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  1. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    The ability to be more reclusive (as he's rumored to like) is certainly more there than at UF. Think he has a far better chance to win big at Florida though. Depends on his priorities.
  2. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    I think he will. I hope he is. I fear for our program if he isn't.
  3. Copeland looked like the player we thought he'd be. Gill looked like the player we thought he'd be last year. Roby continuing to show his upside. We dictated the pace of the game today and played to our strengths more. Hence we played better. Still turn it over a bit too much and have some leaky defense at times, but we showed our potential today. Downside was some of our personnel decisions. This isn't meant to be derogatory, but I think it is clear that playing faster and moving makes this team better than trying to play a halfcourt game. Thus...there are a few guys that just dont fit. IMO, again, not meant to be derogatory, the Tanner Borchardt experiment is over. Great story. Good on him for his effort...but he's just limited. Yes...he only played 2-3 minutes in the first half, but those were 2-3 minutes that we could've expanded the lead with and used our main guys. Same with McVeigh. He just doesn't offer anything when he's not making his shots...and it's a total crapshoot when he does. Jordy is my 9th guy. He plays when there is foul trouble and situationally against big big 10 lineups. Focus on the top group of 8 players. Play to their athleticsm. Play your best players together and for extended minutes, which is always something we've seemed to avoid in the past in some fashion. Especially since you have more than just a top 5 now. Stop giving guys token minutes when its not necessary. Get that top group of 8 as cohesive as we can. Now it gets fun. Absolutely brutal 3-4 week stretch here. Need to go 3-1 in the next 4, at the worst, with our early December schedule as nasty as it is.
  4. Yep. Dont expect 13 a night from him but he's an athletic guard and if he can hit 38% from 3 consistently....he'd be a big add.
  5. Really liked what GIll has done today
  6. PT obviously helps...but it has to make the team better too. Roby is a better player, has more upside and we are better with him on the floor
  7. Roby needs to start and play 30 minutes a game effective immediately
  8. Youre right..lets sacrifice the teams product on the floor to hope he gets better. We need to play our best lineups. Those dont include him the majority of the team. Play him situationally.
  9. Because he is a liabiluty out there right now and we are better with other lineups
  10. Pretty clear our top 8 should be Watson, Gill, Taylor, Allen (when healthy), Palmer, Roby, Copeland and Okeke
  11. Lineup of Watson, Gill/Taylor, Palmer, Roby and Copeland is fun to watch. That should be on the floor more than any other
  12. And if we can get minutes like this out of Gill....it'd go a long way for us as well
  13. Pretty clear what our style should be.
  14. Copeland runs well. Not a huge Okeke fan but he needs to play over Jordy
  15. Copeland looking good early though
  16. Jordy picking up where he left off
  17. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Had 13 and 7 on 5/5 shooting
  18. While a lot of these guys haven't played together...this is how we've been modeling our team the last few years. Every year....'it's a young team' Eventually we just need to get it to work
  19. Yep. Our top 10 includes: 2-5th yr Seniors 1-4th yr Senior 2-4th yr Juniors 2-3rd yr Juniors 2- 2nd yr Sophs 1- Tr Frosh 7 of the 10 in their 3rd year or older. If that is a young roster, there's no such thing as an old one.
  20. Is it time to start Roby?

    Yes. Start him. Play small and play fast. Honestly...Jordy isn't in my top 10 right now until he starts playing well. He's regressed significantly from last year. I'd have Duby in front of him and he's not very good. Get Allen and Gill more time and even mix in Akenten, the more he plays now, they quicker he grows. Play smaller and run and space the floor.
  21. Maybe we can take two UCF coaches
  22. How bad is Indiana?

    I dont think they are real talented.