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  1. I was just thinking about our team after the Drake game this past weekend. I will be honest - I did not expect us to win that game going in, especially when I heard Kissinger was still out. IIRC, Drake kind of beat us bad last year on our home court, so I wouldn't have been surprised with a 15 point loss on their home court this year. The team that was on the court this past Saturday had the same personnel, minus Shepard and Havers, plus Stallworth and Morton off the bench and Cain, a true freshman who joined the team late in the summer. But the team battled, didn't quit, the coach even battled after that idiot call to end regulation, Cain fouled out with 3 minutes left in 2nd OT, I thought then we would struggle, but the team toughed it out and won that game. There were so many times that we could have lost that game Saturday, but each time we found an answer. That was missing last year, big time. Cain has been huge for us, I would trade Shepard in a heartbeat for Cain any day of the week. And the thing is - she will continue to get better. She is a smart player, she plays great defense, she has a tremendous attitude, she is a great teammate, and she is a Nebraska Cornhusker.
  2. And Hannah on fire in both.
  3. That was a good win. Didn’t look good at times, free throws still a major issue, but we kept battling and even with Cain fouling out we managed to come away with a win.
  4. Sagarin/CBN Ratings (12-7)...

    Outside of Ohio State, I'm not sure there is anyone that is very strong. Maryland hasn't been too impressive yet. Iowa has seemed to be better than I expected, and MSU just got throttled by ND (who blew their game against UCONN). I think Rutgers has been better than thought they would be. But the season is young, things can change. BTW, does anyone know anything about the girl from Lincoln High that signed with Purdue?
  5. Woody drained that awesome 3 late in the game.
  6. Is it possible Cain may grow in height some more? She is already so tall and I like that she knows to keep the ball high above her on rebounds. But something tells me she may not be done growing yet.
  7. Creighton - Nebraska

    I listened to the first half. I kind of thought after watching Creighton play USD that Agnew might be a nightmare for us. And she was. And they always seem to shoot well when they play us. I wonder why we were in such a shooting funk. Any thoughts? It sounded like Grace did some really good things for us, and Nicea was tremendous when she came in. Hopefully Maddie is OK and is ready for our next game.
  8. Arkansas - Nebraska

    That seemed like night and day compared to the games I saw last year. Team chemistry is tremendously improved and the girls look like they are enjoying themselves and the game and have some confidence. They pick each other up. That's not to say we won't see some growing pains, but I have no doubt the team will work through them and learn and come out even stronger. Jasmine was a beast last night, that's the player I've been wanting to see. I was very impressed with our freshman. It helps so much to have a solid bench. Some of the girls looked a bit tired at the end - but if we didn't have that bench, we may have lost the game due to fatigue. They were all working their butts off which is something you can do every single minute on the court when you know you will be subbed and get some rest (rather than faced with playing 30+ minutes). So fun to watch. Cain has amazingly long arms - love the idea of her and Taylor for 4 years!
  9. 2020 recruiting...

    She should move south to the tropics of Nebraska.
  10. Also, I like seeing that we are using several players and nobody is playing much more than 25 minutes a game. I just think that will help us out in the long run - less wear and tear on our athletes. And I like seeing multiple people step up and score. Taylor was a bit off last weekend and Bria and Kate were big for us. Last night Taylor was big along with Maddie and Grace. Makes it hard for other teams to scout us. And in another few weeks we will have two more players available. I like it.
  11. I listened to most of it. UMKC got to the line a lot - 16 of 21 at the line. We were 4 of 9 at the line. Didn't realize Grace fouled out until I saw the box score. Taylor had 4, Rachel had 3, then just 1 or 2 for everyone else. Sounded like we were giving them too much space to shoot from the outside early in the game and UMKC was knocking down some shots they don't normally hit. I don't think UMKC is a very good team so I was surprised they hung with us in the first half. Hopefully we start to gel a bit better on defense and take care of the ball a bit better. Better be ready for Creighton. I watched a lot of their game against USD last night. They have a really speedy guard that finishes well and draws fouls, and another athletic gal that was active on both offense and defense and will give us fits (Agnew maybe?). Other than that I wasn't all that impressed, and the refs had some highly questionable calls in Creighton's favor several times throughout the game. They have players with loose feet but were rarely called for traveling. USD got up by around 10-12 points and kept it there up until the final few minutes and let it slip down to a 3-4 point game, but then they managed to get it together and finish the game out. However, if Agnew hadn't fouled out, I'm not sure USD wins that game. USD called for a number of fouls late that were clearly charges on Creighton. When a CU player lifts her arm up and hits you in the chin to knock you out of the way, that is an offensive foul. Someone needs to tell the refs that.
  12. "Raising" Cain

    Boom! I want her starting soon. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211685234
  13. I did not watch the game but listened to parts of it on the radio. I was wondering about the foul situations that Hannah, Maddie, and Taylor were in. When I tuned in, Taylor was already on the bench with 2 fouls. I didn't realize that Hannah and Maddie had fouled out. Were the refs just extra sensitive to fouls, were they reaching in, intentional foul to stop a fast break - any common thread? It just concerns me that we had 3 starters in foul trouble. Great to hear Kate and Bria step up big time! Will probably crack the starting rotation soon.
  14. Jess Shepard

    Her Freshman year she was coming off the ACL injury and didn't get cleared until just before the season, so she did what she could and worked on conditioning throughout the season. I'm OK with that, wasn't much else she could do, and she had a solid freshman year on the court. Off the court, not so sure. Williams comes in and Jess says the right things, give the new coach a shot, but her words didn't really match what showed up. She was not conditioned at the start of the season which was very surprising to me, since she had the summer to work on that and really get to a higher level. She had trouble getting up and down the court - whether it was the extra weight, lack of conditioning, attitude, or some combination of those or even something else, it just wasn't happening. She really looked like someone that did not want to be there. She may turn into the player we had hoped she would be at Nebraska. Wouldn't totally surprise me. However, I wonder about the wear and tear on her body at Notre Dame when her conditioning was so poor last year. I even wondered if she got a bit burned out at basketball. Been going hard with that since she was in elementary school, committed to NU after 8th grade. That is way way way too early to make a college commitment. And it obviously was the wrong choice for her, otherwise she would still be at NU. Regardless, she is gone, sounds like the chemistry issues have left with her, we have a tremendous group of young ladies eager to play for their coach and each other, and some excellent recruits coming in. I'm also very happy that AD SE is gone as well. Onward and upward!