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  1. Who is Tim Miles

    Steve Taylor was definitely in the wrong, but I would hope Miles would be the bigger man and not say something to Tai about it or at least not in that time and place. Tai isn't responsible for his girlfriend's dad's idiocy.
  2. Who is Tim Miles

    Agree with HB ... that book was pretty telling. Little things that leak like what he said to Tai after being confronted by Steve Taylor tell me a bit more about Miles as well. I think he could stand to look in the mirror a bit more and ask himself if the way he's going about things is positively affecting his players' mentality and the overall culture of the program. Again, I'll probably get heck but not everyone responds to tough love the same way especially these days. A coach (imho) has to be more flexible and know more about psychology and "meeting players where they are at" mentally and emotionally. It's an educator's job actually. Just my $.02.
  3. Looking forward

    I think Roby will improve and is a much better player than he demonstrated last year. If he can shore up his defense he will get a longer rope from Miles. I just worry Miles gets some of these talented kids and then the way they are handled causes them to be scared to make mistakes and they end up going into a shell. I know I will get heck for saying this, but I think that's what happened with Tai. Last year there was no choice but to let him do his thing and he played with more confidence and accomplished a lot more. I hope that happens with Roby earlier in his career.
  4. Agau's Salty

    Take him in a heartbeat. What the heck does either party have to lose at this point? He'd likely get plenty of minutes or at least have lots of opportunity to earn them. If I'm Agau, it's either here (where I could get exposure at a Power 5 school and minutes) or go to a smaller school with more "guaranteed" time. The guy needs to get some on court experience and exposure that is on tape somewhere. For him personally, he needs minutes and game experience in college. This coming year could be one of the most interesting in some time ... if Miles can pull something off kudos to him, but I'm certainly not expecting it.
  5. Offseason Potpourri

    What else do people expect Eichorst to say? Not quite wanting to buy this buddy/buddy show, but we shall see ... next year is still kind of do or die despite them saying the opposite, although I understand Eichorst cannot say that either. Fact is, even in the long tortured history of Nebrasketball, the last 5 years (save a 4 week run ... which was great mind you) has been exceedingly bad. I also am not buying all the positivity from Barfknecht of late either ... yes, transfers are the name of the game today but we are on the high end of that number. Especially when considering 2 of the 4 constantly referenced reasons to maintain hope for the future decide to leave. I have been a season ticket holder for a long time (since 1990) and will remain a fan and continue to attend games, but I don't really see any tangible reason to like "the direction the program is heading." Yes, recruiting has improved but on some level that almost makes the futility less defendable. We'll see ... Miles has surprised from the get go, so I wouldn't put anything past him.
  6. Jacobson Gone?

    It really irks me that people are kind of writing off these two losses (Jacobsen and Morrow). Yes I don't think they were as great as we thought when they were recruited, but still this is HALF of the 4 players that are consistently brought up as a reason for optimism the past two years. When we were losing games after going 3-0 to start conference season Ed was held up as a difference maker and the difference ... and yes, we were much better when he was back. Then you have Jacobsen ... he started 50-some games in two years and still decides to leave. This doesn't happen a lot in many places - playing THAT much and also choosing to leave. Is Michael a difference maker in the B1G? Not really from what I've seen, but again he was a member of the 4 players from that class that are consistently held up over the past few years as reasons for optimism. Miles can't hold on to players and/or apparently can't evaluate players that well either.
  7. Morrow leaving

    What he's trying to tell people with his words (imho) is "I would love to stay here ... I want to be here ... but I have no faith in this staff to help me get better."
  8. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I personally liked Parker, but Power 5 schools don't have someone like Benny playing that many minutes if any over their career.
  9. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    The biggest knock on Collier and Sadler was their inability to recruit. When it comes to Nebraska Basketball I'm willing to suffer a few losing seasons while we upgrade talent and real depth. We just had 3 losing seasons in a row for the first time since 1962. Save a 4 week run, Miles' record would be significantly worse than Collier and Sadler ... and it still is worse. This season our defense was horrible. I believe he will get that fixed. The last 3 seasons our defense has really struggled imho. A lot of that is a lack of length at all positions, but that is improving. Motion offense is run by a lot of teams. We are just poor at executing it. Shots are there we just aren't hitting them. It is for sure, that I agree with ... I would argue that the shots have NOT been there for the most part. There's been a lot of one-on-one hero ball at the end of the shot clock over his entire tenure that aren't really high quality shots. I hope all of you Miles apologists are right ... I really do. I was on the fence as to whether he should be retained, but he earned the right to coach these guys with his recruiting I suppose. I just don't see what I see improving over time. Again, I hope you guys who are apologists for Miles are correct. I have been a season ticket holder since 1990 and will continue to be a fan. I'm just not so sure all of these guys are as talented as the recruiting rankings say OR Miles can't exactly coach and develop talent. Either way the long-term results don't look good (so far).
  10. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    So out of Miles' first 6 high school recruits ... one will finish out his eligibility here (Tai). Yes, It has improved after the first few years but that's not a very good track record early on.
  11. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I think you are right, but we are basing that on people who haven't even seen the court here including one who just had back surgery. One of the consistencies of the Miles era has been to write off any losses in personnel to being able to replace them with whomever is coming in. Tarin Smith would've been a nice player to have the past few years.
  12. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I don't think I'm acting like what I'm saying is canon law. This is a message board and people exchange opinions. This is just merely my perception. I watch all interviews, read all I can, and just observe what I observe - body language, etc. Reading the Nebrasketball book a while back gives some perspective as well. I'm not saying I'm right, just saying that's my opinion.
  13. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I definitely am disappointed we didn't go another direction with a different coach, but also can see why we kept Miles as he has improved the talent on paper. As far as your analysis of what I said, I don't really care. I suppose I'm taking "shots" at Miles, but my expression of how it's also understandable why he's had struggles with roster management is more so to lighten the "criticism." Yes, this is all just my opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree with it. My concerns: - We have had a lot of people, coaches included, not want to stick around here. - Miles has especially struck out when it comes to recruiting high school kids. - We are severely lacking in guards currently and shooting in general. Previously the problem was big men. - Defense, Miles' calling card until recently, has become worse and worse despite hiring a defensive-minded assistant. - I personally don't see a lot of buy in and trust in Miles as the coach (yes this is my opinion) when I observe the team. - There seems to be little to no overall offensive game plan other than to run motion over and over and call a set play here and there. I personally think a good teacher and coach uses different techniques to motivate different people. But yes, Miles has his right to coach as he pleases and I have the right to have an opinion on that. All I can go on is what I hear and observe.
  14. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Horne was a different player than I assumed coming in. I figured he was going to be an undersized 4 (like so many of our players) and not have a great outside shot. He was a much better shooter than I had figured (not that he was a consistently good shooter). I guess it concerns me a little that on a team that has a lack of people who can shoot and make an outside shot, we lose a kid that had some of those skills from fairly nearby. He probably currently isn't quick enough to guard as well as we need him to for the position he plays (this is a common problem for us too it seems). Horne looked like he could trim up a little bit and shave some baby weight with some time in the weight room so maybe he could've improved his quickness and lateral movement? Anyhow, this also leads me to feel like we don't have a lot of good long-term roster planning going on when you have SO many guys who seemingly play a similar position. I know at some point you just have to search for talent, period ... also, I know it's hard to know who is going to stick around and pan out and whatnot, so that makes it more difficult too. Still, the vision and direction for the program has been lacking imho. Miles relied on transfers a bit much early on (and took some chances on some attitudes) and it kind of paid off, but I'm not sure that was a good long-term choice. Again, kind of the name of the game these days though. I have lots of concerns going forward and to be honest I probably would've felt better about McVeigh leaving than Horne. Yes, I think Miles needs to discipline guys and make sure they're working hard in practice, but sometimes I fear there are a lot of mind games that go on and you just need to give guys some room to make mistakes and grow on the court. While Tai played lots of minutes his whole career I personally believe Miles played a lot of head games with him. Miles seems to get credit for "developing" Tai because of this year, but I think more of the truth is that he had to let the reins loose a bit as we were so thin and Tai was just allowed to do his thing a bit and gain some confidence because he didn't fear making mistakes so much. Again, just my opinion and I know that's likely not to be popular with everyone here.
  15. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Keeping HS recruits is still difficult for Miles. Also, I wouldn't say it's a for sure thing that McVeigh is back next year. Before the season (yes that was a long time ago) there was an article from a small site where he stated he may only be here one more year). My interest in next year is waning ... don't get me wrong, still getting tickets, but it almost feels like Pelini's last year ... more of the same to come.