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  1. Sounds as if the younger Porter is going to reclassify and join Michael JR at Missouri next year. Just you average run of the mill 5 star player. Man what one assistant coach hire will do for a team.
  2. Add that help defense HAS to get better too. To many times a guy last year got beat off dribble and the next guy in line never stepped in allowing a layup or the second person was late. Hoping Jordy and Okeke step in at the proper time to not allow the pass to their guy.
  3. Well that's true too.
  4. I like the gets Jordy the back up we needed.
  5. More good news to come?
  6. My condolences to you and your family Silver.
  7. Did it come from a gas pump? Asking for a friend.
  8. Agree CWG, I was just about ready to post Ann Murray's song about good news again.
  9. Hey I said I was bored!
  10. Is THIS the weekend? Sorry was bored at work.
  11. Sam he has a lot of work to do to retool his game to be a wing at the college level. He was as bad defensively in space as Horne was. His shooting range was about 5 feet in and ball handling reminded me of Andrew White's.
  12. Maybe but while I admit he had a lot of work to do, it had to be frustrating watching others make mistakes and stay on floor knowing if you mess up you were getting yanked and yelled at.