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  1. This is fun. Really fun to be a fan right now. I'm usually worked up to a froth watching Husker basketball, but this team has a zen quality to it... they really are a joy to watch. I really have nothing else to add - just keep winning
  2. Miles will be here for 2017-18

    I think this was the right move. All of the cards have been laid on the table for a 2017-2018 run - we saw glimpses of what could be at moments this year, we also saw glimpses of youth, inconsistency, and the psyche of a young team when things begin to unravel. If the core of the group were Juniors and Seniors, I'd be worried... but we were playing frosh and sophs or first year players out there most of the time, with a Sr. in Tai. Miles recruited these guys (2017-2018 junior class) 3 to 4 years ago on a long term plan, not a short term plan.... we are coming to that culmination of the long term plan - we took our lumps getting them experience as we had no depth to ease them in. Tai made a big jump between his Soph and Jr. seasons, now instead of just 1 in the season, we'll have 4 or 5 making that jump.
  3. 13-14 vs 15-16

    I'm kind of interested in how the 13-14 team compared to this team - year to date. I recall that team also struggling on the defensive end early - but picking up the intensity after dropping games early in conference. I'm thinking about that UAB game where UAB seemed to score at will which seemed to be the nadir. But then turn around and win that Ohio State game with excellent D and a hot shooting Petteway, I think from then on eventually they clamped down defensively and made it their identity. Can this team make that turnaround defensively?
  4. Coaching Changes

    and the Tim Miles coaching tree looks even stronger. Saul Phillips was 3 year assistant at NDSU with Tim Miles - prior to that director of operations at Wisconsin... he took over that team after Miles left for CSU and led them to the NCAA tournament his second year - a few middle of the road years after that, then a couple strong years the last two years. Ohio job has been stepping stone for higher positions with Groce to Illinois and Christian to Boston College.
  5. Pitchford

    The posts were on their own as we couldn't double down and leave their three point specialist. Accounts for some of the foul discrepancy. Up to Pitchford to work on building a stronger core to help him on the defense side
  6. Kent Pavelka ....question for you sir.

    Yep, I can attest, started listening to 93.7 due to their basketball coverage - on radio... and twitter.
  7. Does a play in game count

    Yes, it counts.
  8. Defense

    Agreed - and from defense try to turn that into offense, but if you can't get the mismatch - pull it back and get a good shot opportunity on our end. Quick shots will kill us in this game and if Indiana gets hot early must check that ego at the door and stay focused on the game plan.
  9. Hammons looks like one of those bigs that the college game wants to get 30+ minutes out of him - but unable to, he doesn't have the stamina - but still... projects better for the NBA game as a 10 to 15 minute backup Center.
  10. First round "bye" conundrum

    Agreed - finish Top 4 - with the current strength of Big Ten likely getting 6 teams maybe a 7th into tourney...
  11. Bracketology

    Going off hhctony's comments Has anyone taken the time to look at that 20 and see the likely top 12 winning teams in that list based on their remaining schedule? That's a crazy matrix that looks at 20 teams and then most likely their additional 6 or so games in regular season, let alone their tournament... For instance we've seen Nebraska's probability over the next few games - how about the other teams?
  12. I went to school in Nebraska, graduated from Nebraska - I could care less about Creighton. Outside of the once a year game we play against Creighton I could care less what they are up to. As a Nebraska fan I don't mind seeing them win out and help us in the process, my dislike for Creighton doesn't even come close to that much disdain. You could also take Miles comment another direction. If University of Nebraska allowed beer to be served in the PBA, there's no doubt there would be Lincoln folks in the halls as well.
  13. He's a builder. His track record is to bring programs from the ashes and make them into competitors. North Dakota State, Colorado State, now Nebraska (in progress). Just like the rest of us in our own careers, we may prove to be great at our current job but always have an end goal in mind - therefore moving out of that job after we made something awesome. I think what's great about Tim Miles is he tends to be learning all along soaking in experiences and education along the way. His coaching career makes sense stepping up after he's made the program he was in better. My coaching career advice because I have no experience whatsoever would be not only to transform Nebraska into a top half Big Ten team and legit perennial NCAA tournament contender, but to continue and maintain that ship for a few years beyond the initial success prove you can maintain that high level and not be a flash in the pan builder. Then and only then do you look at the legacy dream job at an established big name basketball university. Even if he does choose to leave prior to his career being finished, it's a win for Nebraska and for him as he would have transformed the program from a bottom dweller to a sought after position amongst the elite or up and coming coaches in the future - no longer a dead end job for coaches. All crazy speculation and conjecture of course, but man it feels good just to talk about this.
  14. If we don't get asked...

    Seeing the demand for tickets now for the Purdue game where on stubhub cheapest ticket is $30 , I would say yes. This is a team trending up and I believe the community is seeing this. Say we win out at home sans Wisconsin... win on the road against Illinois but lose to Indiana - we're solidly in the NIT and it still is a much better season than expected.