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  1. Offseason Potpourri

    Perfect. Looking forward to a run to the tournament.
  2. Beckner leaving

    Miles playing chess, everyone else playing checkers Lol
  3. Nebraska (16-17) Vs. Maryland (24-7) Game Thread

    Like the little engine that could?
  4. We have a game today folks

    Wow. Must've watched Fantasia a lot growing up...
  5. Tim's getting a little worn down

  6. Burno Bolting for ASU

    History suggests about 50% of those guys will peace out before their eligibility is exhausted....
  7. Burno Bolting for ASU

    Connection or not, this isn't a good look for the program. Lots of player and coach attrition.
  8. I can't remember if it was on the new site or the old one, but I know at one point there was a decent stockpile of video broadcasts of 90's husker hoops games. Does anyone have the links saved? TIA
  9. uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: ed 7, vol 16 - Illinois

    I'd agree. I certainly didn't bring it last night and the Rutgers crowd seemed better. No doubt that the crowd was dead, but to be fair the flow of the game wasn't terribly conducive for a rockin' environment. That game was like a trip to the dentist, but I'll take a 10 pt conference win with no hesitation.
  10. Some Sobering Stats

    We ranked lower last year. Yay?
  11. Some Sobering Stats

    - On the year we have 47 more turnovers than assists - ranked 303rd in the nation in TO's per game - ranked 287th in the nation in assists to TO ratio - ranked 265th in assists per game Discuss
  12. Nebrasketball roundtable on Sharp and Benning

    Friday morning. They will be talking about all three schools (NU, CU, UNO) but I'm, betting the lion's share of discussion will be around NU.
  13. Huge advantage for the Huskers.

    I tend to agree with bluejay on this topic. Schools like Creighton and most, if not all, Big East schools will ensure that they will be able to offer the same benefits to players that Big Five schools do. Now, where it may come into effect is with regards to facilities and other ancillary aspects of the program. The schools that lack football revenue may have to cut back in certain areas to compensate for the higher expenses that will now be realized due to the ruling. I honestly have no idea if it will affect Creighton.
  14. Major disappointment if we don't make the dance.