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  1. Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech are rumored to be followed or are following Jess on twitter.
  2. Seems to me White gets into foul trouble easily. Could be part of the reason her minutes have been limited during the season.
  3. Care to spill?
  4. Two seasons ago (Theriot's final season), both my daughter and I observed on numerous occasions that Theriot looked royally pissed about something on the court. There were also a few times that Yori did not start her (cannot remember the reason but it was NOT due to injury). Could that have had something to do with Shepard?
  5. Highest ranked recruit in program history enters program, decorated head coach dismissed after first season, followed by worst season in program history. A correlation there? Who knows. Certainly doesn't look good.
  6. Well, you know, Yori didn't have a lot of patience for players who showed up out of shape. Guess that makes her mean according to some people. I wondered at the beginning of this season if Yori was still coach if Jess would have been on the bench for her obvious lack of conditioning.
  7. Perhaps bottom 30?
  8. Suppose she could wind up at a place like KState
  9. Wonder if she will look at Florida state?
  10. Hold on, she may not be the only one. I won't be surprised to hear that there are more in the days to follow.
  11. Kind of seemed like their attitude tanked when MS State got up by 10 at the end.
  12. Along with those 38 points, she had 11 assists. How often do we see something like that? They crushed OU 108-82. Guess they didn't need much defense last night when they put 108 on the board.
  13. I wonder what adhesive they use. Some people have sensitivities and/or allergies to certain adhesives, so it would stink to find out you are one of those people after it is applied. Maybe they could do a test run on a patch of skin ahead of time for someone who knows they are going to have surgery.
  14. I'm a bit confused. Says she's a junior but then says she concluded her career. Was Kissinger considered for award or did her injury take her out of the running?