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  1. @RobinWashut Palmer hurt?

  2. @E_Energy_Adams @GoddessofGrain @MarketToMarket Probably haul it all in when free price later starts.

  3. @alempka30 Need to at least make them go up the stairs

  4. @Blake_Lawrence @DJohnsonPGA I mean if I had his clubs and golf ball, I guarantee I could shank it into the trees b… https://t.co/aebgSQj4Se

  5. @mjwiegand Thanks, I've always wondered when you've posted about it

  6. @mjwiegand @Kiva Do you mostly get paid back?

  7. RT @jaketapper: I’m smart! https://t.co/G8WxhCwUCj

  8. RT @1SarahRose: Day three of Oregonians pumping their own gas. https://t.co/yQgz5Ex8ik

  9. @jerodmcdaniel @775_Cattle Yep wife and daughter spend hours looking through family Christmas cards

  10. @SugdenSteve Must be something with the kicker being able to move. We wondered the same thing

  11. @JackMitchellLNK 2 sleepers for 2018

  12. @CodySwainston Change the pie to peach

  13. RT @_youhadonejob1: If Jesus was born today. https://t.co/wyB8a7I9DS

  14. RT @WDSchumm: The next time a hipster tells you how fast the vegan movement is growing, remind them that meth use is up more than 30% every…

  15. RT @tomsuperlegoman: Eating bacon at least twice a day can reduce your chance of being a #vegan by 100%. Please retweet to raise awareness.…