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  1. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Shock and Awe baby!! Let's do it!!
  2. Nebraska 83 North Dakota 67
  3. NU - 92 EI - 77 Non-conf. - 9 Total -- 18
  4. No news is good news

    Everyday I search the Omaha World Herald and the husker internet sites for any information on the husker basketball players. I want to read stories about the players. I am disappointed almost daily. But as I look at it in perspective, I know that 'no news is good news.' No news means that no one transferred. No news means that everyone has their grades in order and are eligible this season. No news means no new injuries. No news means that no one was arrested. No news during the summer is good news. No news means everyone is on campus participating in the workouts and getting ready for the upcoming season. And I know that the summer is over and basketball season is right around the corner. And when the news is about the Huskers, I know it will only be good news.
  5. BOOM (Copeland has decided)

    I think the addition of Copeland will cost Jordy the most minutes next year. As the season goes on, I see Morrow and Copeland starting with Jacobson as the first sub for either of these two. The maturity and talent level of these three will earn Mile's trust and they will play the most. I also see Roby making a big leap next year and could play the four with Morrow or Jacobson at the five spot -- again, taking minutes away from Jordy. (I really want to see Roby at the three spot -- with his vision, passing ability, driving ability, shooting, he needs to be on the wing to take advantage of his talents.) Mucho talent for the next two years -- can't wait.
  6. So, next year's starting lineup.

    Kansas recruited Andrew White as a '2 guard' and we recruited Andrew as a '2 guard,' his natural position and future NBA position. We had to move Andrew to small forward because we needed his rebounding. If coach Miles wants to play Andrew at his natural position, our two-deep rotation would look like this: Point guard: Watson, Webster Shooting guard: White, Gill Small forward: McVeigh, Roby (moving White to shooting guard will get Roby on the floor a lot quicker) Power forward: Jacobson, Morrow Center: Senior transfer post player/Tshimanga I do like having White and Gill on the court at the same time; however, if Roby is as good as advertised, we will need to find a rotation that gets him into the game early.