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  1. I blame the wiretapping UM is known for
  2. Who gave up? I was impressed by ed and Nick down the stretch.
  3. Make that 11 Like Megan Fox...totally do-able
  4. well this sucks
  5. Sorry bros. I'm in a hotel with a queen bed and insanely uncomfortable wanna be office/wanna be casual chair. No couches to fist. I'll point the thumb on tonight's game.
  6. Agree it depends on the recruiting class?
  7. Miles could lose out, go sub .500 next year and I'd still argue he gets one more shot. Every time they show the graphic of the current big 10 standings I get excited. Not because we're in the bottom bracket, but because of the shake up in the league. If we're a school with a history, I'd be on the fire wagon. We're a school with, let's be honest, no history. A change at this point would cement that for the foreseeable future.
  8. I have decent drive everyday where I listen to 93.7 (not a plug). The afternoon show co host has signed on to eat a cat food sandwich if Nebraska makes the NCAA tournament. I plan to join in solidarity. Those who are with me (us??) please RSVP. I'll personally buy the cat food for anyone who signs up. We will win the conference tournament. I can't guarantee anything past that. I can't guarantee I wont have melted cheese on my cat food sandwich, but honestly...I look forward to it. Simply say +1 if you plan to participate. Thanks, a0t0w0
  9. Worst call if the game was the no call on the jump ball at the end. Those refs were interesting
  10. Told you we would win
  11. You win on replies to that post. don't miss the 1 and 1 bro
  12. why don't you do us all a favor and inhibit LA LA land more often!
  13. Still don't know how we don't win the b10 tourney