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  1. Eichorst Out

    Okay after reading press conference transcript they have asked Tom for an opinion on the AD and I okay with that. However, I hope the AD is his own man and hires HIS/HER own football coach. Tom's track record on football coaches hasn't been great. Not Steve Pederson bad but not the guy to take us where we want to go.
  2. Eichorst Out

    Tom has said he doesn't expect to be asked his opinion and I am okay with that. If he is asked, I am okay with that too. You #2 option for a coach don't intrigue me one bit. Frost is still green but appears to be a good coach and if he is the choice I am okay with that. I hope we look at several other up and coming Head Coaches too.
  3. Eichorst Out

    I hope this is the case IF and it's a big IF, this is what is best for NU.
  4. Eichorst Out

    Guessing, and this is based on a plug nickel and what's inside my head, that the longer it takes to get an AD the safer the current staffs are. I doubt unless he/she has a home run hire for the football program lined up, whomever comes in will give Riley another year. I do hope if that is the case, that Devaney makes Riley cut some more of the dead weight on his staff. I think that big sigh of relief I heard early was coming from Tim Miles office.
  5. Eichorst Out

    Let's face it, the products being put forth since Eichorst arrived has gone downhill. Was time for a change. Let's hope they get the right person!
  6. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    And I hope Glynn plays well enough the next couple years that in 10 years we are saying hey you know who player X reminds me of, Glynn Watson!
  7. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Hiring RiLey was a horrible decision.
  8. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    This is a very very bad football team. To much talent to be this bad. I am not sure Kansas would not beat us right now.
  9. Serious question ...

    Let's win them all!
  10. Serious question ...

    Norm - Given this staff has shown they can make players better, I think the improvement in Roby, Watson, Jordy, McVeigh and others will offset any drop at Tai's place in the lineup. Also, I am excited to see what Palmer can do.
  11. Copeland

    Yeah what do you expect from a soccer school?
  12. Thomas Allen is N

    CH likes this kid!
  13. Thomas Allen is N

    Just read this again and it's still just as funny
  14. Rub it in? Or let it go? A poll.

    What affect will this poll have on the price of my beer?