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  1. Dean Smith

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    People are talking about coaches taking advantage of the rule by playing them in certain big games through out the season to get an advantage and still have them for four more years. I don’t see that happening a lot. If they are difference makers as freshmen they will be played full time. If they are that good and you only play them four games their freshman year they aren’t going to be spending 5 years in college anyway.
  2. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    You keep making capitalism comparisons on the board but I don’t think most people, and that includes most people in sports (except the owners) don’t look at sports that way. You could be right but I just don’t think most sports are looked at the same.
  3. Dean Smith


    I was told by Kerry Trotter that if Tom Brosnihan had been given the head Creighton job instead of Willis Reed, he, Vic lazzaretti (Marquette) Ron Kellogg (Kansas) and Dave Hoppen (duh) had agreed to go together to play for him and Cedric Hunter (Kansas) promised to follow the next year. That would have changed the landscape a little if true.
  4. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    I remember at least one “zone” technical called every game that I watched. The Pistons were infamous for its use. One reason given for legalizing the zone was that everybody was doing it all ready. The most common way to create 1 on 1’s and avoid the double/zone in that era was to iso you player in the post. So Jordan did benefit but they guys that really benefited were the Barkley’s and Aguirre’s of The world. Zone and man man aren’t really that different. A good man team will have the help side defenders that meet the original rules of being a zone in the NBA.
  5. Dean Smith


    And we have a couple of our own if not to the degree of venom you find in other forums.
  6. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    As someone who watched a lot basketball during that time, zone was illegal but used often. And there was no freedom of movement rules without E.J. defender being able to hand check the ball handler and when you did get to the basket, many times you found a clothes line waiting for you so personally I.think 1 v 1 is easier today but that’s just my opinion. Jabbar was amazing. Freshmen were ineligible at that time but his UCLA freshmen team beat the varsity in a preseason open scrimmage and then the varsity went on to win the national championship. Didn’t have the titles but has to be in the discussion of all time college player is one Ralph Sampson.
  7. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    It’s fun to discuss different players and different eras, but I don’t understand how some people get so worked up and offended when someone else disagrees. We are talking about opinions and there is no right answers. I would start any team with Magic and I think the late 80’s early 90’s teams would dominate today’s teams because of depth (especially in the post) and how expansion has watered the league down. Cleveland and Golden State are starting people that I don’t don’t think would be good enough to make the roster of the championship teams from that earlier era but that’s my opinion. I also don’t understand all the hate for Lebron. I know who is on his team affects the style of play but right now but I think his style is ugly. IMO I think he has too many careless turnovers, always seems to mishandle the ball when he is setting up a 1v1 move. Defensively he is a very good on ball defender but off ball he loses focus and loses his man for cuts and too many offensive rebounds. For these reason he wouldn’t be my goat but I can acknowledge he is a special, special player and off the court he has been a pillar of virtue and been admirably socially active.
  8. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    Sorry I’m so confusing. I agree he can be important. If he shoots the three at a good percentage you can justify playing him, if not he becomes a liability and needs to sit because he doesn’t really offer anything else.
  9. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    I said through through the Boston series. And I really only watched the last three games of that series. I am not not googling stats but I know his shooting percentage was not good last night and I don’t believe it was very good against Boston. His defense is just not good. He’s often not in the proper position to help and he doesn’t really adjust his play based on the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent. So based on the small sample size that I’ve watched these playoffs, if he is not shooting a very good clip from behind the line, I don’t think you really get anything out of him.
  10. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    I agree with Green but Korver has been atrocious all the way through the Boston series.
  11. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    I don’t think it has anything to do with selfishness. Labron is not a catch and shoot guy, his strength is coming off a pick and roll. It’s a style thing. Different players have different strengths and CP3, Harding and James all need the ball in their hands to be at their most effective. I think two of them could make it work but three players would be rough. It’s not like any of the three would be willing to move to the second unit where they would be dominant. I think they would be alright but just not the best fit together.
  12. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    I think that causes the same problems that OKC went through this year. You would have three people that need the ball in their hands to be effect. I don’t think basketball wise it’s a good fit. I really think his best fit is Boston. Don’t know if that would ever happen. Also staying in the East gives you a much easier road to the finals.
  13. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    If winning a title is all that is considered his best bet is goimg to Boston. Kyrie would be furious but he’d also get a ring.
  14. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    If they used the college definition then every pick and roll last night was a moving screen. But on ball defenders used to be able to put their hand on the offensive players hip and hold them there.
  15. Dean Smith

    NBA Playoffs

    If officials are consistent then OK. They were not last night. The NBA is a lot less physical then the 80’s and 90’s. The Jordan rules were actually pretty complicated but basically they just determined which Piston would foul the hell out of him on this possession.