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  1. The bottom three was one picture but the bottom left was Damian Lillard. I'm of the opinion when you talk about shooters, Reggie Miller carries more weight so I put him on top. The other three were separate pictures that I resized in Word and put them all together. I then had to screenshot the six of them together to turn it into one picture and compress the picture so it was small enough to upload.
  2. No he wouldn't. He seems to have been working to improve his shot by getting the shoulders back. You should land slightly in front of where you take off on your jump shot but you need to get the shoulders back. When that happens it creates a flatter angle at the shoulder giving you more arch and a more consistent shot. Here are some people who have shot with their shoulders back in the past and going forward.
  3. Right team but wrong guy. I think David Thompson was the man he was referring to.
  4. I didn't read the whole article so I'm talking in generalities but I feel the problem is the term "sex offender." Sexual crimes are very serious and should be taken as such. We do need different terminology. The problem is you can be labeled an offender from such a wide variety of actions ranging from rape, exposing yourself, peeing outside in a public place or an 18 year old dating a 16 year old in high school. It did sound from the victim's mother this was closer to the high end than the low end. But even then there can be mitigating circumstances to everyone's actions when you are deciding on punishments. A 15 year old boy abusing a 6 year old girl is a horrific thing but if you find out the boy, himself has been abused since he was 2 would have to be taken in account when deciding how you deal with him. For those of you trying to read subtext, no I have never been labeled a "sex offender." I also have a daughter and the culture of sex on college campuses scares me to death. So in generalalities, sex crimes are horrific but I would need more information before I pronounced summery judgement.
  5. I had one roommate from Wyoming and one from Iowa and that year they were always arguing who had the "best" name, Fennis Dembo or Lafester Rhodes. I also learned that year that Fennis was a twin. He and his sister were the 11th and 12th children, They let the oldest daughter name the twins and she didn't want any more siblings. She took her inspiration from the word finis as in French for finished. That's how you end up with a Fenise and a Fennis.
  6. SMU
  7. The joke was the idiot fans who don't really know what they are talking about and are always complaining not about his effort. The movie came out in 1980 (I Googled it) and I know he retired in 1989. So the joke was made concerning his defensive effort in the 70's. Certainly not the latter part of his career. He averaged over 2.5 blocks a game and is the third all-time leader in blocked shots even factoring in the league didn't start taking stats for this until his fifth year in the league. His stoic nature lead some to believe he wasn't always trying his hardest. Facial expressions shouldn't really be factored in on whether one is a good defensive player of not.
  8. Defensive is way more physical now? You never watched any basketball in the 80's did you. It is so exactly the opposite. Flagrant fouls today wouldn't garner a second look or even be considered hard fouls in the 80's. And on ball is the biggest difference. You were allowed to put a hand on the offensive players' hip and just hold him there. Let's allow Gary Payton or Michael Ray Richardson put their hands on the slight Curry and see how it greatly affects his game. The rules have been changed to allow for more offense. This is not an opinion, the league has openly stated over the years that has been their intention. I can disagree with someone's opinion and that doesn't mean I'm right but this isn't an opinion. You are just factually wrong about when defenses were allowed to be much more physical.
  9. So you're saying you wish he would have played with Jordy more so he didn't have to guard the 5? Offensively there was nothing different from what he did to what a traditional power forward would do.
  10. Curious to see how you felt Morrow should have been used differently. His skill set seemed to greatly limit where and how he could be used.
  11. I don't know any of the circumstance and maybe he had a real reason, but I'm a Nebraska fan so my take he refused to stick around and work for a spot. He would definitely have been a help next year but all signs pointed to less time on the floor for him.
  12. Not too many charges are earned by standing in a spot. You have to move your feet to beat them to the spot. You take out the charge and offensive players just lower their shoulder and run people over on the way to the hoop. You can't play any defense when you allow the offense free rein to run through people.
  13. Shouldn't an up arrow from Kent Pavelka count double or even triple? 😊 I'm honored sir.
  14. I'm sure Miles would say he has made some mistakes, but what I've learned about life is you do everything right and sometimes things still don't go your way. Doing things the right way is no garantee of success but not doing things the right way almost always garentees failure.