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  1. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    But his job is to fill the holes and fix the issues, he choose to sit and watch the parade go by. I know football was priority one and I understand that. However, not cutting him a hall pass for that hire (given all the help he had from others) given he knew the status of the programs (at least he should have) coming in. That said, I believe Moos is the best AD we've had since Dollar Bill even if he screwed the baseball program taking the guy who should have been named coach with him to A$M.
  2. Let me get this straight...

    Only the haters
  3. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I'd have to look
  4. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Not sure where they got it, but my folks got me a tee-shirt as a gift that says Nebrasketball on it.
  5. Hank Bounds interview

    Understand what you're saying above over extending, however, this is small potatoes in terms of a pay out. My guess is as pointed out above is that list is a football coach only list OR, his list was not realistic and he got told no from those on his list so he bought a year to make a new list. Either way, this was handled poorly.
  6. Had you read that thread you would have seen I said he didn't deserve a 5 year deal, simply a 2 year deal so he can tell a kid and his parents he will be here the 4 years of a kid he is recruiting.
  7. Agree he hasn't earned a 5 year deal, but 2 years at least gets in the door for telling kids I have four years, I will be your coach the entire time you're here.
  8. Then I will edit it to "Yeah Moos and Bounds really didn't do much to help the team".
  9. Yeah Moos really didn't do much to help the team
  10. Let me get this straight...

    Which is basically saying
  11. Day and Time Contest

    Was just going to ask if anyone still had a chance to win.
  12. Next Assistant Coach

    Be a nice hire
  13. My perception

    Female skinny dippers? Asking for a friend? As for the initial post, think a lot of the negativity is that we had a very good season, we could see what many thought was the light at the end of the tunnel and the one or two things that needed done in theory didn't get done. Not the whole thing seems to be sliding back into what many of known as Nebrasketball for a long long time.