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  1. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I believe before the season, it was thought he would be a main rotation guy, some developments led that to just not come to fruition.
  2. What to do with Miles contract?

    Like Pettaway in 14, Webster, Shields, & Watson? Our only “best” player we lost due to reasons like you say is White.
  3. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    In my defense, I like my acronyms to actually start with the letters of each word. but my hashtag game is weak
  4. What to do with Miles contract?

    It does not mean Miles made mistakes on the recruiting front, it just means that a horrible program like Nebraska has to start somewhere. Just because you upgrade, doesn’t mean the player before is horrible.
  5. What to do with Miles contract?

    You can say the iron is hot, but Nebraska has the ability to keep up with the Jones’s on the facilities end. The iron will not be hot when you start over from square one with players. IF this core sticks together this offseason, you cannot do a move like that. I’d say it’d be a hard move to do either way. If Nebraska were to make a change, they should have after last season.
  6. What to do with Miles contract?

    Cannibalism is one thing, your family? Woah.
  7. Postseason Tourney Talk

    I’d root for almost anyone, besides Texas and Kentucky, against them. Their players and Weber annoy the hell out of me.
  8. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I’m thinking he uses it to say tomorrow
  9. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  10. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Arizona was the Nebraska with a name this year, easy schedule in a far worse conference than the big 10. Everytime I screwed with blind resumes, there’s looked bad.
  11. Nebraska (22-10) vs. Mississippi State (22-11) Game Thread

    If you want to talk about a disappointing game with something on the line, talk about the Michigan game. It is what it is.
  12. Nebraska (22-10) vs. Mississippi State (22-11) Game Thread

    Or nebraska was given an unfair shake to play in bum f.... with a team who didn’t want to even be there. Whatever. Many decent teams don’t show up for meaningless games. Just hope they return most players, or it or it will be a big step back.
  13. NIT bracket announcement

    This is payback for that 2001 Nebraska Football team backing into the National Title Game.
  14. NIT bracket announcement

    Jim Delaney strikes again.
  15. This is the Beginning...

    USC was screwed. OU, ASU, & Syracuse we’re gifted. The NCAA selection is always crap when it comes to the bubble, just looks worse this year because we had a dog that was in the fight(and apparently was beat to crap).