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  1. Well that is a topic for another day while tipping a cold one. As a photographer on the side!
  2. Can't speak for others but outside of UCONN fans and the other 3 also rans, don't see how there can be much interest given the outcome is already known.
  3. She would pout once and would be told to find a spot at the end of the bench.
  4. I have press pass envy!
  5. I think he hit the nail on the head with your first thought. She has been good despite being out of shape while in Lincoln. To play elsewhere (schools you mentioned) she would have to dedicate herself to get into shape if she wants big minutes.
  6. Would she play at UCONN?
  7. Both games yesterday were fun
  8. Kid shot better than several of those 4 McDonald's AA's yesterday. That said, you are spot on, 100% correct with your assessment.
  9. Would you please for the love of all that is good with college basketball stop using facts to make your point.
  10. Given their track record that was probably smarter than picking them to go to final four.
  11. Think I jinxed them.
  12. How is Beilein not coach of the year? I mean it was amazing with the lack of talent he has. (yes sarcasm)
  13. Yep I knew that, live where he grew up in Missouri and know the story. However, instead of playing at the large high school here in town he played at the small Catholic school against much lesser talent. I think he will be very good at the next level. However, the Missouri fans who are clamoring about getting to final four next year are silly.
  14. Wisconsin should have put someone at half court to make the ballhandler change direction. Was shocked they moved him down to back court.
  15. One playing against Div 1 college players one against, well