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  1. I always thought the up and under (not the reverse layup that many announcer call an up and under) was the best post move. Especially for under sized post players. Takes good footwork but if perfected can be very tough to stop and often can draw the foul.
  2. I was wondering when the annual Husker basketball team chemistry will be better this year article would come out. Maybe this will be the season in which everything clicks.
  3. The Husker baseball team took in their share of Big 10 awards this year: Coach of the Year: Darin Erstad 1st team: Jake Meyers and Scott Schreiber 3rd team: Angelo Altavilla and Jake Hohensee Freshman team: Luke Roskam Sportsmanship Award: Ben Miller Hope they stay hot the rest of the year. Really happy for Erstad who seemed to be taking some heat recently.
  4. Robin Washut Retweeted Jeff Goodman @GoodmanESPN Ohio State has offered job to Creighton’s Greg McDermott, source told ESPN. Two sides met tonight.
  5. I agree, every team needs guys like MJ to fill a role. Turns out though he was not that type of player because he did not want to be that type of role player.
  6. Wright State grad transfer Mark Alstork has committed to Illinois, he announced. Immediately eligible.
  7. Michigan keeps Mo Wagner, but loses D.J. Wilson to the NBA Draft
  8. Oscar Robertson?
  9. I was about to say that having to worry about players leaving so much in baseball would drive me nuts as a coach but I guess college hoops is getting to be just as bad. Meyers has really developed into a very good pitcher and hitter. Will he get drafted as a position player or pitcher?
  10. Robin Washut Retweeted Samuel McKewon Something that’s rarely talked about when discussing the challenges that came with building project he took over. Robin Washut added, Samuel McKewon @swmckewonOWH Kudos to Nebraska hoops coach Tim Miles, who has brought his team's multi-year APR up to 985. When he took over it was 935.
  11. You hit the nail on the head. The players union in MLB is way to strong.
  12. The life of a Pirates fan. I love MLB and college hoops but those last couple quotes show what is wrong with MLB. A team like Pittsburgh has to trade off their top players before their contracts are up to get something for them because they can't afford (or at least that is what the owner says) them and a team like the Cubs can just fill what they need by putting up the big bucks. Two teams in the same division with much different economic backgrounds. The same thing is filtering into college sports as well with Nike U on the west coast and all the new facilities being built and endless recruiting budgets (legal or illegal) at some schools.
  13. I can't remember a player as good and as young as Cutch just lose his skills so fast.
  14. Add my Pirates to that list. Looks like PED, DWI and Cancer ended their chance this year before it hardly got going.
  15. Molinari says #Nebrasketball may add one more scholarship player, but not two. Will save one scholarship for next recruiting class #Huskers
  16. Not sure how I'm suppose to take that comment!
  17. Fill us in you will?
  18. I nominate this quote for understatement of the year.
  19. Former Omaha Central head coach Ben Holling has accepted the head coaching position at St. Albert (Council Bluffs, Ia).
  20. NebraskaHSHoops‏ @NebraskaHSHoops 16m16 minutes ago Breaking: Omaha Central head coach Ben Holling has resigned his position as head basketball coach of the Eagles. #nebpreps
  21. Didn't they have a big hit song in the late 90's?
  22. I think three point defense centers around a couple of things: 1-If you have to double the post. (Hopefully Okeke, and Jordy can man up one on one in the paint so we don't have to give up as many open looks on the outside and 2-transition defense (finding shooters on the run)
  23. Just don't tell my wife that. The last thing she needs is a reason to go shop for shoes!
  24. Robin Washut‏Verified account @RobinWashut 23m23 minutes ago 2017 4#Rivals150 guard Thomas Allen (@TGABFY) told me he signed and submitted his Letter of Intent today. He's officially a Husker.
  25. Offense wins games, defense wins championships is the old saying. Maybe we should start a new saying like offense wins games more offense wins more games.