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  1. Serious question ...

    Ha! I remember Roby blocking a shot, getting the rebound, and going coast-to-coast in one of the first games last season. Would like to see more of that from him!
  2. Serious question ...

    Interesting info and analysis, aphil. Here is some more data from last season --Morrow played 562 minutes and had 180 rebounds, for 1 rebound every 3.12 minutes. --Jacobson played 743 minutes and had 192 rebounds, for 1 rebound every 3.87 minutes. --Jordy played 389 minutes and had 123 rebounds, for 1 rebound every 3.16 minutes. --Tai played 1075 minutes and had 158 rebounds, for 1 rebound every 6.80 minutes. Okeke at Winthrop for career: 1398 minutes and 355 rebounds, for 1 rebound every 3.9 minutes. But, for career, Okeke blocked a shot ever 9.8 minutes. Last year Morrow and Jacobson had 1 block for every 20.8 and 27.5 minutes, respectively. Jordy had a block every 25.93 minutes.
  3. Serious question ...

    Make it happen, Norm!!
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    So . . . all the names are written out above (first and last), until we get to the text. Then, I had to go to Huskers.com for a reminder on who ET and TB might be. For awhile, I thought we had some things on our team from a 1980s movie and from a lung disease.
  5. Copeland

    Here are Isaac's Freshman year stats: Played in all 33 games, started 11, and averaged 20.0 minutes. Shot .451 from the floor, .389 from three, and .809 from the line, averaging 6.8 points per game. Committed 46 fouls -- that's less than 2 per game. Had 3.8 rebounds per game. Had 19 blocks, 8 steals, and 23 assists to 36 turnovers.
  6. Copeland

    Wow! This is amazing. This type of good news doesn't happen for Nebrasketball . . . ever. It's Roburt Sallie in reverse!
  7. Thomas Allen is N

    Lee Barfknecht with some positive words about Thomas Allen: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/barfknecht-tim-miles-thinks-thomas-allen-can-provide-immediate-impact/article_03c76253-e570-52f7-94c2-4b4ca7cc515d.html here is a blurb from the article: Kansas coach Bill Self . . . visited Allen in April at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, then followed with a visit to his home in Garner, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh. Self didn’t arrive empty-handed. He carried scholarship papers. “It was a little bit overwhelming,” Allen said last week. “I sat and talked with Coach Self for quite awhile. But I already knew where I wanted to go.”
  8. Offseason Potpourri

    On Saturday at the pregame sidelines, Tanner Borchardt certainly looks the part of a mature college athlete. And with his continued 4.0 GPA, maybe he'll be the next Academic All-American (just kidding).
  9. Countdown to College Basketball

    Can't get this tweet to work. But it's a fun Nebrasketball photo from yesterday:
  10. Season Tickets

    Nose bleed: like bumping your head on the ceiling in the upper tier. I have two spare tickets up there: if anyone has a problem with vertigo or cremnophobia (fear of the precipice), such seats are not a good place to be. And reading that string of KU posts is irritating.
  11. Well . . . , Norm. That's a tad glum. I prefer to focus on Jack's maturation and experience. As Tai showed, those elements are valuable!
  12. He looks bigger in the Russia video above. Maybe it's the beard.