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  1. Nafreksuh

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Players can submit and withdraw their names from the draft twice. So, any Sophomore with NBA hopes is wise to enter their name for consideration. Below is a link that does a decent job of explaining the process. http://sports.usatoday.com/2018/04/02/how-college-basketball-players-can-declare-for-nba-draft-then-return-to-school/
  2. Nafreksuh

    And so it begins.

    Uhhhhh anybody catch the video URL?? HA! I hope whoever made that doesn't end up in trouble.
  3. Nafreksuh

    Beckner leaving

    I watched Beckner at the practice prior to the Miami game in which I think he had the scout. I could definitely see why some would call him abrasive. He really rode some of the guys. I think he got his points across, and I know he's not the only coach to use such a style, but it was a little excessive at times. When you have to rush a hire personality clashes are bound to happen. And while I think Beckner was a good hire given the circumstances, I think it is a positive that Tim is going to be able to really properly vet this next hire.
  4. Nafreksuh

    Pop quiz

    I truly feel he played like crap in the game against Iowa, and obviously everyone will disagree with me because of his stat line. His decision making was absolutely horrible in that game and drove me absolutely crazy! It kind of is similar to how I disagree with so many people about AI. His stat sheet was fantastic, his play hurts the team Definitely disagree. Not sure what you were seeing. I think the offense we run functions best when Tai is the one making the action happen off the dribble. He's is probably the difference maker for the rest of the year for this team, one way or another...
  5. Nafreksuh

    Nebraska (8-7) vs. Iowa (11- 3) Game Thread

    Terrible stretch of officiating here Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  6. Nafreksuh

    Nebraska (8-7) vs. Iowa (11- 3) Game Thread

    Yeah the good was we hit 4 or 5 to start game and well that's about it. Just another really bad half of basketball.Just another really bad half of basketball? Disagree. We didn't make some shots, but cold shooting I can deal with. We had open looks. If we heat up a little in the second half we'll be alright. This is a good team we are playing. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  7. This sweet promotional video. That's how. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkaqFyvMU9E Here's the link to the original version that I couldn't embed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5-zD7npSEM#t=11
  8. Nafreksuh

    Dwight Smith

    Smith would be a very good addition and a nice way to use what will probably be an open scholly for us. His avgs. don't really tell the story of the player he is. Here are a couple of articles that give a bit of perspective. http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20140316/COLUMNISTS149/303160072/matt-stephens-column?nclick_check=1 http://www.collegian.com/2014/03/albertson-dwight-smith-stands-out-in-loss/70097/#UFgkEWtSlxzxIkVP.01 Also, keep in mind he knows Miles' expectations and he is a Nebraska kid. Would be a good fit even though it's not necessarily one of our positions of need.
  9. Nafreksuh

    Who's going?

    I along with 5 other students will be making a detour through San Antonio on our way to spring break in Panama City Beach! It was awesome how the timing lined up for us to be able to make it to the game. It's only adding about $100 more to the trip for each of us, everything included.
  10. Nafreksuh

    weak a$$ student section

    Man, things have really changed since I went to college in Lincoln. You forgot the most important part of the quote. "Were you really expecting the students to be out in full force on a Saturday before finals week against Arkansas St.?" This Saturday's atmosphere is not representative of how next semester's Saturday games against BIG foes will be. And put me in the camp who enjoys partaking on some weekdays, especially nebrasketball weekdays. However, many students don't, especially when finals are coming up.
  11. Nafreksuh

    weak a$$ student section

    Not really sure where to start with this gem. Were you really expecting the students to be out in full force on a Saturday before finals week against Arkansas St.? The student section definitely showed up for the Miami and FGCU. Either you didn't go to these games, or have a personal vendetta. There is research done on opposing teams, and fact sheets are printed out for every game. There is plenty of antagonizing going on close to the floor. I know that there is more than a fair share of pregaming that is done. In fact, I have for every game except one. However, do keep in mind that students do have classes following weekday games that they need to be productive for... If I'm gonna knock the student section for one thing it's pregame organization and promotion. Concrete has a great point about getting Greek organizations more involved. Organizing an entire student body is very difficult, and I think some of the leaders in Greek organizations would be great to help promote and help better organize the student section. Getting groups of students to the games whether it be through Greek houses, dorm floors, or RSOs, and not just individuals is key to having a rowdy student section.
  12. Nafreksuh

    Pinnacle Bank Arena

    I'll be a Junior at Lincoln next year and I am ecstatic about the whole redevelopment. I can't wait to see what the area has to offer this coming fall. It's a great time to be a student at Nebraska!!
  13. Nafreksuh

    We got someone...

    The curse has been broken!!!!