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    Morrow leaving

    Whose minutes would they have taken? Ed was better than MJ so I see Jacobson sitting nest to Jack by the end of the season. Ed takes Jordy's minutes, Jordy transfers and Ed is still not happy with playing time so he probably transfers after this season if Copeland comes back. Maybe the more likely scenario would have been MJ is still sitting on the end of the bench so either way Michael transfers at the end of this last season but Ed also takes minutes from Roby, thus delaying his development and Ed is still not happy because he is still playing the 5. Ed's ceiling is nowhere near Roby's so that hurts us in the long run. Hindsight is 20/20 but I think the two of them leaving was what was best for them and the NU program.
  2. Dean Smith

    Amir Harris is N

    I got no idea who is better because all I've watched is the short highlight clips, but it doesn't seem clear as to who the "experts" think is better either. 247 has Johnson slightly higher at the position ranked #20 vs. #28 in the nation among combo guards, Rivals lists them both as point guards and they have Harris higher at #32 nationally compared to Johnson's #42. I think right now it's a "wait and see" to determine which one is the better player. If you've seen more of them on tape or in person, I would defer to you.
  3. Dean Smith

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    You're the one that said "current state." Don't get caught up in the negativity. It really does take years off your life.
  4. Dean Smith

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Just in case you forgot, the CURRENT state of our program is a 22 win season and a fourth-place finish in the Big Ten Conference.
  5. Dean Smith

    OT: Biographies

    Dick DeVenio played at Duke and then was an early advocate for compensating college athletes is some way. He wrote a biography of his basketball coaching father, Chuck DeVenzio entitled "There is Only One Way to Win.". There are a lot of good life lessons in that book. And by a lot, I mean a real lot. Today Coach DeVenzio probably couldn't get away with a fifth of what he did at that time. Dick also wrote a book entitled, Stuff Good Players Should Know. Just a wealth of knowledge about the game and little things you can do to make yourself a better player. I would recommend that book to anyone who wants to get better or learn something about the game.
  6. Dean Smith

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    But not all or even most of those 97 loses happened on end of game situations. Different conversation.
  7. Dean Smith

    Let me get this straight...

    I understand where you are coming from and I am not disagreeing or disparaging your opinion. But....for me, I am not OK with Moos putting all of his attention on football. I choose basketball over football all day long and from my point of view he didn't just not give it the attention it deserved, he went out of his way and hurt the program going forward whoever ends up coaching the team two years from now.
  8. Dean Smith

    Let me get this straight...

    Then I’m slow because I don’t know what that is supposed to tell me. How many of those fans actually know that a one year extension is not necessarily a good thing. I heard on the Carriker Chronicles Adam say he supported the one year extension because it was an extension and he saw that as support for Miles. Some people voted yes on the extension as a sign of suppprort, some were supporting Miles and some were supporting Moos and some likes that they thought it showed little support for Miles and some thought that one year was what he deserved after the six he put in so far and all of my musings here are simply conjecture. There’s not enough detail in the poll to really tell you anything at all.
  9. Dean Smith

    Let me get this straight...

    I know everyone on this board wants to talk about the big picture, but not everyone is that involved in Nebraska Basketball. To the casual observer, the team just won 22 games and certainly, they would have no sense of a flop having taken place.
  10. I think you make a good point but Kenya choosing to move from Georgetown to Nebraska means at least he doesn't always make job decisions base on visibility and upside.
  11. Dean Smith

    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    When they announced the one-year extension, my son sent me a text that said, "It's like the university doesn't want to be good at basketball." You are correct. It doesn't matter how much confidence Moos has in Miles behind the scenes. This has been handled terribly out in public.
  12. Dean Smith

    My perception

    Perceptions are subjective and I understand, big picture, big picture, big picture. My perception of what is going on right now is that there is more negativity, definitely on this board, surrounding the basketball program right now coming off a 22 win season then Doc’s last year. Perception is one thing, perspective is another.
  13. Dean Smith

    My perception

    I start a thread bemoaning the negativity, immediately followed by numerous negative posts on said thread. Might as well take the thread down.
  14. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    I think you mistook my admitting to I really have no idea if he can coach a lick for sarcasm. And you mistook the “sour grapes” as well. It was my first reaction reading your first post but after reading your reply I was saying you seemed to be implying that you know things that I do not. When I coached I was able to attend quite a few “closed” practices ranging from Nee to McDermott to Altman to Doc, etc. But I do know if I tried to show up to a practice now I wouldn’t be allowed in, therefore I also assume then you have more pull or connections than I do. I worked for a couple of guys that knew what they were doing and was a head coach for awhile as well. I know that different coaches have different styles and some delegate more than otheres but the head coach has the final say and even if it’s not their call, the final responsibility for everything including in-game adjustments. So maybe we are splitting hairs here but no matter who has what designated job title and responsibilities or whose idea it was, ultimately the responsibility and blame or credit falls to the one with the biggest pay check. So I wasn’t trying to call you out and I had no sentences that ended in a question mark because I wasn’t asking any questions. Your response is written in such a vague way, I can’t really tell which thing I said that you find so hilarious. I really don’t like baseball and follow it not at all so your Erstad reference also went over my head. I take it the Huskers are not doing so well this year. I can say that based on your over reaction, I’m glad I don’t work for you. I’m too old to have that kind of stress in my life.
  15. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    Again I'm curious to how many practices you've seen since Miles has never really had open practices. And I don't know who you are talking to either. I do know that in-game adjustments are the responsibility of the head coach an not an assistant. Admitting that without knowing these things I have no real idea how you came to this conclusion and my first instinct was to dismiss your opinion as sour grapes. So I'm sticking with I don't know.
  16. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    Not trying to be provocative, I seriously would like to know how you know he can't coach?
  17. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    Non-compete clauses are also a thing. You are perfectly within your rights to think LOI's should be eliminated and students would be able to move at any time, but right now this is the system we have and he did sign a legally binding document. What happens in a free market economy when contracts become only suggests and are not legally enforceable?
  18. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    Why would we be dragged through the mud? We would be the only one of the three parties, NU-Kenya-Xavier that would be holding up their part of a legally binding document. If I was making the call I wouldn't even think about releasing him. Now I'm not even a big enough jerk to pull this one but if he showed up and wouldn't perform you could redshirt him so he would lose a year of eligibility when he left. Now we would deserving of being dragged through the mud if we tried to pull that one.
  19. Dean Smith

    Kenya Hunter

    They just fired their coach so unless worst case scenario that probably means that the staff will be back for two years. After that, there is no job security in the coaching profession.
  20. Dean Smith

    Really OT

    Eclectic I know. John Lee Hooker Howlin' Wolf Bob Marley Stevie Wonder Sly and the Family Stone Parliament Funkadelic Guy or any of Teddy Riley's New Jack Swing Public Enemy Mighty Mighty Bosstones Citizen Cope Jack Johnson Dispatch/State Radio anything Chadwick Stokes Urmston
  21. Dean Smith

    Miles extension poll

    Why do you seem angry that some people think Miles is the long-term answer? It's one of those opinion things that can't actually be right or wrong at this point in time.
  22. Dean Smith

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I can see that but Jordy was starting at the end of last year so I feel he would have been starting at the beginning of this year as what did play out. I also think that our best line up would still have been Roby for Jordy in my scenario, meaning I don't think Jacobsen ever starts. I think he would have gotten early minutes like Jack but would have dropped off as we went to the shorter rotation. I can't see any situation where both Jacobsen and Morrow are getting good minutes at the end of the year. Maybe Jordy does leave and one of them take his minutes but nothing more. If that played out it means we just would have delayed their transfer by one year.
  23. Dean Smith

    What to do with Miles contract?

    IMO if MJ stays he is sitting next to Jack all season so my opinion is he left to not be a bench warmer. Morrow could have been helpful but he either starts on the bench behind Cope which would not set well with him or he keeps Roby out of the starting line up. Then there is the talk of being a locker room cancer. Call it sour grapes or hindsight, we were better off without both of them.
  24. So maybe we need to care more and hire coaches who have success in the tournament? They would have to want to come here and we could possibly offer a lot of money but if you are at a school that has had lots of success in the tournament why would you want to come to Nebraska?
  25. I'm not quite that old. McDaniel and Livingston graduated in 1985 and 1982.