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  1. Got to get some outside shooters
  2. Not coming back - shut down defense didn't show up today
  3. Time for Watson to take over!
  4. Shooting 33% and still in the game. We can do this
  5. Well they are playing at wide worlds of sports
  6. Hate to say it, not sure Miles understands you HAVE to have a jump shooter or two that play meaningful minutes.
  7. Boy I was wrong about surprising people. Ugh
  8. NU 78 The court version of Scott Frost 73 4
  9. A much needed nice win after the St John's game.
  10. How bad is Indiana?

    oops wrong place
  11. How bad is Indiana?

    After watching our last game I understand you pain. But lets get better.
  12. North Dakota is a must win

    It was a must win the minute it was put on the schedule.