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  1. i'll sum up the women's team for the next several years. "one big mess"!
  2. What's the OWH have to do with me?
  3. YES!!!!! There is only one of me, I'm unique. I have only ever used "Kearney Man" here. I do not have split personality!!! LOL
  4. I am NOT Darryl whoever.
  5. Just think if Indiana shocked everyone and asked Tim Miles!!!!
  6. There are way too many "if's"!!!
  7. yes Donald trump!!!! LOL
  8. Damn! there are two i was hoping would leave!
  9. Its GREAT no Syracuse!!!!!!!! Serves you right AWIII!!!
  10. It wouldn't hurt my feeling if Simon and Washington transferred
  11. no more wins this year. and i think there will be only 5 conference wins next year. i dont think they will have a winning conference record next 5 years
  12. Romeo had the last laugh on our girls!!
  13. Here you guys are bitching about the men! Did any of you catch the fiasco game before (Husker women)? We need Ed Morrow back and our luck will change, I believe he was more then just a rebounder and few point contributor. I think he was a team leader and they don't have that right now. And they need him!!
  14. Well I watched that mess of a game. Only have one thing to say guard play(there wasn't any). Coach Williams should of kept Amy Stephens as an assistant. The guards need coaching. And it don't look like that's coming anytime soon!!
  15. How many of you people want to hear my rant on the women's team?