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  1. faqlsr

    Looking forward

    More Palmer (#12 in red) highlights from high school https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V95EuoQx0Vk
  2. I agree with the thoughts in this thread. Looking back, I remember many times during the season coach Miles himself said this team was the Petteway & Shields show. That message was heard loud and clear by the team and they played like it. I'm not sure that is the proper message to bring about the best team environment.
  3. faqlsr


    I love Miles and usually appreciate his straight shooting approaches to interviews, but he could have handled his statements about Fuller a little bit more professional. I am a pretty big fan though of Fuller so maybe I am over reacting....I just see a kid that is trying to bust into the rotation and was hoping to see comments that reflected a little more confidence from his head coach.
  4. faqlsr

    train smith tweet.

    I'm not ashamed to say it.....I'm not smart enough to understand what he means. Can someone explain it to me?
  5. faqlsr


    Bingo Bango ... You have described one of my more frustrating issues with our coaching staff this year.
  6. faqlsr

    Update on Moses Abraham & Leslee Smith

    Yep, I absolutely agree with this. If Hammond isn't going to see time with the injuries we have had, then it was pointless to not redshirt him.....and he really could have benefited from sitting this year and gotten stronger. It was a pure waste of a year for him.
  7. faqlsr

    It's pics like these....

    That looks to be after Tai's 3 point make.
  8. Reading those comments from the players, it sounds like last year's successes went to their heads.
  9. faqlsr

    Best Thing About Tonight

    I agree...I thought Fuller looked really good and deserves more minutes. We are desperately needing some more scoring threats. I thought Hammond looked serviceable too given more experience.
  10. faqlsr

    Best Thing About Tonight

    Thank goodness basketball has an early signing period.
  11. ...is that it hurts Creighton's RPI. That's what is really important anyways. :-)
  12. This team read all their press clippings in the off-season....the effort is nowhere near what it was last season.
  13. faqlsr

    The Sky Didn't Fall Last Night...

    Looking forward to another "the sun came up" post.
  14. faqlsr

    Tai's summer

    Tai's game looks to be more suited to a 2 guard role...I think the addition of Tarin Smith will allow him to move over and be a more comfortable player for us this year. I agree with others that his shot is much improved and we know he can drive to the hoop as well. I'm excited for next season.