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  1. Minnesota Fans

    Except Frost has experience.
  2. Minnesota Fans

    How is the Whalen hire going to work? Does she have any coaching experience? She is still playing with the Lynx - has she hired a coaching staff already to cover for her this summer? Honestly, if I was a Gopher fan I don’t know that I’d feel very good about this. At least get someone in with experience and maybe hire her as an assistant so she can learn the ropes of coaching at a Power 5 school. Or am I missing something?
  3. Just threw up in my mouth a little

    I agree. I suspect it may have been a mutual parting between JS and NU and NU helped her out with the waiver. Now ND owes us one!
  4. Just threw up in my mouth a little

    She made a huge mistake by committing to the program at such a young age. She didn't want to be here and it really showed, especially her final year at NU. The program is better off without her - it's Romeo that we really missed.
  5. Just threw up in my mouth a little

    So were the refs at the end when they didn’t whistle Mabrey for that foul.
  6. Transfers

    We do have that Moos connection to Wash St. to help us out. And wasn’t her coach fired? If she applied for a waiver she might get it based on some things NCAA has done recently, but you never really know with them.
  7. Ohio State

    B1G is a major VB conference - has that hurt WBB? If so, how? Is it possible to be a big-time nationally competitive conference in both those women's sports?
  8. Ohio State

    Seems like she had a lot of foul trouble.
  9. Transfers

    So about the only way is if she is getting her degree in 3 years instead of 4. I don’t think she is 22 this year but I could be wrong.
  10. Transfers

    Does she (or can she) leave for the WNBA already? I wondered about that after her performance last night.
  11. Ok, ladies. Wake up
  12. I think Bria and Janay need to be out there most of the rest of the game.
  13. Ekmark just got RB’d!!
  14. Dang, would have been nice to have gotten Ibis.
  15. Non-con schedule next year

    I’d be willing to schedule UConn again. Tough game but we could learn a lot from it.