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  1. He does have a good side, just Bad Mo came out far to often.
  2. I am glad that is where he went, easy to keep hating him.
  3. colhusker


    Probably a wiser course of action with regards to cheering for the school you are attending for grad school. I just learned to despise Missouri more while in grad school.
  4. colhusker

    Father's Day

    I got one of them new phones some may have heard about. No flipping or sliding it to use it, like a little computer in my hand.
  5. colhusker

    Father's Day

    I will second this sentiment.
  6. colhusker

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    I wasn't thinking we would suffer from the transfer world.
  7. colhusker

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    For football I would like to see it at 3 games instead of 4. I do like the rule. As for the transfer rule, not sure I like the idea of the big dogs being able to pilfer the lower teams which could happen without some ability for schools to block some moves.
  8. colhusker

    2018-2019 Roster

    That is a lot of math and I only have so many fingers.
  9. colhusker


    Was that a grr of a bulldog or anger?
  10. colhusker

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    Jimmy "Superfly Snuka approves of Gibb's move.
  11. colhusker


    Agree Norm, if we want a conference rival lets make it Wisconsin.
  12. colhusker


    Now THAT is funny
  13. colhusker


    The only boring futbol is the one played at Creighton.
  14. colhusker

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    Benny Parker - didn't figure he would play a lot and didn't figure when it was clear he didn't fit in that he would stick around. Kid stuck around and I would love to have a Benny on the team again. Not a superstar by any stretch, but would be a great backup to give folks a rest. Evan Taylor would be a good pick too.
  15. colhusker


    The evil blue sweater vest, concourse beer bellied guzzlers, Grant Gibbs loving Creighton Bluejays.