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  1. Agree Meyers gives us a chance. However, 15 or 16 strike outs means 15 or 16 times no one has to make a play, no one advances with a ground out or a sac fly. IF our coaches don't spend a lot of time over the next day talking about hitting approach (i.e., shortening your swing with two strkes, going with a pitch) they are not doing their jobs.
  2. Most air time the Hisle kid has ever got.
  3. To many strikeouts tonight to be productive. Ugly loss to a good team.
  4. Down three and you get yourself out on the first pitch
  5. Walks just kill you late. Again, not doing fundamentals killed us
  6. Get someone up
  7. The one strike was border line
  8. Alvarado can't find the plate
  9. Way to many strikeouts
  10. How the heck do you stand there and take that
  11. They really have gotten away from what was working. Works for me
  12. Outside of 1 inning, bullpen has been very good.
  13. Twice he has swung at a pitch helmet high
  14. McSteen did well
  15. Baby steps