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  1. klgumby makes this excellent observation over on Red Sea Scrolls: "Nebraska has done everything they have needed to do the minute they need to do it. They have to rely on Georgetown, all doctors, and the NCAA to be timely here and 2 of those 3 aren't exactly known for being timely."
  2. Sounds promising . . . just takes time.
  3. That spin/hook move at the end of the video seems to show some promise on offense . . . unless it was one successful shot out of five. But it looks good, in any event.
  4. Patton was injured?
  5. How does a first round draft pick get a red shirt?
  6. So, one of Nebraska's assistant coaches is interviewed for a head coaching position at a Big East school. But he doesn't get the job. So . . . that's a positive all the way around, right? And, of course, that's a logical opportunity for a local sports reporter to write about, "Rashon Burno, who left after 50 days to go to Arizona State."
  7. I did. And I got the ticket cards: a nice innovation.
  8. Oh .... I just now got the reference. No. I had no such idea in mind. Definitely not.
  9. That's an interesting dalliance between Ohio State and the Creighton coach. It didn't quite get to the "Pig Sooie" stage. But it certainly looks like more than a harmless flirtation. Here's predicting a departure within the next few years to a place where the administration doesn't fire a coach for two lack-luster years after a bunch of highest-level performances.
  10. Here is an article on White: http://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/index.ssf/2017/05/andrew_white_hopes_his_shooting_stroke_impresses_an_nba_franchise.html
  11. Hans Brase has, apparently, committed to Iowa St. So, are we still saying, "There is another"?
  12. What is falling apart for Illinois? They show three commits from guards for 2017, each of whom is a Rivals four star. And one of those three is Mark Smith.
  13. Wow! Great video of Petteway. But what happened to the long hair!!!