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  1. A theory on Jordy's development

    Right now Jordy needs to find two offensive 'moves' and get comfortable and confident with the two 'moves.' He needs to fight for better low post position and get into the position where he will be the most efficient with his two 'moves.' When he receives the ball in the proper positon, Jordy can decide if either offensive 'move' will work -- and it not -- kick it out and start fighting for position again until you win the spot you want. For the time being, it appears that Jordy's best option for scoring points will be getting lay-ups from the pick and roll and getting offensive rebounds and easy put backs. Same for Duby. That is what they should concentrate on. Offensively, Jordy and Duby need to react with the ball quickly and efficiently (not holding it for several seconds) or kick it back out and keep the offense rolling.
  2. Nebraska 76 Purdue 72