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  1. Now What?

    I plan on a national championship every year, in every sport. No exceptions. and.....now I’m a drunk.
  2. Now What?

    I think that’s part of tempering your expectations. There’s been a ton of positive things this season, and there will be more this year. Losses happen in basketball. Seems like most nights anyone can win this year.
  3. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    “Senior night” It’s a bad loss, still better than many teams worst loss.
  4. Now What?

    Also, looks like you just showed up when it started going good. If you are a true Nebraska basketball fan, you’d be wis to temper your expectations.
  5. Now What?

    I said we aren’t a bubble team today, but I literally meant as of today, because of how everyone on the outside sees us. This isn’t an NIT team because we lost to Illinois on the road. Many teams struggle here and there. You are over exaggerating. a month or two ago you’d be happy where they are now, now 9 losses to 20 wins is a disappointment? Give me a break. It sucks losing, this will take us off the map for a bit, but it’s not over. Also, an NIT birth, with the preseason expectations, is not a disappointment. If you’ve watched Nebrasketball long at all, you take what positives you get.
  6. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    They have a chance, it’s the bottom of the 8th, up to bat, down by 2 runs still. They have the talent, they get to play at home. Let’s see what happens.
  7. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    This team clearly is good enough for the tournament, but the way the rankings and how it’ll be construed, this will no longer be a bubble team(for now). Nebraska has been behind the 8 ball nationally with perception, and the “Big 10 is down” talk is on every article with the the big 10 involved has been infuriating.
  8. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Maybe need to be prepped for a home NIT game, then anything else is frosting.
  9. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    No. We have head to head in the conference standings.
  10. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    I’m not saying they can’t, but will most likely need to win out and make the finals. So not looking good. So disappointed, but I was worried about this one.
  11. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Well with this performance, dont deserve the bubble
  12. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Need to take advantage on offense also.
  13. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    We’re still unsure if actually didn’t, it would be unprecedented today. So they just gave the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    This quadrant stuff is idiotic. That’s all I have to say to the committee. You already factor in a flawed, but useful, RPI. Now, they factor the RPI in another way.
  15. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    So if we don’t make it in the tournament, I’m blaming how the BIG schedules in tiers to try to make the traditional top teams play each other twice, while the others are scheduled to inflate their record. It can go both ways, since we’d most likely lose more, but they did us no favors like they attempted to by making Nebraska play most of them on the road. Just realized I posted this in the wrong thread.