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  1. 1. I think the announcers went a full 8 minutes in the first half without mentioning one Nebraska player by name. (started to piss me off) 2. How can you be a 4-5 star player and not be able to shoot the basketball? A basic skill for a basketball player. (began to get more pissed off) 3. I sat there and was dumbfounded by the turnovers, lack of intensity, lack of on ball defense, lack of cohesiveness on offense, the running of the mouth, the cockiness of St Johns, lack of rebounding and the shooting performance by NU. (really, really, really pissed off) 4. Went to bed and slept if off. 5. Woke up, pissed off.
  2. Nick Fuller is Graduate Transferring

    Looks like a 6th man. 19 minutes off the bench Monday.
  3. Nick Fuller is Graduate Transferring

    USD also has a couple former Nebraska high school prep players starting for them. Tristan Simpson from Lincoln North Star and Tyler Hagedorn from Norfolk.
  4. Past/Future Opponents First Games

    They were credited with a couple steals though.
  5. Northwood Pregame notes

    A red shirt would have helped Wes Wilkinson as well.
  6. Who is the true baseball fan? Completely O.T.

    Or just win it all
  7. Closed Scrimmage

    Remember the ACT score back in the day would be a much higher score than the ACT today. At least that is what I tell myself.
  8. Who is the true baseball fan? Completely O.T.

    Big baseball fan but embarrassed to say I did not last for the end of the game. Start the game earlier, limit trips to the mound, don't let the batter call timeout when the pitcher is set and cut back on the amount of commercials.
  9. Texas Tech 74 Mississippi State 47 in a scrimmage.
  10. I think that is one of the toughest things for a coach to do. (turn the corner and have that killer instinct to finish off teams) Experience is the key, the problem is you have to do it a few times to experience it. I think it starts with a tough, smart, talented point guard with leadership skills. I think we have one of those.
  11. I think Miles was sending a message as well, that the freshmen need to work on some things before they are going to see the floor. We have more depth this year, so we can demand more from everyone. This is really the way it is suppose to be. If Allen and the others are the players we think they will be, they will respond.
  12. Anton Gill

    Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein 23 minutes ago Nebraska's Anton Gill (knee) is expected to be fully cleared for all basketball activities in 7-10 days, per Tim Miles.
  13. Xavier Johnson is N

    Robin Washut Robin Washut @RobinWashut #Nebrasketball picked up its second 2018 commitment on Monday by landing point guard @TheXavierJ0
  14. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Seems like he tried a version of it. I was thinking when he did that we would back door teams to death. I can't hardly remember scoring off a back door cut!
  15. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    I'm guessing Taylor is going to see a lot more playing time than what many think. He started last year, is a physical player who can defend and there is just something about a guy who's team always wins in pick up games or scrimmages.
  16. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I mentioned this in the other thread (which could be combined with this one) that the FBI is now investigating NIKE.
  17. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    I see now that the FBI is looking into NIKE as well. My solution to this would be to end the summer recruitment period and have college coaches recruit during the high school season. This would take a lot of the power away from the shoe companies and would lessen the influence of AAU coaches and programs.
  18. By the way ...

    I remember Nee flat out asking the reporters at the media day "How could you pick us last?" Guy was sports journalist's dream! Another that comes to mind was the year Mulheisen (sp) and the rest of his class were Seniors. They talked about Coach Collier have a bounce in his step and was excited for the season. We had some good and bad that year, but things did not really take off. It was at that time you started to realize that just having a large group of Seniors on your team was not a guarantee of success.
  19. Next Years Starting 5

    I was hoping Moses Abraham would fill that void, but that did not work out at all. That is why I am tempering my excitement about this year's team. I had really high hopes for that team as I thought we did have a well rounded roster and we would roll that year. I really hope this year we play to our potential and get a few breaks along the way.
  20. Next Years Starting 5

    Kind of funny in that a few months ago we were wondering if we would have enough players to fill out our roster for the coming season.
  21. Holt hired

    Would have been perfect is his name was Steve!
  22. Countdown to College Basketball

    To creative for the kick in the balls culture for today's humor I guess.
  23. Countdown to College Basketball

    Man, that was a great show. How did it only last three seasons?
  24. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    I'm not really sure what all options you have in Omaha but I don't think you need to spend hundreds of dollars for a 9 year old to play ball. YMCA might offer a cheaper way for your son to get some games in but the simple fundamentals can be worked on at the park or driveway if you have some time to work with him. There is plenty of time to get involved in club or AAU ball down the line. The main thing at his age is to make sure he is having fun learning the game.
  25. The Isaac Copeland watch

    One thing Tim Miles confirm is that there is no set deadline for NCAA to rule on Copeland’s waiver. Could be decided after season starts. (Washut tweet)