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  1. Hate Will Never Win

    Hate Never Wins is what is going on with the team and I think they would say an important part right now. And this latest event throws a light on how important their efforts are.
  2. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Really? You just don't see a lot of Calvinists any more. Does Unconditional Election also work for NCAA bids?
  3. Thor

    My son was at the game last night and he said that Thor was never on the bench. Was he correct and if so, anybody hear any reason why?
  4. Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    The butt assist made the list.
  5. I heard him talk about the "eyeball test" and he didn't see how we could be left out?
  6. Hate Will Never Win

    Not to quibble but Gary Lauck didn't fade away because he was ignored. Lauck was very active in the movement throughout Europe. It was on a visit to Denmark that he was grabbed and extradited to Germany. Germany has free speech but with its history hate speech is not protected. Lauck had been sending mailings to Germany which is against the law there. I believe he spent four years in prison there. When he came back I think he moved in with his mother in Fairbury. He tried to get a concealed handgun permit but the state denied him saying he lied on the application where it asked if he had been found guilty of a felony. Even though it's not illegal here, distributing hate speech is a felony in Germany. I'm sure people could argue that point as well. The threat of extradition back to Germany or tried for hate speech in other European countries has kept him at home and out of the international movement. The threat of the U.S. possibly extraditing him to Germany forces him to keep a low profile here. I think he still has some sort of online nazi bookstore but due to further legal issues, he is forced to keep his product out of most European countries. So technically it was international law enforcement and the threat of future punishment that has lead to his going deeper underground.
  7. Deep run in the dance?

    The only thing I can quibble with is we played pretty well against Purdue. We had like 9 dunks but did enough bad stuff to be a little out of range at the end. We match up to them as well as any B1G team except maybe Michigan State.
  8. I don't think it is close. This years team beats the 2014 team 8 out of 10 games. The only chance they have is if Petteway goes really off but this team is too balanced. And a lot more fun to watch.
  9. Time to eat a little crow

    I keep reading people say, “They don’t look at this or they don’t look at that,” “they only look at ... and .....” I don’t think anybody on this board has been in the room when seedings are made so you’re taking them at their word when say those things. I believe that means people should n’t talk with so much certitude about what criteria is actually used.
  10. Diaz took way too much grief. If freshman Brian Jorge Diaz is on our team this year, we are a Sweet 16 caliber team. He was everything we are missing. He was a very good passer as well. I could really see Copeland benefiting from playing with Diaz.
  11. The Seat is Hot

    Gill has to shoot better, meaning the way he was a couple weeks ago, for us to reach our potential. I don't think Allen is ready to start and one of our strengths is our length which we downplay with Allen and Watson together. I like Gill coming off the bench because we have enough scorers in the starting lineup. When he comes off the bench it gives us a scorer on the floor as some go to the bench. Regardless of who starts, we need those three to hit some threes.
  12. We're Good Enough

    I don't think I've started more than three threads since I've been on the board but even though it's usually scary, I started thinking tonight. We do feel snake bit as Nebraska basketball fans and rightfully so. Michigan is in a worse place then we are and you know what a lot of their fans are thinking right now. I guess we just have to go win the B1G tourney. They think that way because Michigan basketball has done that before. We are worried about the bubble and how close we are to the bubble and what everyone else in the country is doing and this matrix and that matrix. I don't think we are going to win out and get to 23 wins but we are good enough to do that. We probably aren't going to win the B1G tourney but we are good enough to do that too. I'm biased but I think we are much more likely to do it than Michigan. It's a tournament so we don't have to beat all of Michigan, Michigan St., Ohio State and Purdue. We will probably have to beat two of them. We trounced one of them and could of/should of beat two of the others. And as upsets happen, we might not even have to play two of them. As a matter of fact, I think we are more likely to win the tourney than to win out. I'm not going to get out in front of myself and not just as a Nebraska basketball fan, I am just naturally pessimistic. So we probably aren't going to win out and we probably aren't going to win the B1G tourney. But we are good enough to do both.
  13. Iowa (11-11) vs. Nebraska (15-8) Game Thread

    We seem to have journeyed far from Nebraska basketball but that's a spurious correlation. My example would relate better to the hypochondriac who read a couple of medical websites and feel they are ready to diagnose major diseases. Your example could be improved if we change the writing of legislative bills since that is not political but legal expertise, to the knowledge of political philosophy. You don't need to know how to build the gym to teach basketball. And yes, I am also annoyed by people who want to "express" their political leanings but their knowledge of political ideology is so truncated that you end up having to explain the underpinnings of either Edmund Burke or Jean Jacques Rousseau's rationalities (depending on what side of the spectrum they believe they are on), and try to explain to them in the classical sense the "whys" of what they say they believe. Just like on this board in those cases I overwhelmingly just roll my eyes, say nothing and let them spout off. Bottom line is that I am too easily annoyed. That is no one's fault but my own.
  14. Iowa (11-11) vs. Nebraska (15-8) Game Thread

    Past history has shown that posters (many times the same poster under different names) that have created an account and their first posts are calling out players or coaches have turned out to be trolls or not who they say they are. If you’re a real person and not a troll I jumped the gun. But if your first post is calling out a coaching decision that happened two weeks ago that has been rehashed and discussed over and over again... I usually ignore that type of thing as a “whatever” that’s their opinion. I probably responded that way because I rescently allowed myself to be sucked into a trolls post about hoodies on warmups of all things. So that’s my problem not a reflection on you at all. My posts are usually on the technical or tactical side of the game or as a sunshine pumper calling out people who I think jump the gun or go too far in negativity. I have to admit to an impatience with people that would have no idea on how to teach a jump stop calling out professional coaches on such complicated strategic decisions like playing time. Time will tell whether your a troll or a real poster. I welcome new real posters. I will just slip away now and wait to how things turn out while I root for Nebraska basketball.