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  1. My new list: Bria Janay Rachel (assuming healthy and ready to go, fingers crossed) Kate 'Raising' Cain Nicea Solid minutes from Hannah, Maddie, Jasmine, Grace, Taylor and hopefully see some of Emily Wood. Hopefully Washington will step it up, we may really need her. Maybe that other girl that transferred was having an ill effect on Darrien and holding her back. Let the beast be unleashed!
  2. Just curious if anyone has heard if Lanie is going to play again or is just done with basketball. I have heard the latter and find it curious that there has been no news of a new school/team. Makes me think it might be more than just a rumor, but feel free to disprove it if you have info.
  3. That jumped out at me as well.
  4. Is she able to play immediately because she was not on scholarship at NU?
  5. Heard this morning she is going to South Dakota State.
  6. I heard that Hooper was cut from Dallas.
  7. I see that center Nancy Mulkey has been granted a release from OU. Any chance we are interested or that she would be interested in us? She was just a freshman this past season, highly ranked out of HS. She's 6-9 BTW.
  8. I am also very concerned by this lack of news. Seems like I hear of JUCOS and transfers choosing other places but I hear very very little concerning the Huskers. And with only one true freshman on the roster next season and a couple of people that have left, I have a very uneasy feeling.
  9. I wondered if that was what played into her decision. With the cost of a college education sky rocketing, the lure of a full ride somewhere else has to be pretty strong. It just isn't worth going $100k into debt for a 4 year degree and then possibly more debt if they go on to grad school. Maybe she will come back to South Dakota? Heck, their out of state tuition rivals NU's in-state tuition anyway, and she would get a free ride and live in a stellar dorm, play in new facilities, and get lots of playing time. Plus, it is still close enough that her family could see her play. Any she may have more opportunity for post season play...
  10. Per Journalstar. Sorry no link - phone acting up.
  11. Jimmieleepage
  12. Thought about it some more. Read some of the dad's tweets. I'm not in favor of bringing the parents' back. Which means I'm not in favor of bringing Lanie back. I just don't think the dad can keep his trap shut and our situation, although it is not the best right now, could possibly get worse with him around again. No, no, no, no, just no.
  13. I feel kind of bad for her. If I recall correctly, she skipped a grade or two so that she could play with her older sister in HS. Which means she entered college at a younger age than most. The transition to D1 ball is difficult enough for an 18 year old, let alone someone who was moved up a grade. I just have to wonder why the parents were OK with all of this. Was it really that important that she have more playing time in HS with her sister? Was it about having a state championship team? Who knows. It sounded like she still wanted to come to Nebraska even after her sister left - yet she wound up following her sister to KState. Was that really her decision? Then an injury year, and now a year pretty much spent on the bench. Only 3 years left in her college career and she has no team now. Had she stayed in her true grade in HS, would she have been recruited very heavily by KState? At the time she and her sister went there, they didn't have quite the recruits that they now have. I'm sure she's solid academically so that is not an issue, but I'm not sure that it was such a wise decision to move her ahead. I had a kid that could have graduated a year early, but since she was wanting to be a college athlete, she stayed all 4 years in HS and it was worth it from a recruiting standpoint. She took a huge leap in skills from her junior to her senior years, grew a bit, physically got a lot stronger, became more focused. I have to wonder if Lanie had not skipped a grade if she might be in a bit better situation.
  14. I have very mixed feelings about this. Lanie is probably a great kid - but the parental baggage is pretty awful. Could it be a situation where the 'rents are told she could come back, but mom and dad are on a very short leash? Just don't like the idea of the parents being back here. They might be better off looking at DII.