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  1. Non Conference record

    12-2 WSU and one to be named later, although I am the king of wishful thinking.
  2. I think you are correct that the posts will be actually posting up, but I have my doubts that Kate will be starting. Here's my reasoning and feel free to disagree. Judging by the type of players being recruited, I think Coach Williams wants to run and pressure. Running pressuring and posting up wears too much on the bigs, so I look for Rachel to start and platoon with Kate. I look for the other starter to be a stretch 4, which says to me Grace or Maddie. Someone else asked if Taylor was a good enough athlete. Athleticism is good not great, but here's why she'll see the floor a lot. Quick smooth release with outlandish accuracy well beyond the arc. The release will be quicker than most close outs, so she will really stretch the opposing defences
  3. No surprise here

    When is she going to take college a little bit seriously. (J/K) Dear Lord I am trying to remember was sober 2 days in a row by the end of my third year of school. Congratulations Emily and thank for representing our school so well.
  4. Kate Cain

    If she gets the boards and defends well we are already a better team.
  5. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    mwm, they do not play that big that well yet, but I do hope the possibility exists.
  6. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    I am not being argumentative here just stating a quick point. Rachel, Grace, Maddie and Darien are all as tall and three cases taller than Kelsey Griffen, Corey Montgomery, Jordan Hooper and Anna Deforge. It is not always about how big you are, it's sometimes how big you play.
  7. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Ditto row 6 and HUD. I really like the looks of the class right now. Though by my count we are a big short next year. I do not see a reason to recruit more than two bigs any year. Count me as one that is very thankful for Leigha's commit.
  8. Next season starters?

    Though row 6 is more than likely right, my wishful thinking is this. 1 Bria 2 Hannah 3 Nicea 4 Grace or Maddie 5 Burns Janay first off and Taylor second off. Jaz will be off the bench early, but she really needs to figure out it's a team sport. If you're driving and the defense collapses, pass for goodness sakes 28% shooting will not beat anyone. Why? We need more size on the court. Grace needs to work on a couple things at the 4. 1 box out 2 hold ball high 3 trust your shot ( she really does have a nice shot). Maddie have fun and play. There is not a 4 in the B1G that can athletically match her. Anyway if either of those two can take that quantum leap. This could be a surprisingly good team.
  9. WBB: Game # 26 vs Indiana

    If I remember correctly she visited during the football season and her dad was donning the GBR colors. Hopefully that's a good indicator.
  10. WBB: Game # 26 vs Indiana

    A most enjoyable game. Take away the first 6 minutes of the third quarter and it's as good as we could possibly play. The game ball is tough to call. Hannah played with great toughness and was the making the had to have them shots down the stretch. 18.6.4. Nicea did great job on Tyra. 13.1.6. I give it Nicea cause the turbo stuff of Tyra Bus was my favorite play of the game.
  11. Maddie Simon

    Sports 101 get the ball in the hands of your best athlete and let them make a play. Normally shes the best athlete on the floor the second she steps foot on the court. That being said she plays timid and robotic. Long story short, the mistakes look to me like they are happening cause she's too affraid to make mistakes, she needs to just relax and play. If she would cut loose and play she'd be hard to stop. More minutes less minutes, not sure what's needed, just get your best athlete performing at a high level.
  12. WBB: Game # 24 vs Ohio State

    Best played game to date. Hannah what a warrior, wonder what her count is today. That was an interesting style of officiating. No I don't think that had anything to do with the outcome, but I curious how many steps does OSU get driving to the basket. I counted 8 on the one that the gal curled around the key after picking up. We boarded well and played descent on defense. They just shot too well behind the arc especially, when we were packed in the zone during the first half.
  13. WBB: Game#24 @ Wisconsin

    First thank you for the picture of Anna, she is actually the reason I started watching the women's team. I will disagree with your assessment though. I did not expect to see many w's, I did not expect to see a complete lack of effort. They remind me more of Sanderford's last year, when they completely threw in the towel, than Connie's first year. Margret and played their butt' s off. I probably would have been happier pulling any 8 off the pep band if they played hard. It's hard to park your back side in a seat. With family members have maladies such as dementia and Parkinson's, I can honestly say it takes us more effort to get seated than they play with. Never the less we still fill the seats as long as we are able. GBR.
  14. WBB: Game #13 vs Northwestern

    Actualfacts1, Nicea is going to exceed my offensive expectations. I saw tape on her before she got here and saw 8-12 pts, half dozen boards, a couple steals, a few ast., and a couple blocks. That being said she was the recruit I was most excited about. Why, length, lateral quickness and a mind for defense. I saw a person who, when she learns to scout properly can remove the other teams best guard from the game completely on the offensive end.
  15. 2018 recruiting Big Board

    Saw 2 things I really liked. She puts a body on both offensively as shield and defensively boxing out. The other thing is that she gets up and down the court quickly. It's nice when bigs can defend in transition.