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  1. Maybe because it's fair to point out that TOs hires haven't exactly set the world on fire You can perceive it as being shoved in your face. It can also be perceived as a valid talking point. It it also gets brought up because there is clear animosity directed towards SE when he wasn't the guy who hired the guy to put us in this situation
  2. It's undeniable. We have to be able to discern TO the football coach from TO the AD. They are not one in the same. One deserves reverence. The other is very fair to question
  3. Why? Because the sign he is leaving when he was looked too as a bright spot for our future outweighs his flaws in my opinion we don't get it both ways. Don't get to make excuses for the program/Miles because morrow was hurt and the future is bright only to throw him under the bus in a span of hours (not you specifically but general line of thought) the guy guy was a tweener. He wasn't a superstar. He had flaws. That being said, he also had some damn five attributes and brought things that no one else on the roster did. We aren't better off without him
  4. Didn't think he would start either. Doesn't mean there aren't red flags or issues with the departure
  5. Your last paragraph is my point. Never said he was flawless. But funny now that he is transferring, only his flaws show. 6 hours ago, the 7 game stretch he missed, was a huge down turn for the program. Fast forward 7 hours and .....good riddance
  6. Think the situations are quite a bit different
  7. Some of whom I think are justified
  8. Hard to disagree
  9. This. All of it.
  10. I love the bash Ed posts now.
  11. I certainly don't consider people a success just because their predecessor was a turd and the current performance is mediocre and not bad
  12. Why is that so shocking? Bo: Improved over Callahan in terms of wins and losses. Acted liked a baby when he couldn't even produce top 25 teams let alone Saban type teams Miles: You feel good about where we are headed? Erstad: Improvement over Anderson, still a middle of the pack team in a middle of the pack (at best) baseball conference with tremendous facilities. Not exactly a good definition of success there. Had s couple of guys who the best thing you can say for them, was that they weren't bad
  13. Sadly, morrow may not be the last
  14. Poor leadership. It's not just the head coach though
  15. Hoiberg should be getting fired soon