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  1. Oh cmon, I deserve an up arrow from you!! Or are you the "beautiful girl at the bar" LOL!!!
  2. Texas is the beautiful girl at the bar you want to date unfortunately she doesn't tell you she has VD!!!
  3. (yawn) another guard
  4. Were gonna get ruled on the inside-NO BIGS!!
  5. State of the program- It's in the toilet!!
  6. i'll sum up the women's team for the next several years. "one big mess"!
  7. What's the OWH have to do with me?
  8. YES!!!!! There is only one of me, I'm unique. I have only ever used "Kearney Man" here. I do not have split personality!!! LOL
  9. I am NOT Darryl whoever.
  10. Just think if Indiana shocked everyone and asked Tim Miles!!!!
  11. There are way too many "if's"!!!
  12. yes Donald trump!!!! LOL
  13. Damn! there are two i was hoping would leave!
  14. Its GREAT no Syracuse!!!!!!!! Serves you right AWIII!!!
  15. It wouldn't hurt my feeling if Simon and Washington transferred