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  1. It was kind of poetic justice that White did not make the NCAA tournament and Anthony Bratton did not make the state tournament. Both left their former teams in a lerch leaving as late as they did.
  2. Thanks, that is what I was saying. Believe me I'm a big supporter of Nebraska high school basketball players but many metro players have had grade issues and some that did qualify did so late. Some coaches will not hold a scholarship unless that player is real special player.
  3. It would also help if a lot of these metro kids would do better in the classroom so there would not be a risk recruiting them.
  4. Possibly. But some teams go into a funk and there is nothing a coach can do.
  5. Does Robbie have an eligibility left? Maybe we could get him to transfer. Have not heard anything from Jimmy Chitwood in a while. Could use a shooter like him in the line up. Miles of course would have to put in the picket fence offense if we get him.
  6. The good news: we forced UCLA to go to a zone. The bad news: UCLA went to a zone. I'm afraid we might see a lot of zones this year until we find a couple of zone busters. I thought their size and length hurt us in the first half. The zone and their ability to knock down shots hurt us in the second half. Even with those things in play we stayed right with a good team on the road which is a very good sign.
  7. Being a huge Pirates fan, I can't share in your joy, but if this means that the times are changing and longtime underdogs like the Huskers can win also, I guess I'm for it!
  8. Wasn't Shooter in the class of 1931?
  9. Kind of reminds me of the year Danny Nee flat out asked the writers how they picked us last in the Big 8. We went on to be a 3 seed in the NCAA's that year. Maybe we will see the same type of surprise from this year's team. Our best years seem to come when nobody pays any attention to us in the preseason.
  10. I got to visit the gym in which the movie was filmed. You can rent it out and play pick up basketball games there. It is pretty cool how they have kept it up.
  11. Sorry, I was kidding with the Dennis Hopper guess. Shooter's son is the player that got in a fight at one of the games. I'm trying to remember his name. Can you give a hint, like in what scene do they mention his real name?
  12. Dennis Hopper?!!!! Do they use the name in the movie, or is it just listed in the credits? Great trivia question.
  13. Good points. 2 and 3 are one in the same. If we can defend the low post without having to double down, we can lock up on 3 point shooters. Alex Maric gave us the ability to do that and I thought we defended well Doc's first year. It went downhill after that because of a lack on someone who could guard the block one on one.
  14. Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 18m18 minutes ago Miles said he’s confident Anton Gill will be ready for the start of the season. Roby’s return date still unclear Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 21m21 minutes ago Tim Miles said Anton Gill is “a couple weeks out” from practicing, and Isaiah Roby is "about a month out.” Gill had procedure on knee.
  15. Miles said Ed Morrow might be most powerful guy on team. Said he powers through Jordy all the time in practice, and that’s not a knock on JT 1 retweet1 like Reply Retweet 1 Like 1 More Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 11m11 minutes ago Miles said Tai Webster could play 1-2-3 this season, and Glynn Watson could play both 1-2. Evan Taylor can also play the 1 or 2. 0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet Like More Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 13m13 minutes ago Miles said he’s not as much worried about Tshimanga’s conditioning, it’s staying out of foul trouble. Biggest adjustment is physicality. 0 retweets1 like Reply Retweet Like 1 More Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 14m14 minutes ago Tim Miles on throwing Jordy Tshimanga into the fire right away: "He’s going to play. I didn’t recruit him to do anything slow." 1 retweet3 likes Reply Retweet 1 Like 3 More Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 14m14 minutes ago Miles said he’s going to play Jordy Tshimanga right away whether he’s ready or not. Has skill/ability, needs to “pick up on nuances of game" 1 retweet1 like Reply Retweet 1 Like 1 More