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  1. Plenty of time to discuss the Miles/firing standpoint. As others have mentioned....today he wasn't perfect, but he did a good job. Wouldve liked to see some other lineups but the ticky tack calls that force McVeigh onto the floor would handcuff everyone
  2. Between some really bad calls, Jordy's ineptitude on offense, Jack's all over we just couldnt overcome it. Have no issues with the effort today of the team
  3. Anything out of Jordy or McVeigh today and we are ahead. Next to Harrell...they have been Creighton's best players
  4. Minnesota Game

    Halfway tempted to do this for the Creighton game. No illusions or thoughts about winning at Creighton or upsetting KU. Last night gives me hope though that we can make a run. That we can protect home court against the average to good teams in the conference. We'll be sitting at 10-5 entering January, with a final 8 games that really give us a chance to gain a lot of momentum down the stretch. Especially if we defend like we did last night.
  5. Coffey and Palmer's offset. Jordy coming in late was the outlier.
  6. That was fun. Great effort defensively
  7. Minnesota Game

    Personally think this is a must win game tonight. Yeah, yeah....there is a lot of time left in the year...blah blah....but I think we need this one if we are going to have a successful season. We need this for a few reasons in my opinion. Number one for confidence. Beating the North Dakotas and Marists is certainly better than losing to the Incarnate Words, but it doesn't really do much for you mentally. A win tonight would be a nice boost of confidence for the team entering the heart of the season. Number two, it curbs the tide of a potential run of negativity. Lose tonight and we likely follow it up with two more losses. Yes, all the goals are still in front of us at 6-6, but the road is that much tougher. 10-5 entering January is a lot nicer than 9-6. Especially when that extra win is over a likely 4 seed or better in the dance. Number three....resume builder. We lose tonight and we will likely enter January with not one win over a Top 100 school/team. Losing at St Johns and UCF, can be overcome, but they took away a couple opportunities for an RPI building win. With the Big 10 looking a little down and with us getting some favorable draws with the Big 10 schedule, we won't have a ton of opportunities for high quality wins. Going 18-13 might not be enough with those considerations. Minnesota is a very good team, but not unbeatable, especially at home. We need to take advantage of the opportunity.
  8. I don't see that many teams where it'd put us at a huge disadvantage. Michigan State and Purdue are big and physical. Maybe Wisconsin with Happ and Minnesota with Murphy. Though, I'd argue the increased athleticsm would help up more with Murphy than size. Not to mention what it does for us on our end of the court.
  9. Start Roby and Copeland. Okeke first big in. Real close to wanting to see Tanner over Jordy. Tanner's ceiling is low...but at least he/we know his role.
  10. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    I know this team is. But Jordy has been downright bad all year regardless of who we play
  11. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    Roby needs to start vs Minnesota over Jordy. Play our best 5 together just once.