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  1. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Pete Carril's Princeton Offense has been one used by lesser teams but not always. The concepts are five players in constant motion played from the outside in focusing on cuts more than picks or posts. You need to leave the basket empty most times to be open for cuts but you can dive in to post. You need a good passing post player to pull it off. Depending on who is using it you can have pages and pages of rules regarding who cuts where and when. Players have to be basketball knowledgeable to make it work. JTIII had been using a variation part of the time with more post ups to meet his personal. The idea of hard ass defense and playing inside out kind of went away with the first JT. We will see if Patrick Ewing tries to bring it back.
  2. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    I was going to say I hate to be a nitpicker but I guess I don't hate it because here I am again. The way you were taught the 1-3-1 in middle school maybe is only one version. I'm sure there are people here that played high school ball and maybe had 2 or 3 different rotations they could put use on their 1-3-1. People talk about 1-3-1 or 2-3 or M-4-M as if they are one thing. The are all just someplace to start. There are almost an infinite variety of ways you can play any defense. John Thompson had a 1-3-1 where all four players rotated around a big man (he had some good ones) so every player could and at times was the point. Denny Crum (btw - there is a petition circulating to bring him back to Louisville) ran a 2-2-1 full court press 4 different ways. I actually remember 3 of them. I seem to be rambling here, but the point is things are not as simple and clear cut as most people seem to think they are in basketball.
  3. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    I took it the other way. I thought he meant he is more of an off guard than a 1. It seems more likely he would mentally turn around 1 and 2 than point guard and off guard, but either way it was a mental mix up on the coach's part.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    To some extent, but they are competitors. He also related that as Taylor scored more and more Gill started guarding harder and harder and then Roby came over to double and the two of them still couldn't stop him from getting to and finishing at the rim. You won't go as hard as you would consistently but if they are anything like the ball players I've been around, pride and competitiveness takes over. You don't want that guy scoring on you over and over.
  5. Next Years Starting 5

    I wasn’t there. These were the observations of the kid that got dunked on. He basically said he was not that impressed by Gill. But sample size people. One night in the Rec center is not conclusive evidence as to a player’s ability. He also said Jack didn’t shoot that well on that particular night but I bet he has a couple of big nights from the outside this year.
  6. By the way ...

    If you have the slightest knowledge of NU basketball (and this kid is a big fan - he knows who dunked on him), you can't miss Jordy. If you read my post up the page, he was one of 6 NU hoopster to play at the rec that night.
  7. By the way ...

    I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean but I talked to a kid Jordy dunked on Thursday night.
  8. By the way ...

    I know for a fact he played pick up ball at the rec on Thursday night.
  9. By the way ...

    I'm not sure this qualifies as inside information but I talked to a father whose son was at the rec center when six of the Huskers came in to play. They split themselves 3 and 3 and filled in with 4 non-players. So this is a one-time picture of their performances and may not be a reliable sample size to be extrapolated into long-term results. I will list them in reverse order of how they impressed on this day. Malcolm Laws - was outplayed by a couple of the non-players Antone Gill - Showed some good handles but appeared to be a shadow of his former athletic self. Jordy Tshimanga - In his defense he was described as "pretending to be a guard." He was guarding a 6'5ish non-player who repeatedly dropped threes on him as he stayed in the lane and then would be unmercifully trash talked by McVeigh. When he missed a jump hook Jack said something like "He has you clamped down too." At that point the non-player spoke for the first time and said, "Clamps." Which he then immediately regretted I'm sure. Jody took him to the block on the next possession, dropped stepped him, and when the 6'5 kid tried to go up with him got thrown across the gym as Jordy did a Shaq chin up on the rim with knees up and everything. It was described as way more athletic a move than anything they had ever seen him do before, very explosive. Jack McVeigh - Did a lot of good things handling, defending, passing, rebounding, and the best trash talker, but shot poorly from behind the line. Evan Taylor - He was guarded by Gill and many times doubled by Roby and they couldn't stop him. He repeatedly beat them off the dribble and finished at the rim. He even knocked down a couple of threes. Roby - Shot well but was most impressive as a freak of an athlete. Showed good handles and there were multiple occasions he looked like he was going in for the floater but somehow managed to float all the way to the rim and hammer it. They said he took off so far out they thought there was no way he could get to the rim from there only to see him flush it again. So there you have it. A picture into one day of pick-up ball by six Huskers. Take it for what it is.
  10. Xavier Johnson is N

    Actually the weight program at Nebraska will make you faster and more explosive.......
  11. But you did say, "I don't tend to get overly concerned with the distinction between shooter & scorer as long as the "team concept" allows for good blend of scoring & defensive proficiency in totality. I'm not one to be too caught up in analytics of a long two versus a three as some might be (for instance)." My point is you need to be concerned about the distinction. What you say you are concerned about (Offensive plus defensive proficiency) doesn't happen on it's own. If you aren't concerned about the details, then the big picture falls apart.
  12. But there is a huge difference between shooters and scorers. If scorers settle for jump shots then they probably aren't scoring as much as you would like. Too many long two's lead to a lower percentage shooting and fewer balls in the basket and no reward of an extra point when they do go in. The details do matter. It makes the difference between being consistently good or hit and miss. It's the difference between a poor season and a good season or the difference between a good season and great season.
  13. Petteway was a scorer but not a shooter. It's a thing. Lots of guys are scorers without being a consistent outside threat.
  14. Eichorst Out

    People are already counting Riley as fired. I get people wanting change and wanting things for football to be like the good ole days. First it's a different era. We aren't going back to the good ole days but that doesn't mean we can't be better and more consistent. Second, even understanding the "why's" people have, I can't show enthusiasm for anyone getting fired. I'm glad Miles is here but I felt bad for Doc just on a human level. Not here but I've seen "fuck ya!" Tweeted about today's firing. I'm not superior to anyone so that's why I find it hard to celebrate other's failures. I have to admit I'm sure my feelings on this has something to do with being in that same situation myself. I personally have no idea how well the job of AD was being performed. I have heard high school football coaches that have dealings with Riley involving recruiting and their statement was, "I hope Riley is here forever." Head coaches are responsible for their program. The buck stops at their desk and they get paid very well to deal with that responsibility. But there are things out of their control. The backbone of the team should be your 4th & 5th year seniors and the redshirt juniors. Those would be Bo's recruits. Look at the roster to see how many of those guys are even still On the team. Bo had strentghs but recruiting wasn't one of them.
  15. Offseason Potpourri

    I'm not saying he's not going to play but if you watched the video the only basketball related play they show him completing was setting a screen, and it was an illegal screen at that.