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  1. It's Time to Subscribe

    Funny thing is I do listen to opposing views but thanks for the down vote. I understand that the LJS has the biggest homer, don't read him either. But Dirky takes his views well overboard.
  2. Penn St at Michigan game

    Well Mythigan is going to hang on.
  3. NU 65 Fighting Sanduskys 59
  4. It's Time to Subscribe

    Given the hate the OWH has for the good guys (cough cough Dirky cough cough) no to ever supplementing them.
  5. Good question. I hope Nana takes a major step forward and Xavier comes in ready to go. I like Jack and really thought he would be the spot up guy many good teams have that finds his happy spot and is deadly from there at key moments.
  6. Oh not concerned, just pointing out a stat I notice while getting Jimmy his turnover answer.
  7. Thing about it last night it was the opposite of what we've done all year. Most of the year we've been clutch at the end of games.
  8. 26 is possible this year! God that feels good to type.
  9. Just noticed that we shot only 59% from the line, not good overall but really bad considering I thought I heard the TV guy say we were 8 for 8 at one point midway through the second half. Means we were 2 of 9 down stretch.
  10. 6 players with turnovers, 5 with 2 or more
  11. Agree on Taylor, kid is just solid
  12. Agree, who put young Mr Hoppen in charge, maybe he should stick to being an intern at Rivals.
  13. Again, teams playing well at the end of the year should be in. You play the whole year for a reason. Until a week ago we had 3 teams in the top 10
  14. Not playing the what if, watching which conference teams are playing better now. Arkansas lost tonight, they are suppose to be in, Kentucky is a 6 seed right now and they are average as hell this year, Misery is 18-10 and just lost to a 12-16 team at home. A&M has a losing conference record and is in. It is a joke.