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  1. Swan88

    New numbers

    Every tweet has a “send” icon in the lower right corner (it looks like an upward arrow over a base). Tap that icon and copy the link. Then paste the link here.
  2. Swan88

    New numbers

  3. Swan88

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    Agreed. I remember watching JR play in an Omaha summer league game before his first season at Nebraska -- l believe the game was, actually, over in Council Bluffs somewhere. Anyway, I was sitting near a basketball "expert" (I mean that genuinely--no sarcasm intended), who commented on JR Strowbridge: that he was a horrible player, that Nebraska had no business recruiting him, and that he'd end up being a wasted scholarship. Thereafter, I was always amazed at how well JR played -- including his last season, at Oregon.
  4. Swan88


    That’s because they push the ball up the floor quickly, which means they often shoot quickly. That translates into more possessions and more points for the other team. They may still be bad at defense, but there is at least another explanation for high scores.
  5. Swan88

    Way too early Top 25

    By the way, has anyone been over on Red Sea Scrolls lately? The Nebrasketball haters dominate nearly every basketball thread over there. There are a handful of posters, in particular, who absolutely shut down every basketball thread with unrelenting, vile and vicious stuff. I think it’s the worst-ever over there—and I’ve been there a long time. So, it’s refreshing on this board to read posts (like this one) from people who actually like the Huskers—hopefully the Scrolls folks don’t bring their venom over here! I’m guessing it’s a sign of fear, among some over there, that Nebrasketball might actually be getting it together. If it weren’t for Robin Washut’s information and insights on basketball, I’d drop my Red Sea Scrolls subscription in a heartbeat. In fact, upon writing this, I can’t believe I’m actually paying to read that garbage.
  6. Swan88

    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    Hear, Hear! In the rare game that season, where Leslee played at least 30 minutes, the Huskers beat Michigan St. Leslee's summertime knee blow-out was devastating for that team. Up to then, Leslee had been the symbol of Tim Miles's ability to find an under-rated player and get excellent production from him.
  7. Swan88

    Copeland is back

    Sipple has a good point in this article: “Bottom line, Palmer and Copeland’s return is a show of confidence in the program -- and yes, in the head coach. Don’t underplay that part of the discussion.”
  8. Swan88

    Palmer Back

  9. Swan88

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I'm not sure how to classify the linked article as either negative or positive. So, here is what it says: Isaac Copeland Height: 6-9 Weight: 210 College: Nebraska Classification: Junior Birthdate: 6/13/1995 Projected Draft Range: Likely Undrafted Pros: Excels at scoring on the move Decent scorer off the dribble Very good free throw shooter Adequate playmaker Moves well off the ball on offense Decent rebounder when focused Adequate defensive player Gifted athlete Great size to play multiple positions Cons: Needs to improve his shooting Not an elite ball handler Can be too passive on offense Needs to improve his rebounding Does not collect many steals or blocks Must get stronger May struggle to adjust to NBA tempo Summary: Isaac Copeland is a very athletic combination forward that is projected to be a potential second round prospect for the upcoming draft. Copeland excels at moving off the ball, as he can score on plenty of hustle plays. He also has great physical tools to defend multiple positions, though he does not collect many steals or blocks in games. On the other hand, Copeland will need to improve his jump shot, as his three-point shot has fallen off in recent years. Copeland also may be a mediocre rebounder at best, and he has played on slow paced teams that may make it tough for him to adjust to NBA tempo right away. Currently, Copeland may be a borderline second round candidate. If he improves upon his weaknesses, he could end up being a solid role player in the association.
  10. Swan88

    Morrow leaving

    If Ed and Mike had stayed: Okeke would never have been here; Borchardt would never have been on scholarship; and Jordy was probably gone. That’s a lot of minutes available at the 5. But Ed’s feet probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a half-season. That means Jacobsen probably would have played a lot at the 5—shouldn’t have transferred, unless he really, really wants to be a 4.
  11. Swan88

    Morrow leaving

    Oh, no! Best wishes to Ed and his family. Hope it works out!
  12. Swan88

    Morrow leaving

    If this were accurate, he’d have played the 4 here. But he didn’t. And he wasn’t going to. And the coaches weren’t just being stubborn. But time and a new opportunity will tell.
  13. Swan88

    Morrow leaving

    Marquette folks seem to see Ed as starting at the 4 position next year: one even calls him a “prototype Big East 4.” My perception is that Ed has, throughout his career, always played the 5–and he is often a dominating force there. The problem for Ed, that I’ve observed, is a lack of hand quickness and agility—something that’s hard to remedy and is a problem at the 4. Ball-handling deficiencies are hard to overcome outside the 5. But . . . he’ll probably prove me wrong.