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  1. Rick Pitino?

    Hey, its sad to say we may have to make deals just to get to the big dance and a win there too
  2. Rick Pitino?

    This is to all you guys that want Miles gone. Do we go after Rick Pitino?
  3. This is for all you guys that want Frost. What do we do if Frost says no? In other words what is the back up plan?
  4. Mi'Cole Cayton

    Oh and by the way I'AM NOT A HAWKEYE FAN!!!! Although I did root for Creighton when they played Northwestern!! '
  5. Mi'Cole Cayton

    If Delaware fans want to wish injury to Kate Cain, that is their right. Just like I have right to wish injury on decommits for Huskers
  6. Mi'Cole Cayton

    You people should be blaming the person that started this subject. I repeat "she is not a husker don't talk about her here." When you post on someone WHO IS NOT A HUSKER, you are going to get my opinion.
  7. Mi'Cole Cayton

    Serves her right for not sticking with the HUSKERS
  8. Mi'Cole Cayton

    So sad LOL
  9. OT: Eclipse Plans

    I'm not going out to see it cause we all know what's going to happen. That very moment you go out and look up is the exact moment the crazy from North Korea is going to nuke us!!!
  10. Jess Shepard

    Stop posting about this traitor!!!
  11. Most Undervalued, Biggest Impact

    I voted for Duby Okeke, but I'm hoping its a tie with Jack McVeigh!! That way we have two underrated performers surprise us!!
  12. Help Wanted

    Hey guys, I have put my resume in !!!
  13. Jess Shepard

    She left the team!!! Who cares about her!! Move on!!
  14. B1G Protected Rivalries

    Oh cmon, I deserve an up arrow from you!! Or are you the "beautiful girl at the bar" LOL!!!
  15. B1G Protected Rivalries

    Texas is the beautiful girl at the bar you want to date unfortunately she doesn't tell you she has VD!!!