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  1. I can't tell if you are being facetious or not, but there are other and better ways to train someone to keep the ball chinned. I'm sure it has been mentioned to him before. You can only get so far with negative conditioning and even if you want to go that route, you can get the same effect with one sprint as opposed to the getting to the puking stage.
  2. Copeland is our best back to the basket post player. He HAS to be successful inside for this team to be successful. His success started at the basket and then he moved out on the floor, first hitting mid-range jump shots and then threes. Confidence make everyone a better shooter.
  3. Is it time to start Roby?

    Thanks. I completely messed up my jump shot my sophomore year trying to imitate Smooth as Silk Jamaal Wilkes.
  4. Is it time to start Roby?

    If you want him to stop shooting , sit him. He can’t shoot front the bench and if he wants to play he will do what you ask him to. I always had 4’s that I wanted shooting the three out of the secondary break so that was never a problem for me.
  5. No, it is not obvious to me at all. I don't see any difference between the offence we ran when he was here and what we do now. There was that one year the ball went in more than usual for Nebraska but we were running the fundamentally same offense.
  6. That's a bad pass. And I (from Hubie Brown) always stressed keep your shoulders squared to the ball at all times to make yourself as large a target as possible. It also sets up seals on reversal passes but I know a lot of coaches don't stress that.
  7. Is it time to start Roby?

    He is not going to take any. If you noticed he took a 15 footer and immediately Duby was on the way to the scorer's table. Both he and Duby sealed early and never got the ball. Our perimeter players look at them until they are covered and then pass the ball somewhere else.That becomes frustrating and you begin to work less hard at sealing as the game goes on. I watched the one open practice this year and some in previous years and they do work on post moves and when they get the ball in a proper position they (try) execute them. The staff really likes the drop step middle with the jump hook/flip over the rim and you can see that a lot in the two of them. OK not a lot because they don't get the ball a lot. They also like the Sikma move where you face the basket on a reverse pivot and then do a rip move to get all the way to the other side of the basket. I saw Jordy do this in a previous game but he missed the layup. The coaching staff might be good or bad but they are not inept. I've seen Roby work on post moves but he is not willing to try to use them in a game. Up until now, our best post player has been Copeland. He has been very successful in a limited sample size with a middle drop step turnaround jump shot. I would, at this time prefer he get off the three point line and get in the lane where he can actually make some baskets. I think he could be very effective there. So if we were running a high low, I would have him low and Roby high. It was only one game and everybody overreacts to everything in society today but boy was that one painful game to watch.
  8. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    My take is St.Johns will not do well in the Big East. Middle of the pack if they are lucky.
  9. Scouting St John's

    Villanova did beat Georgetown that night but Georgetown wins that matchup 9 out of 10 times with those two rosters. Vilanova shot almost 80% from the floor. They only missed 6 shots for the entire game and still only won by a basket. They don't shoot that well ever again.
  10. Scouting St John's

    You must be young, or at least younger. Chris Mullin, Bill Wennington, Walter Berry, Marc Jackson off the bench - final four team.
  11. There has to be at least 27 of us here watching the game and I know my son is in his dorm room as well so that's 28.
  12. The North Texas website said they have the "superior backcourt."
  13. Duby's offensive foul is allen's fault. You have to wait for them to set before you use the screen.
  14. Miles did not say Gill would be available. He said Roby and Watson would heal naturally but Gill would need managed. His injury is going to be something that has to be dealt with all year.
  15. I’m not panicking. If we hit free throws at a normal rate or the rate I think we will, we win by double figures. If Palmer shoots the way he has the first three games that didn’t count, we win by double figures. If both happen, we run away with it. Jordy never looks good against a small line up. He will play better against power 5 teams with real posts. Duby moved like a 60 year old in warmups. Something was wrong with his back. He played a very little and had a dunk blocked by a smaller player and we never saw him again. I think there had to be an injury. All in all it’s a win with Watson taking the game over at the end. That was good to see and bodes well for down the road.
  16. I think if they break the vertical plane that does qualify as a foul, it is just not technically called over the back. Now this is a question: A long time ago when I was still coaching they decided carry the ball would now be double dribble and would be called as such. That lasted one year and they went back to carrying the ball. I have not been to a rules meeting in well over a decade. Have they moved back to no carrying and everything is a double dribble again?
  17. Agreed and even more so in the NBA but to some extent college, bringing a scorer of the bench will have him scoring on the other team's second unit as well.
  18. Allen won't start. Miles said Jack deserved the start but if they went with him they wouldn't have a direct positional sub to put on the floor for every spot. By starting Allen that left a one for one substitution option on the bench both offensively and defensively. You have a similar problem if you start Allen and Watson together, especially on the defensive end. Allen is a better shooter but when you look at turnovers (excluding last night's exhibition) and all the other things that go into being a 'good" offensive player, Evan will get the nod.
  19. This type of jump in reasoning is typical of today's political discourse. That means your comment lacks reasoning and makes an illogical assumption creating a strawman that is easy to attack. What I said was based on my watching the open practice where they did post work and then open scrimmage, Duby showed better post moves, put himself in better post position and finished better. This small sample size means that is not conclusive evidence of anything but that is my first initial opinion based on what I have seen. I'm reasonable enough to realize that just because something happens once, that doesn't mean it is true in all cases. I will also use that logic when dealing with your future posts. I won't hold your truncated logic in this situation against you going forward and will judge each post on their own merit. No, he should not start. Though it may be close, based on my observations and his past history at Winthrop he has a higher foul rate than Jordy. Starting him might actually decrease the amount of minutes he would be able to play in a game. If he was a hands down, no questions asked better offensive and defensive player than Jordy then he should start. His history shows that he is a better shot blocker than Jordy but when you factor in the fouls, not a major upgrade there. I have already stated I think Duby is farther ahead in his post game (albeit on a very small sample size) but I'm unsure about his rebounding and I have noticed that right now over half of his ball screens are offensive fouls. As a coach, even if I rated Duby out as slightly ahead of Jordy in all facets of the game I would still start Jordy. The two are close and there is no obvious upgrade, Jordy hopefully has a bigger potential upside, and he is going to be here for two more years. That gives Jordy the push. Now you might find my response "douchy," but I have answered your question directly and given logical, basketball related reasons for my opinion. I have been on the board for many years and you will see that my post count is relatively low. That is because I usually avoid chit-chat and prefer to talk about specific basketball issues. My preference is on fundamentals and strategy. I have read NUStudents posts for over a decade now and though many times I don't agree with them and find many of them negative, when pushed, he can give logical arguments for his opinions. (I guess I do have to admit that I posted an entire imaginary discussion one summer on the old board based on if people talked to each other in the real world like they do on discussion boards. If I remember correctly I gave NUStudent an ugly girlfriend in that one so I suppose I should lay off at this point.) This little foray demonstrates why I prefer to avoid this type of thing.
  20. Again very small sample size (meaning I can totally change my mind later and you can't hold it against me), but I believe Duby has a better post game than Jordy right now. The jump hook Jordy is using is like the one Danny Nee taught where you make a V with your arms and do not rotate the shoulders. Greg McDermott favors the one you are referring to. He actually teaches that you clear out with your inside arm as you are rotating on the shot. He acknowledges that should be a foul but says he has never seen it called. This is the one I taught for years because it is easier and I never saw a foul called on it either. The V jump hook is completely foreign to the regular jump shot and you are starting from scratch. The rotating the shoulders version is the same motion as your regular shot and players naturally pick it up quicker. The V does provide more separation from the defense but the clear out takes care of that in McDermott's variation. (I'm sure he didn't invent it). Now to Jordy being pushed out. Almost every coach attempts to teach post moves. I personally don't believe enough time and effort is given to this by most coaches. But very few coaches teach the art of gaining and holding prime post position past the duck in. I was fortunate enough to hear Hubbie Brown speak a couple of times and he had that broken down into an art form. He had an entire progression based upon the defenses' reaction to what you were doing to gain post position.
  21. You might be on the wrong message board. NUStudent may not be Mr. Sunshine but he has shown he is one of the most articulate members of this board. I'm pretty sure he doesn't need any help from you.
  22. What line are we referring to?
  23. I liked the post much better before the edit. I gave that version a like but had to remove it when you changed the post to this.