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  1. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    I don't think there is any way she goes to Nebraska and doesn't throw for Coach Pepin. She can do both - like the Davis twins on the FB team.
  2. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    I saw that yesterday and wish her lots of luck - She will be a great one for the Huskers. I'm somewhat disappointed that she won't throw discus in college, but she may change her mind. I fully expect her to break the state record this year.
  3. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    I never met him in person, but I chatted with him through private message a number of times. He was the type of guy that was genuinely interested in seeing the players succeed. He even had kind words regarding my daughter and her track performances her senior year. Seemed to enjoy a lot of sports and was very knowledgeable. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
  4. This years starters

    T.H.I.S. times 100.
  5. SE GONE

    I'll have to look for his smiling mug at the Yote game in a few weeks.
  6. SE GONE

    Is it inappropriate to wonder if Yori smiled a little bit at this news? Because I would. I would have a huge grin. But that's just me.
  7. SE GONE

  8. http://www.omaha.com/sports/local-sports/competitive-drive-at-kalynn-meyer-has-the-talent-to-be/article_8cc5928c-9e48-11e7-b7d2-fb6f95f91216.html Sounds like she may settle on VB.
  9. I'm hoping for marked improvement in the WBB team this year - some potential there. MBB not so much. I honestly feel the FB team has 1 (maybe 2) more wins this season and that is it. Cook is in a rebuilding year IMO opinion and will be fine. Eichorst needs to be shown the door.
  10. Jess Shepard

    I'm just wondering if her body is going to withstand the wear and tear on it playing for Notre Dame. She's going to really need to step it up with conditioning and I question how her ACL might respond to that since she was so soft last year.
  11. WNBA 2017

    That's the fourth team for Hooper in one season.
  12. Big Red welcome to Taylor Kissinger

    Barada played club ball with the Lasers - same club Maddie Simon played for.
  13. Next season starters?

    My new list: Bria Janay Rachel (assuming healthy and ready to go, fingers crossed) Kate 'Raising' Cain Nicea Solid minutes from Hannah, Maddie, Jasmine, Grace, Taylor and hopefully see some of Emily Wood. Hopefully Washington will step it up, we may really need her. Maybe that other girl that transferred was having an ill effect on Darrien and holding her back. Let the beast be unleashed!
  14. Kaylee Page

    Just curious if anyone has heard if Lanie is going to play again or is just done with basketball. I have heard the latter and find it curious that there has been no news of a new school/team. Makes me think it might be more than just a rumor, but feel free to disprove it if you have info.
  15. Dads and Insiders

    That jumped out at me as well.