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  1. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    While I understand the stance and general premise, I disagree at this point in time. The single biggest thing Nebraska can do right now is win. And after year 6, while still on the hot seat, an nba draft pick isn’t going to carry a lot of weight IMO. And we need those guys to win. If this was year 2 or 3, I might think otherwise. But there’s no time left to do anything but win
  2. Scheduling

    Virtually every major conference basketball team has at least 1-2 clunkers (300+ level RPI teams) on their schedule. What we need to do is to make sure we have plenty of Top 100 games and win our fair share of them and avoid having an obscene amount of clunkers. Beating Deleware State didn't hurt us as much as losing to Kansas, Creighton, St. John's and UCF did.
  3. Scheduling

  4. Contract Extensions

    It’s a gamble but if those 1 or 2 recruits every cycle pan out and make you a winner and go to the dance, it’s absolutely worth it
  5. Contract Extensions

    Extensions are given to avoid negative recruiting. Kids don’t look at contract lengths until they are pointed out by the other schools that are recruiting them
  6. 2018-19 Husker opponents

    Last years was balanced too until Minnesota, NW and Wisconsin fell apart and fell far short of expectations.
  7. Let me get this straight...

    No proof. But I sure feel more confident in him having a year to get his ducks in a row rather than acting on short notice. He's 5 months in and the first 2-3 months were spent dealing with the football mess, AD restructuring, etc. Giving him a full year and season to witness and observe the program and put out feelers, most certainly couldn't be a bad thing.
  8. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    To answer these questions.... IMO.... 1. The positive momentum at the end of the season did die down with the way it finished. Ultimately it was a positive year, but I think any positivity that can be harnessed from this season is in limbo currently. Not because of the extension. But because we are waiting on 3 decisions. If all 3 guys come back, last year's success and how close we were is a very powerful selling tool when going after grad transfers who want to win immediately. However, if their decisions go the wrong way...there is very little to be positive about. 2. I think it could have looked cleaner had Moos and Miles been on the same page earlier on to get this done earlier in the month. I think we are quick to blame Moos, but I'm sure Miles had a part to play in it as well too. Ultimately, I think the negative PR is trivial in the grand scheme of things. Similar to question 1, the decisions of Copeland, Palmer and Roby are going to carry more weight as to the outlook of this program then the timing of the extension 3. I don't think there is any real change. I suppose a two year contract does give slightly better optics. But the fact is, Eichorst and Miles are the ones who dug this hole. Not Moos. He may not have gotten us out of it right away, but he wasn't the one who dug it. I do think the lack of long term extension could slow down recruiting for 2019. Then again...we did get X with Miles under the same terms. Short term....if our guys come back...and we win....everything is still on the table. Ultimately, whether it was a 1-year, 2-year or 8-year extension....if Miles has a disappointing season next year....we're in a coaching search which likely destroys any incoming recruiting class anyways.
  9. Let me get this straight...

    But if Moos didn't have his guy lined up...wouldn't firing Miles and hiring another guy, who isn't the right guy, and will inevitably be here 4-5 years at minimum also be sacrificing the long term healthy of the program?
  10. Let me get this straight...

    If we're coming off a successful season and he gets a 3-4 year extension (which would also typically come with a raise as well) then...no I don't. He's not going to be given 6 years at Minnesota. He probably won't even get 4. Higher expectations and less money....I suppose it's not unthinkable, but I still struggle seeing all the necessary dominoes fall to have that happen.
  11. Let me get this straight...

    I still think it’s way to early to say he won’t be here in 2019. It doesn’t look good and he’s certainly in his last chance if he fails. But I have a real hard time seeing him getting fired if we win 20+ and make the dance. And I don’t see him getting $2.5 MM somewhere else
  12. Also got a decent raise coming here if I rememver right
  13. Let me get this straight...

    Long term is probably agree. But this program has needed and still needs to have a sense of urgency. Perhaps the pressure helped. Win again and it shows you aren’t just a flash in the pan and you get more time
  14. Let me get this straight...

    Maybe that was part of the reason we win 22 games
  15. Let me get this straight...

    I think most people are willing to bet on the players (or most of them). I think people's hesitancy is in betting on the chef that stirs the stew