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  1. Didn't realize that the conference tourney got bumped up a week. Either way....I don't like it. Schedule it early. More returns, less risk. Less unknown
  2. IMO....with Copeland there is a ton of upside and ceiling to the team. Losing him, even for just the non-con kills that. Especially considering the lack of depth in the front court without him. We'd be pulling guys from the wing to try to play the stretch 4 full time. It'd require more from a guy like Taylor, who we really should be seeing less of if we are really improving. Taking Copeland out of the equation would require a pretty remarkable development from someone to compensate, one, that I'm not sure is very realistic to expect. We can't keep losing contributors and just shrug it off. I agree that Jacobson probably lost his starting spot. That doesn't mean there still wasn't 18-24 mpg for him
  3. Thinking in terms of upside want Roby and Copeland on the floor...meaning one of them is playing the 3. Regardless...subbing Copeland out of the mix, assuming he doesn't get the waiver...Roby alone at the 4 is not a better situation. Roby and Jacobson would each bring different assets to the table. Regardless whether Roby would be better at the 4 than need depth.
  4. Duby is a big step down Roby and mcveigh aren't full time stretch 4s. We're not better off. He would've played....a lot and that's with Copeland. God forbid we don't get him full time.
  5. I dont like the Big 10 tourney being sped up...but I can live with that and Delaney has earned that right. I dont like the idea of trying to fit an extra game in at the last minute
  6. Losing one hurt. Losing both...really hurts....and at a devastating level until Copeland gets his waiver.
  7. That makes it a bit more doable then. Dont like it. But makes the logistics a lot better
  8. Jacobson is better than people give him credit for and we'll miss him more than people lead on right now. We have little PF depth right now and that's with a healthy eligible Copeland. And that's not a given. Jacobson would've still played 20+ mpg this year
  9. Not sure how this works unless the big ten tourney is moved up as well. It ends on selection Sunday.
  10. Some speculation on Twitter that the Gavitt Game will be us at St Johns
  11. I guess I don't view recruiting outcomes (ours, or other teams) as breaks...for better or for worse. You can't control the decision, but you can control the effort, actions and approach leading to the decision.
  12. I guess I don't view that as much of a break. We did a great job recruiting him over a long period of time and built the relationship with him. By break, I mean relying on something we can't really control....we controlled how we recruited him.
  13. I think we'll have more than 5 more....especially using the +3 rule. But right now, we can use it to our advantage like you mentioned. Also think getting out in front, having a plan, being organized, showing consistent effort and selling Nebraska's benefits help too.
  14. Which is why I can't buy into the hype train and the poo poo-ing of Ed and Jacobson's departure. Copeland is an NBA level talent...but we are depending on his health and the NCAA to grant the exception otherwise we are in a lot of trouble in the non-con. And when was the last time Husker hoops caught a break.
  15. If he wants to come...take him. Brings some good will off the floor, adds another big for depth. If his attitude isnt where it should be...bench him...he's a reserve anyways