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  1. But does that make him most likely to help or most undervalued? I think we all value what is potentially offers.
  2. Until I see Allen and Anketen play a game at this level I don't think I am in favor of this. Could I be? Hell yes if they are good enough to make it happen.
  3. This is my concern.
  4. More than a little disappointed that we have not gotten the paperwork submitted. Understand there was some unexpected stuff but this has been dragging a long (snails pace at best) by our folks far to long.
  5. I would hope so
  6. Only 50K a year?
  7. Norm just to restate, it was not me that said it, I wish he were going to be red after a redshirt season in Lincoln.
  8. This is true.
  9. Funny how two folks can watch the kid and see two totally different things. Handy I am not saying you're wrong because I never watched Ed played. Just that a poster elsewhere just called him soft and not a Big 10 player. That said, since he went elsewhere, I hope you are wrong and the guy elsewhere is right so we don't debate and bitch about him going elsewhere.
  10. Now wait is the key word 'vastly' or 'improved'?
  11. Congrats to Emily
  12. Red Don said it best, hmmmmmmmmmmmm