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  1. Along with those 38 points, she had 11 assists. How often do we see something like that? They crushed OU 108-82. Guess they didn't need much defense last night when they put 108 on the board.
  2. I wonder what adhesive they use. Some people have sensitivities and/or allergies to certain adhesives, so it would stink to find out you are one of those people after it is applied. Maybe they could do a test run on a patch of skin ahead of time for someone who knows they are going to have surgery.
  3. I'm a bit confused. Says she's a junior but then says she concluded her career. Was Kissinger considered for award or did her injury take her out of the running?
  4. Congratulations to Chloe Dworak!
  5. I was thinking that if a kid doesn't have to worry about playing on so many different teams then that extra time could be spent on skills development in practice. When you play multiple games during the week it reduces practice time. I'd rather see fewer teams and kids placed on teams according to their true level of play rather than spreading them too thin and reducing valuable skills practice time.
  6. I know many schools where the kids on those lower level teams also play on upper level teams. Happened with 4 of the public schools in Lincoln just a few years ago because they didn't have enough kids out to field all 4 teams. It's ridiculous to have freshman play on 2 or 3 teams and multiple games each week - cuts into study time and doing other activities they may be interested in.
  7. So how does South Dakota afford it? Watched a few games of the state tournament and it seems to go smoothly. Refs seem right on top of any issues with resets. It really does make a difference in the flow of the game. Seems odd to me that Nebraska has a million more population in a "tax me to death" state but they can't seem to scrape together enough to put a shot clock in each district. if they would at least cut out the freshman level teams in the larger districts and the C teams in the smaller districts, the money saved on travel/coaching/games could be put toward the shot clock.
  8. Yes, their defense was pretty good during the game, but they got into some foul trouble a bit in the first half. I wondered if that was why their 3rd quarter was so poor - couldn't be quite as aggressive. Then they turned it up a few notches again near the end. And they finally hit some free throws late. Their free throw shooting was abysmal for the most part. How long have 8th graders been able to play HS ball? I wonder if that is something Nebraska has ever considered. Might help out some of the smaller schools - give them a bit more depth and one extra year of playing HS ball can help out in the long run. I would rather see that and just have varsity and junior varsity teams rather than a freshman team, a reserve team, JV, then varsity. Even some of the class A schools have a hard time filling rosters for 4 teams and have kids play on multiple teams. Just have two teams, let 8th graders play, and have tryouts based on merit (not who your mom or dad are or which team mom and dad think you should be on).
  9. I watched most of the Vermillion game and then parts of the Lennox game after that. I think Vermillion got lucky with all those 3s in the first half. Lennox and the team they played (sorry, can't remember the name but the mascot was Lady Quarriers) seemed to have pretty good skill across the board, and pretty good coaching. I think Vermillion is fairly young for a team so I don't expect them to beat Lennox, but you never know. I'm not aware of rivalries and history during this season, so maybe it will turn out to be a good game. The Lennox team seemed to have a lot more going for them than just 3 point shooting. I think they could beat several of the top teams in Nebraska, and they aren't even the largest class in South Dakota. Also noticed the USD women's coach has a daughter that plays for Vermillion. Does she also have a son on the boys' team, too?
  10. Since I'm a South Dakota newby, I decided to watch some girls state basketball here. Kind of nice they show the games on TV , not just the finals. Also, 8th graders can play on the HS team, and they have a 35 second shot clock.
  11. Has anyone been to any of the state HS games so far? I see tonight that Lincoln Northeast takes on Lincoln Southwest. I have heard that the Kelle girl from LSW has an offer from South Dakota State and I believe she is just a sophomore. LNE has the Minter girl, an outstanding freshman that should be getting lots of D1 looks (and maybe already has an offer or two, I don't know). I expect LNE to win this game easily, but it could be fun to watch a couple of local kids with outstanding talent and D1 futures battle it out.
  12. I saw Emily Wood rush over to an Illinois player ready to shoot a 3 and shut that sh*t down. Shortest player on the court did that.
  13. Given the abysmal year we have had, I think satisfactory improvement would be to finish in the middle of the league next year, maybe just a tad below. If we have another bad year, then that is unacceptable IMO. In the third year, I feel satisfactory improvement would be to finish in the middle but slightly above the middle. By the 4th and 5th years I hope we are looking at a bye in the conference tournament (top 4 spot). Anything less and I'm a grumpy Gus.
  14. Youth sports is out of control on many levels (including the parents). If I had a dollar for every parent that told me their 3rd or 4th grade daughter was a division 1 recruit in basketball/volleyball/softball/soccer, I could retire years ahead of schedule. How many of these sports prodigies I watched grow up have gone on to play D1 in their sport? Exactly ONE. Most dropped out of the sport by the time they reached HS, or reality slapped them when the best they could do in recruiting was NAIA, and they are sitting on the bench in college now. If your goal is to have college paid for and you don't care about what level you play at, then by all means take advantage of the NAIA, but don't tell me your kid was considered a D1 level talent at 10 years old. And they were serious!
  15. Mercedes Brooks, a freshman from KState, has left their program. Sounded like they had hoped she would play some point for them but guess it was hard finding her minutes (according to a KState forum).
  16. She must not have fully recovered from her blown ACL as a freshman then because when I used to watch her play (which I admit was up until the blown ACL), I wouldn't have made that comparison at all. Does anyone know if the torn meniscus is the same knee that had the ACL tear? If she can stay healthy, she is a good pick up for Creighton. Maybe the strength and conditioning program at Creighton will help.
  17. I don't get the warm fuzzies when I think of South Carolina.
  18. I guess I don't feel there are very many "powerhouse" women's programs. The obvious, UConn, then Tennessee under Pat Summit, Notre Dame, probably throw Baylor in there right now, and Stanford from the past. Doubt any of those coaches applied. Who am I missing?
  19. I'm not a big fan of Eichorst, but I don't know that he can be blamed for Yori's resignation. I recall someone posted that in order for Yori to have custody, she could not coach. If that was actually part of the divorce and parenting agreement, then she was going to resign no matter what. Basically a choice between your kid or your career. Her career can be on the back burner for a while, but the kid cannot and should not be. As for the "allegations" - I am more and more skeptical of them as time goes on. It appears to me that some of this immaturity that Romeo mentioned is still on the team and hindering team chemistry. Did any player on last year's team actually say that Yori was abusive, or was that a rumor floated out there to get the AD breathing down her neck? I have seen perfectly sane people go completely bonkers during divorce and child custody issues. And whatever happened to the athletic trainer? As for the here and now - Williams has a very long road ahead of her. It is entirely possible that she will be looking at some players transferring out of the program. She has the two that redshirted and a freshman coming in next year and that is it. Can she and her staff recruit at this level? It will be hard to do that when potential recruits see our games like last night. One thing I noticed with her USD teams is that she had players that could shoot. And if there was a key injury, there was always someone who could fill in and step it up and there was little to no drop off. Her last USD team and the current USD team would kick our butts up and down the floor right now (and there are several girls from Nebraska on these teams). Can she get that same thing accomplished at NU? I think the priority right now has to be getting a solid defense installed. With our current roster we are not going to outgun or outrun anyone. The best approach would be to try and slow the other team down or make them work harder for their shots. And if we can start to see that defense installed, then that lays a foundation for next season to hopefully start building a better offense. Hopefully TK can adjust to the D1 level quickly because we are going to need her shooting expertise.
  20. And just like that - I think I jinxed it. Awful news for Brotzki.
  21. Have we offered Brotzki yet?
  22. Okie State had a pretty good point guard that was only around 5'5" when we were in the big 12. Can't remember her name but I do remember she may have had a few anger issues.
  23. It's all my fault. For many years I did not live in Nebraska and the team was not very good during those years. Then I moved back to my home state and we had the best years ever as a basketball program. Then I moved out of state again this past August and we just aren't very good again.
  24. I forgot this was on and just tuned in. WTH??!?!?