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  1. Jacobson Gone?

    It's the only way for me to whip up hope for next year. 1% chance of happening but beats reality.
  2. Jacobson Gone?

    Cavs sitting Kyrie and Lebron at Heat. Make the playoffs Miami.
  3. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    Barfkneckt "Just moments after Miles’ first text, The World-Herald got a call from a former Division I coach claiming Miles had interviewed twice with Krebs."
  4. Not sure. Coming from a work friend of a friend. But this board is the best and thought everybody should know.
  5. Players and Eichorst. Take it with an ocean's worth of salt.
  6. Or tonight. I'm bad at rumors.
  7. Players meeting tomorrow. Not sure if that's routine. (Secondhand info)
  8. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    Starting over from 12-18 in a weak Big Ten is not exactly falling off Mt Everest and having to climb all the way back up.
  9. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    Sounds like there maybe fire here. Crean?
  10. Morrow leaving

    And of course the Cavs won't take care of business. Let's go T-Lue!
  11. Morrow leaving

    I think we should avoid being Baylor.
  12. Morrow leaving

    Just hire Lorenzo Romar so we still are bad but have the best player in the country every year?
  13. Morrow leaving

    Gotta really pull for Miami and Indiana to hold off Chicago in the East.
  14. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    We might have the worst pick and roll defense in basketball history.
  15. New Assistant -> Michael Lewis

    Hopefully he learned a lot from future President Stevens.