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  1. Interesting observations about our roster last season

    Is this year any more experienced? Seems the turnover is a part, and we lost a couple veterans again. I like the potential, but I'm not trusting myself anymore after saying it every year.
  2. Offseason Potpourri

    3 huskers on summer league teams isn't bad, now need some on rosters
  3. Duby Okeke is N

    he'll be busy
  4. Jeriah Horne will transfer

  5. Okay I'll start it Who is coming back?

    Hope all stay.
  6. HHCC Game #31 - neut. Penn State (Mar. 08, 3:30 PM CST)

    NU 75 PSU 64 2 wins
  7. I'd give miles next season, but he needs to change things up. Mo for 1..
  8. Is this the same team ...

    They stopped playing loose, this sounds like a knock on coaching, but they played less to their youthful upside, and more reserved now. i think with the decent athletes we have, they need to play more free. there isn't as much in the transition baskets like the earlier part of the season.
  9. HHCC Game #30 - vs. Michigan (Mar. 05, 7:00 PM CST)

    NU 73 M 69 4
  10. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Looking up on cbs sports, we have the #1 SOS with what is considered the 3rd youngest(behind Kentucky &a Oklahoma) of the major conference teams, averaging only 19.7 years old. i know youth in basketball can be misleading, but when it isn't 5 star talent, it takes development. This team shows too much promise for next year to break it up. If next year doesn't show much improvement, I think a change would be necessary, though.
  11. Reminded me a lot of the Maryland win
  12. Game Thread: Nebraska vs Ohio State

    Knew he struggled, just was hoping he didn't get hurt while struggling. Thanks.