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  1. @SSchmidt87 Probably settle for halfway decent right now

  2. Nu 67 Eiu 58 Non con 8 Overall 16
  3. @schlakeNbake I was going to say constipation, but nothing iss stopped

  4. @YahooForde 20-7

  5. RT @LassMike: I’m going to try that sometime! https://t.co/prGIge22V4

  6. RT @ClayWendler: Don't pretend like Marshall Newhouse lumbering gracefully to "On The Beautiful Blue Danube" isn't art. #Raiders @SilverBla…

  7. RT @Logistics_Chick: When you stick your Peter where it doesn't belong... https://t.co/MltDSKIVvP

  8. RT @nascarcasm: Gattis needs the Wranglers with the U-shaped crotch that give you comfort where you need it. #WorldSeries https://t.co/MZn8…

  9. RT @NCSox: Writer: "Is it 'firsthand' or 'first hand'?" Editor: "Either one is fine." https://t.co/36xHxrG9q1

  10. RT @haley_apel: .@cnnctd4ever provides Halloween costumes for NICU babies. https://t.co/bsmS4mytNt

  11. Riley looks so defeated. It's on the players if they win