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  1. Former Omaha Central head coach Ben Holling has accepted the head coaching position at St. Albert (Council Bluffs, Ia).
  2. Didn't they have a big hit song in the late 90's?
  3. I think three point defense centers around a couple of things: 1-If you have to double the post. (Hopefully Okeke, and Jordy can man up one on one in the paint so we don't have to give up as many open looks on the outside and 2-transition defense (finding shooters on the run)
  4. Just don't tell my wife that. The last thing she needs is a reason to go shop for shoes!
  5. Robin Washut‏Verified account @RobinWashut 23m23 minutes ago 2017 4#Rivals150 guard Thomas Allen (@TGABFY) told me he signed and submitted his Letter of Intent today. He's officially a Husker.
  6. Offense wins games, defense wins championships is the old saying. Maybe we should start a new saying like offense wins games more offense wins more games.
  7. I'm guessing if we offer Chandler he is ours. No need to rush it.
  8. Looks like all the Class A head coaching jobs have been filled: Nebraska Prep Zone‏ @NEPrepZone Apr 17 Omaha Westside promotes Jim Simons to head basketball coach, from @stuOWH. NebraskaHSHoops‏ @NebraskaHSHoops 1 Current Lexington head coach and former Norfolk star Jonah Bradley will be the next head boys coach at Lincoln Southeast. #nebpreps
  9. Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein Nebraska transfer Ed Morrow tells me he will visit Marquette this weekend, Iowa State next weekend, then Pitt during early May.
  10. It's official Nebraska Prep Zone‏ @NEPrepZone Eric Behrens is coming back as Omaha Central's boys basketball coach: (link: #nebpreps
  11. Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
  12. The Dread Pirate Roberts?
  13. Robin Washut‏Verified account @RobinWashut 37m37 minutes ago Former #Nebrasketball F Nick Fuller will visit South Dakota this weekend. Chance to reunite with Craig Smith, who was lead recruiter to NU.
  14. And more sad news. John Warren Geils Jr., the guitarist and founder of the eponymous J. Geils Band, has died, police say. (link:
  15. Sorry but motivational speakers usually just motivate me to hate motivational speakers. The Gordon thing hit a nerve because I have hear about him all the time at work. You can call me an "Energy Vampire" if you want!