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  1. RT @barstoolhrtland: Quite possibly the greatest story teller of our generation https://t.co/R60NhRn2wH

  2. @nate_bukaty Can they get the refs from last game back? Let most of the touch fouls go. It was nice

  3. @jenlempka Best looking duck in the clubhouse...obviously

  4. RT @DanWolken: Just spoke with Jairus Lyles’ whole family who is here from Maryland. Get this: Both his parents are UVA grads.

  5. RT @mickshaffer: Sucks for Buffalo. Arizona is gonna have to vacate this loss.

  6. @CJC_Skerz83 Until the transfers start

  7. RT @shawn_mccollom: Not something you see everyday at the ethanol plant. https://t.co/V7Nec6M9aB

  8. @davidubben And the semifinals were on CBS

  9. RT @MaryCKenn: Love this. Grain Dockage Schedule that hung in the scale room at one of my favorite Montana elevators that I did business w…

  10. @RealEricJay @RealMikeWelch And bracketology

  11. @tkbrackets I just assumed it was where Nebraska was supposed to be on your page lol

  12. @GBRosenthal Vandy was 19-15

  13. RT @brettswff: This meme has been sitting out there waiting for a day like today https://t.co/H299pDnohF

  14. @GarySharp1620 That ref even does a ton of big ten games. I was shocked they let it go

  15. @YahooNoise So a team that wouldn't even be a quadrant 1 road win gets an at large? Makes 0 sense to me