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  1. If Moos wants Miles gone, he should have fired him.
  2. Miles extension poll

    Moos has also overseen more basketball failure than we've ever had at Nebraska. If Moos actually has a good plan and is working it . . . that's fine and great. But so far, it looks from the outside like his plan, whatever it may be, sucks. And as a long-time Nebrasketball fan, this is not acceptable: it looks like he's inflicted a mortal wound without a replacement in hand. So . . . I'll repeat: Bill Moos had better have a plan, and it'd better be a good one. Thus far, his plan, whatever it might be, looks like a pile of crap.
  3. Miles extension poll

    I'll repeat: Moos had better have a plan for Nebrasketball . . . and it'd better be a good one. For fans of Moos's last hire at Washington St., here are details from the last four basketball seasons under that Coach: 2017-18: 12-19 (.387) overall; 4-14 (.222) in Conference 2016-17: 13-18 (.419) overall; 6-12 (.333) in Conference 2015-16: 9-22 (.290) overall; 1-17 (.056) in Conference 2014-15: 13-18 (.419) overall; 7-11 (.389) in Conference I don't care how far you go back for better results, these details are terrible! Tim Miles looks like a world-beater compared to that, as do Doc Sadler and the coach before him.
  4. Karrington Davis is officially 'N'

    If the injury discussion above is about Karrington Davis, here’s the story from HuskerOnline.com: “I just came off of injury, so the facilities and the rehab they have there all played into me making my decision. I just felt like it was the best fit for me.” . . . The injury Davis suffered was a bone impingement and a labrum tear in his hip last spring. He said he’s well on his way to a full recovery and now the next hurdle was getting back to the level he was at when he was a star in the St. Louis prep ranks.” Translation: he’s been dealing with a lot of hip pain.
  5. What the heck does the FBI think it’s doing trying to cast these universities as fraud victims?! All of us should have such fraud misfortune thrust upon us: top-flight recruits showing up on our doorstep without working, much, to recruit them. Heck, yeah! We’ll take all the victimhood like that you can give us!! Oh . . . and yeah. There’s no way these fraud “victims” should have ever suspected something fishy amid their victimhood. It’s like a Ponzi Scheme “victim” who’s getting 75% return on investment: “We had no idea this might be too good to be true!” Yeah. Right. Here are the real victims of the fraudsters (the Dawkins and Gattos of this world): it’s the school’s who try to play by the rules! It’s the Huskers of this world. Get this, for example: the entire Robert Sallee debacle, from years past, was a self-reported issue by NU. No-one would have ever known about it without NU honesty and transparency. NU went to the Big XII to get absolution for what was, obviously, a technical error by a low-level employee. It should have been a slam-dunk absolution. But do you remember what happened? The Big XII said, “Nyet!” And, if I recall correctly, Kansas helped lead the charge on that result. Now . . . Kansas and other universities are the “victim” in this charade?! Seriously?
  6. Hmmm . . . Maryland's 2018 class has two four stars and one five star: and the five star is also from IMG Academy--just like De Sousa. So . . . corruption hits the B1G? $$$$$??
  7. This is amazing. Who do you suppose the “other school” might be? The second player mentioned in the allegations against Kansas committed to the school on Aug. 30, 2017. The player was allegedly choosing between Kansas and a school sponsored by a rival athletic apparel company, but despite wanting to go to Kansas, he had allegedly already accepted a payment from the other school. Gatto and Co-Conspirator-3 allegedly conspired to pay the player's guardian—listed as "Guardian-1" in the documents—in exchange for the player attending Kansas and signing with Adidas upon going to the NBA. On Sept. 11, 2017, Gatto and Co-Conspirator-3 allegedly discussed paying "another $20,000" to Guardian-1 to get out of the previous deal with the school
  8. Miles extension poll

    At this point, the issue is far beyond the question of Miles and his capabilities. He is mortally wounded as a Husker coach.
  9. On the basketball front, Moos had better have a plan . . . and it'd better be a good one. He did in football, and it looks like that was a good one. So . . . we'll see.
  10. Kenya Hunter

  11. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  12. Question?

    Lots of selection stuff was new this year: The quad system was new this year; Valuing early season wins as much as (or more than) late season losses was new this year; Getting teams into the Tournament (including the Committee Chair's own team) who were <.500 over their last 15 games, with multiple blowout losses in those games, was new this year; and Omitting a B1G team, whose record got B1G school into the dance for 61 years straight, was new this year.
  13. Postseason Tourney Talk

    It’s obvious. They looked at each other.
  14. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Don’t know anything about class rankings, but, according to a Rivals, Villanova’s team includes two five-stars and at least four four-stars.
  15. Then let’s just have an auction for top players. If some teams are trying to play by the rules, and others are cheating, that’s a defect in the system. I remember the NCAA putting Osborne’s team on probation for a slight technicality—and now we are told that, during the same time, other teams were paying players: seems ridiculously unfair!