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  1. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Guessing our Kenpom would be alit better had we not struggled with several of those bottom feeders
  2. He could improve. But he’s playing out of position guarding the 5.
  3. Penn St at Michigan game

    Had something to play for against Illinois too. Want as much urgency as possible due to not having a margin of error
  4. Penn St at Michigan game

    Would rather give us something else to play for. Need to stay sharp but we need michigan
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I think the system is flawed...but also have to acknowledge that there is no perfect system. I think the RPI pry gets it right more than it doesnt. Unfortunately sometimes it does paint a scary picture and it just sucks that in a rare instance of success for us....we have to be the exception
  6. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I think he did. I have no doubt they say they do....I just doubt how much they actually do behind closed doors
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    They dont have a ton of bad wins....like we do. A big fault of the RPI. That being said...Im not worried about Buffalo. They have a higher RPI...but they arent getting an at large bid over us. Im more upset about St Bonaventure and USC
  8. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    IM rooting for Mich. IMO....I dont think it matters where we finish in the standings. We need another quality win and getting MIchigan in that 4/5 game would do that.
  9. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Dont think it is just the BTN guy who thinks that. I think the committee has intentions on reviewing things like that. My question is not if they do...but how much stock and value do they actually put into it. My gut instinct says not much. I don't think SOS or RPI is going to be a concern for us. THey aren't ideal....but it's pretty obvious we tried to get some good teams on the schedule in the part that we have a control over. Only question for me is if we can show that we have beaten enough quality teams
  10. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    You bring up a good point. The X Factor in this is the Minnesota game. The committee says they take things like injuries into account. How do they view the suspension of Lynch. And how much weight will they put on it. Thats the part that no one knows outside the room and its frustrating
  11. The beauty about Roby is that even when he has an off game...he's still so productive in other ways. Still think his biggest weakness is trusting himself in believing just how good he could be
  12. IMO, no. I don't think RPI is ou big concern. It's quality wins. We need to win our next two and hope Michigan performs in at least one of their final 2 games, if not both. If we're 23-10 with a win over Michigan and a 13-5 reg season confernece record.....it's going to be hard to ignore...even with our lack of quality wins
  13. He needs to come back. Then again....there's a long list of guys who don't make the right choice. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he does.
  14. Ah....forgot you are seeding the bracket
  15. But saying you play the whole year goes both ways. If you play the whole year for a reason...then why do you favor a team that got hot at the end and wasnt good at the beginning? If you play the whole year for a reason...then doesn't the comprehensive resume tell the most accurate picture. I think we'd beat and are better than MIssouri. But overall for the year...they have a better resume.
  16. Yet that conference has nearly twice as many quality OOC wins as the Big 10 does. That's the issue. It's a lose lose deal. When your resume is crap (like the BIg 10's is this year) you want the eye ball test to be weighed. If the situations were reversed....you'd want it based on resume Always going to be a dilemma. This year is worse than most because of the volatile season in CBB this year
  17. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Penn State has two potentially quad 1 wins in their final 2 games. Thats why.
  18. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    of all the bubble games tonight...we needed Baylor and MIssouri to lose first and foremost. We got that. Finally a good night.
  19. But it's hard to weigh what ifs more than actual results ANd in principle...I agree. I wouldnt be scared at all to play MIzzou
  20. Impressive thing about us, both this game and for the season.....when we turn it on...we do it quickly. We can rally quickly and expand a lead quickly. Not slow and methodical, if at all like in years past
  21. I think the Big 10 would generally fare well with the Pac 12 and SEC, especially now. Unfortunately...actual results trump hypotheticals and the Big 10 fell flat on its face early on in the year
  22. We've had at least one every year so it doesnt seen to be too big of a deal
  23. Taylor has been terrific