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  1. We might have the worst pick and roll defense in basketball history.
  2. Hopefully he learned a lot from future President Stevens.
  3. Providence shot 29%, turned it over 15 times on the road and won.
  4. Also I'm betting Pike isn't hanging that painting in his living room.
  5. Credit the Huskers for playing well and pounding the boards , but I really think we just played the two worst conference teams I've seen since 1988 and we managed to get them back to back in the same year somehow. The Minnesota/Rutgers home and home the last fifteen days of the season should be fantastic.
  6. Well guys, I've been pretty steamed about our play this year. We can either give up open threes or opportunities in the paint, somehow we manage to give up both. The fact that stick to a man to man while getting obliterated by the PNR seems crazy to me. At some point you need to try a zone or even a box and 1 on Yogi. I'd also like to see a moratorium on long twos before 10 seconds on the shot clock. It's too bad we can't play every game against Rick Barnes coached teams.
  7. I wish we could face Rick Barnes every game.
  8. Looks like we held Wilt to 30 that game though!
  9. I was perusing the record book after that crazy first half last night. Largest margin of victory was an 82-8 win against Doane in 1907 so we were halfway there at the half. OT but our record for rebounds in a game is 77 against K State in 1957, and the record for opponents' rebounds in a game is 77 a week later in 1957. That's pretty crazy.
  10. OT the other big game yesterday Walt 19 mins 1-4 3pts 7rbs -13 Terran 27 mins 1-9 4pts
  11. Some free advice for msvu, if you're going to play 12 guys why not press and trap the whole game? It's the only time you had success. Also we left after the under 8 to and got to the car in time to hear Kent say Msvu's big guy had "ham arms."
  12. Si Senor. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aKNOXzM1MjUwfDY0MTc4MDEwqcsm25TaUEgDLZ8O4rSErGgBtBkT6KcBfzgjOZ4sogQ=
  13. Also does he come out for the Huskers Legends Game next year?
  14. Well said HuskerCager.
  15. Is the guy who sits across from the visitors' bench in the #4 Gregory jersey on here? Is that really an Amos Gregory jersey? Also got a laugh searching for Amos Gregory and coming across this article from the Lawrence paper saying his signing vaulted us to #10 in the nation for the 1992 class. http://www2.ljworld.com/news/1992/jun/12/class_11th_best_in/ "Recruiting expert Bob Gibbons has rated KU's class Darrin Hancock, Chris Davis and Julian Winfield 11th best in the country and second best in the Big Eight. Gibbons tabbed Nebraska's recruiting class tops in the Big Eight and 10th best in the U.S. Nebraska vaulted in the rankings after corralling 6-8, 260-pound Amos Gregory of Aquinas Juco in Tennessee. Gregory is so talented some schools in the Southeastern Conference tried to persuade their football staffs to award him a scholarship, just to get him on campus. Tennessee, for one, had no basketball scholarships to offer. Other top NU signees included Ron Boone, a 6-5 guard out of Salt Lake City, and Eric Strickland, 6-4, of Bellevue, Neb. One has to wonder if Strickland, an outstanding football prospect, will someday be tempted to play for Tom Osborne at Nebraska. . ."