did to what a traditional power forward would do.
  4. Curious to see how you felt Morrow should have been used differently. His skill set seemed to greatly limit where and how he could be used.
  5. I don't know any of the circumstance and maybe he had a real reason, but I'm a Nebraska fan so my take he refused to stick around and work for a spot. He would definitely have been a help next year but all signs pointed to less time on the floor for him.
  6. Not too many charges are earned by standing in a spot. You have to move your feet to beat them to the spot. You take out the charge and offensive players just lower their shoulder and run people over on the way to the hoop. You can't play any defense when you allow the offense free rein to run through people.
  7. Shouldn't an up arrow from Kent Pavelka count double or even triple? 😊 I'm honored sir.
  8. I'm sure Miles would say he has made some mistakes, but what I've learned about life is you do everything right and sometimes things still don't go your way. Doing things the right way is no garantee of success but not doing things the right way almost always garentees failure.
  9. and in the backcourt Aubrey Sherrod
  10. I realize even before I write this that you will not agree with my point, and likely most on the board as well. If you want to keep things light, don't read this and carry on with your day. You have been warned. No one enjoys sports more than I and there are some truly great things that happen in sports but we are talking about human interest stories at best. There is no one who encapsulates this sense of over-importance of sport in American society then Skip Bayles. We are talking about people that are really good at playing kid's games. I sometimes fall in this camp but as a society we ignore the real ills we face in this world and focus on people playing games. I also admit that I turn to sports (and this board) at time to distract me and let me forget for awhile the more serious things that are happening out there. All of that are truly useful things at times. We all need somewhere to escape. But your use of the term "journalist" rings of this self-importance. There are some really good sports writers, but that's what they are, writers about people playing games. Your use of the word in conjunction with an organization that carries the name of a university fight song devalues journalism and the importance in a democratic society of good journalism. This in an age where their reputation has been unfairly impugned by both sides of the spectrum for their own personal gain and lumped in with people that lie for a living for profit and power. I've never read anything you have written - yet. You might be a wonderful sports writer but that doesn't make you a journalist. I apologize to those who will feel this entry harms the tone of the board (I told you not to read this) and to those who will find it's tone hypocritical. As I stated earlier, I love sports but I think we alll (myself as well) need to realize that our opinions on sports and in reality the sports themselves, in the big picture, is not that important after all. (Yes, even yours nustudent)
  11. God I hope so. It would be hard to be a Husker fan with him on the bench.
  12. You got to find a way to get Shields into your starting lineup. Pitchford is probably the best bet.
  13. What I was questioning was your choice of words at this time.
  14. I never questioned his character. I don't know anything about his character or what is going on behind the curtain. I'm just a fan. What I questioned was the timing of the phrase, "team first" used on someone who just announced he's leaving his team.
  15. I don't know anything about them or their situation. Sometimes the best thing for everyone is to move on. And sometimes you can't worry about what's best for everyone and just need to do what's best for you. That's the truth in sports and life. I don't have any special insight into why these transfers took place at Nebraska. It just seemed odd to me to call someone who just left his team as a team first player.
  16. Except for the fact that he just left his team?
  17. I would say I hate to knitpick but that's kind of my thing. If Jordy wears the tread on his heals smooth doing pivots, he's probably going to tear something in his knees. The pivot needs to be on the balls of his feet with his heel not touching the ground. I actually had someone step on my foot as I was pivoting once and I tore my MCL.
  18. Money
  19. And nothing was worse than the brand new, fresh out of the box, super slick balls the state made us use when you played districts, regionals and state tournament with. I remember every year hearing the state tournament play-by-play guy saying after every ball that went through someone's hands, or a mis-dribble, or just an ugly shot, "Just a case of the nerves." And I would yell at the TV (I was more high-strung back then), "It's not nerves! It's the freaking slick ball they just took out of the box.
  20. Trust me - you wouldn't
  21. Sarcasm? The landing is not what makes a Euro step.
  22. His shell rotation doesn't cause any turnovers as it only comes in to play on baseline drives. Everyone else has the bottom helpside come over to stop the baseline drive and then the weakside top drops down to help the helper. He leaves his helpside bottom on the bottom and has the weakside top rotate down diagonally to help stop the drive. He says that is one less man to screw up a rotation. As well, the normal bottom man is usually a post. That means you have a big man trying to stop a drive and usually a gaurd dropping down to replace him which leads to weakside offensive rebounds. This way you only have one rotating and now you have a guard who should be better at stopping drives coming and your big man stays in weakside rebounding position. If there is a ballside post (he guards the posts with a front) their defender stays and does not leave their post. The diagonally dropping gaurd comes down and traps the driver along with the original defender who gave up the drive in the first place. The defensive post only steps out at the last moment if the weakside rotation is late. If that happens the man dropping down and over would then dive in front of the offensive post to replace the helping defensive post. This is the opposite of what NC does as they want the fronting defensive post to be the first man to step out, stop the drive and then trap the ball. The bottom helpside man rotating over would then pick up ballside post. In his M-4-M he wants to create a box for his players to guard and to try to continually shrink that box. This can lead to turnovers. The box is determined by the helpline and the depth of the ball off the baseline. You force the point out of the middle and don't deny any pass as long as it goes the same direction. So you don't deny the wing pass and if the wing wants to pass to the corner you allow that as well. The deeper the ball, the smaller the box you are guarding. Every player should be no more than one big step away from the box. Once the offense has shrunk their box, you keep it there. That means you deny hard the pass from the wing back to the point and the pass from the corner back to the wing. Both of those passes are back in the opposite direction and are making your box bigger, meaning you have more area to cover and guard. Its a a lot easier to draw these up than to try to explain them with words .
  23. My question is still half or full court. There is nothing really unique about the full court trapping they do, but the way he runs his 1/2 court man is quite different from most. His basic shell rotation doesn't require the posts to move most times which should dispel those worries about Jordy because post rotations are easier than in a "normal" m-4-m.
  24. Are you referring to his only one man help rotation out of shell and his "box" concept in the half court or just that they press a lot?