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  1. Oh, and just an FYI for anyone that does stop by, don’t ask for Vinny, my real name is Ryan.
  2. Don’t know it. Haven’t lived up there long, just since last July. Lake and Lyndale seems like an area where all the businesses are new within the last few years though.
  3. South Minneapolis. Brewing for a place called ‘Wild Mind Artisan Ales’. I’ll extend an offer to any HHC folks that make it up to the twin cities: hit me up and you can get beers at my brewery on me. Only price you pay is having to ask for me.
  4. I’d drive down from the twin cities.
  5. Vinny

    Amir Harris is N

    I don't think we want to see any exponential increases of our players shooting percentages. 0.405^2, or 0.405*0.405 = 0.164025.
  6. Vinny

    NIT bracket announcement

    Fucking 5? This is a god damn joke. I’m obviously used to disappointment as a Nebraska basketball fan, but this is really pissing me off. They’re saying we’re no better than the 85th team in the country and that ridiculous.
  7. Noticed on there that one bracket predictor doesn't have Ohio State in the tournament. http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=469083&tclass=February 28%2C 2018 There is some amazing work being done out there!
  8. Nebraska 73 Opponent 1 3
  9. Man, glad I undershot our win total! When I made that prediction I remember thinking "12 conference wins should be like 5/6 seed" and I put that down with irrationally optimistic thoughts. Here we are with 13 conference wins and probably on the outside looking in. What a weird season. Let's go lock up a spot in the conference tourney.
  10. One of the metrics, can’t remember which, maybe BPI, has a category ‘SOR’ strength or record, which does show how many teams would do better with your schedule. So if you are ranked “11” that means 10 teams would be expected to be better with your schedule. We were somewhere in the high 20’s last I remember. Could have been before Illinois.
  11. Nebraska 74 Penn State 67
  12. Not true. It accounts for your opponent's winning percentage, and your opponent's opponent's winning percentage. So unless each opponent, as well as their opponents, have the exact same records, it absolutely matters.