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  1. Scheduling

    We could really use a strong showing by the Big Ten early in the year. (a back to normal type of Big Ten)
  2. Collier, Sadler or Miles

    Looking at the big picture I think Miles has made us a lot more competitive against the top tier programs on our schedule. There were some Sadler and Collier teams that just seemed out classed at the tip and the game was over about 8 minutes in. As far as Doc goes, I always said he was Bo Pelini on the court. A coach who was a defensive minded coach but when it came right down to it, the defense wasn't that good and both were poor recruiters and the minute they lost their big time players from the previous coach, really stumbled. (Pelini had Suh who you had to double or triple team which opened up other things to do on D and Sadler had Maric who could guard the post one on one without help and allowed the guards to lock up on the perimeter. Pelini just had a lot more to work with including maybe the best defensive player in NU history (Suh) and maybe the best kicker in NU history (Henry) Doc had a way better personality.
  3. Ed Chang

    My impression of Chang is that he is a bit of a fall back offer for Nebraska and Creighton. I think both would take him but both have reservations about him. A local kid with some talent and potential but with some questions as well. No real inside info here, just my gut feeling.
  4. Is Bill Moos going to give me a year off my donations?

    As far as the job security thing with Kenya, I would think he has to know that he will find a job pretty easily with his reputation and experience as a top recruiter.
  5. Yet Another Contest Thread

  6. Xavier Johnson is N

    I liked my headline better. Bad news for NU.
  7. Ed Chang

    How do you trend down in AAU ball? Play defense and pass the ball?
  8. Next Assistant Coach

    Well, there is this: Beckner spent one season at Nebraska before moving to Boise. Brian Rosenthal added, B.J. Rains @BJRains BREAKING: Boise State associate head coach Phil Beckner is leaving the program, sources confirm to the Idaho Press-Tribune. Details: https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/basketball/associate-head-coach-phil-beckner-leaving-boise-state-basketball-program/article_2667de13-9ac0-5e98-b063-d19a8a074b8b.html … Direct message
  9. Kenya Hunter

    Wow, interesting. I never would have guessed there were so few to do that.
  10. Next Assistant Coach

    Since we have to replace our top recruiter, I wonder if we will go to an AAU type of coach or someone that has connections in that area. Not a big fan of that idea, but I could see it happening.
  11. Kenya Hunter

    The World Herald today said that Hunter was offered a $20,000 raise to stay and would receive the title of "Associate Head Coach" The article also quoted Hunter saying that he has left Copeland twice now, and he (Copeland) understands the situation and he realizes that he and the team are in a real good position right now for next season. (paraphrasing a little there)
  12. Really OT

    I was just thinking I left them off my list. Great Band.
  13. Really OT

    They played my elementary school! (Timberline)
  14. Really OT

    A band you could count on to make a great album.
  15. Really OT

    It was a movie but they are also a post modern/punk band from Minneapolis in the 80s and 90s. Lead singer Paul Westerberg has made a number of solo albums after they broke up, if that helps at all.