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  1. Some of that is my point though. There was a level of check out. Did our talent equate to a 12-win team? I'll give our talent was better than that. But there is the mental aspect too...and we didn't have that. As you said...there was a level of check out. Good teams don't do it. It'd also be easier to accept if it was a fluke deal or a one time occurrence. It wasn't. There were many striking similarities to the last 3 seasons. Let's just end this in agreement that the team we can potentially put on the floor this year will be the most talented from top to bottom or 1-11, that Miles has had.
  2. Seems like we've been saying we were better than a 12-win or 15-win or 13-win team for forever. At some point in time, you are who you are. That being said....I'll agree that if everyone is healthy and eligible, we should be better. If not....happy hunting.
  3. I would hope so. We won 12 games
  4. Holy crap
  5. I have a feeling Miles will play him quite a bit. I just hope the 3 balls come with it, more so than the past. I think he has a roll on this team. With his length, he can occasionally play the stretch 4 as we'll need the bodies (especially in lieu of Copeland's uncertainty) but not sure 19 minutes per game will be justified. If it is, it means he has either improved a lot, or probably more realistically, someone else is hurt or not living up to expectations.
  6. If everyone pans out, don't see mcveigh getting 19mpg. That's a guy who hill can take minutes from. He won't play the 3 but palmer can
  7. Think this is a great matchup for us. Game against a power 5 team at home. Granted, they aren't very good, but it is still likely to be a 100-175 RPI rated team. Gives us an extremely winnable game early on, when we are learning to play together with the new faces and possibly without Copeland.
  8. Same here. After the last 3 finishes to the year, can't set it lower than that.
  9. My reference to Watson isn't to set the expectation for Roby to become a 40% 3pt shooter as much as it was that Roby, like Watson as a freshman, has shown that he's an elite level athlete and talented basketball player. AFAIC, Roby's issues were more mental than physical. I'm sure being stronger and more prepared physically could have helped, but from what I saw, it was his hesitation or apprehension that held him back more than any physical issues. IMO, a lot of those issues will not be relevant in the coming year. He may not be a lock to start, but IYAM, I don't see a lot of other guys who can bring the upside that he can. So they better be able to deliver at a very high level a skill he doesn't (i.e. shooting). And until I see Nana or Allen doing that, it's hard for me to see someone replacing him in the lineup.
  10. Agreed. Will also say that we don't need Roby to be a great shooter. A little improvement will be fine (and I have a feeling that will happen naturally anyways as the game slows down for him-similar to Watson). We've had some pretty mediocre shooters manning the 1,2 and 3 positions at times in the last few years and they didn't offer the natural upside that Roby does. Having an improved shooter at the two (Allen or Palmer) and at the 4 (Roby) and a true 5 in Jordy, should alleviate some of the need to be a great perimeter shooter, especially if he is as good all around as his potential indicates he can be
  11. Im hung up on this one too. The potential of this lineup is truly great.
  12. Taylor is nothing more than average. There's nothing wrong with that. But if Taylor is getting big minutes, then someone else is either hurt or not living up to their rankings. There are only so many minutes to go around. I definitely see some roles for him. But if he is playing upper teens to lower 20s in minutes...that means one, or two of Gill/Palmer/Allen/Nana is probably hurt or not cutting it.
  13. NCAA
  14. I'll give you that he exceeded my expectations last year, but the bottom line is...he's not a guy that should be playing more than 10 minutes a game in a reserve role if you aspire to be an above average team. If he's playing 20 mpg, then that means Gill didn't recover and/or Palmer/Allen/Akenten aren't playing to their expectations or there is another injury. He's not a guy who will hurt you, but he's not a guy who offers you anything above average either.
  15. Safe bet is to give Jent the interim title and shoot for a big fish next year