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  1. Penn State vs. Nebraska game thread

    We can beat Maryland but we absolutely need to play much better than we have been playing lately. Will that happen? I sure hope so.
  2. BIG 10 Satndings.

    I don’t think we will get any love when it comes to getting into the Big Dance no matter where we wind up in conference. Outside of winning the BTT, we are likely looking at the WNIT. Coach has won it before, she can win it again, and the players will have a chip on their shoulders for next year to go on a tear and get in the dance. So be it. GBR. I wouldn’t want to be on the Husker’s schedule next year.
  3. Gophers destroying Terps

    91-64 with 3:24 left in the game
  4. 72-48 with 3:30 left in third.
  5. BIG 10 Satndings.

    And beat most of them, too.
  6. Pretty sure Eichorst didn't even know who Amy Williams was until he came to this forum and read about coaches we thought might be good for the Huskers. And then when he saw she lived in Vermillion, South Dakota, just a few hours away, he realized he wouldn't even need to pay airfare for a visit, so he thought "Sure, no harm in speaking with her". In other words, I feel in all my heart, he bumbled his way into a good hire. And, yes, in all my heart, I have no love for Eichorst.
  7. WNIT vs. The Dance

    I think we need to finish out the regular season with all wins except for Maryland. And I think we have to win one in the B1G tourney in order to make the dance. It will be frustrating to see teams we beat get in, but apparently that doesn’t matter and OOC games do. From what little I know of how this works, seems like we could have played a tough non-Con with losses to top teams, be average in conference, and still make the NCAA tourney.
  8. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Morton start a game.
  9. The Media Thread

    It should be “Nebraska We Need To Do Better To Call Ourselves The Good Life”.
  10. The Media Thread

    SD also televises all the state HS basketball games, not just the championships. I've only lived here a few years, but there are many differences (and not just sports), that have really opened my eyes that Nebraska has some work to do on many levels.
  11. BIG 10 Satndings.

    I haven't fully studied how RPI works but let me ask about this scenario: Would we have been better off scheduling UConn and South Carolina early, getting blown off the court by both, rather than win a couple games to teams that are meh?
  12. Illinois vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I have Directv and there are several BTN-alternate channels after the main BTN channel. What are these channels for? Is that just some placeholder for Directv and isn't actually affiliated with BTN (even though they say BTN-a)? I have never seen anything televised on these channels, not even when game goes to OT and another one is starting. Or is that part of the BTN plus stuff?
  13. Illinois vs. Nebraska Game Thread

  14. Illinois vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Hopefully our shots fall better in the second half.
  15. Illinois vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Sounds like an ugly game. We need a 10 point explosion right now.