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  1. Anton Gill

    Article at the time said 6-8 months recovery, don't know if that means resuming sports like stated above, or total recovery. Either way, Gill is approaching 9 months. Hopefully that is a cautious approach because of his history with knee injuries and because we haven't started practice yet. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/husker-guard-anton-gill-has-ruptured-tendon-will-miss-rest/article_171b1a9a-cc69-11e6-abf6-7f33a81d7a54.html
  2. Copeland

    With more potential outside threats on the team (Allen, Palmer, Nana, Copeland) I see Taylor as the top backup for Watson and primarily playing point because of his average or worse shooting from three. I see Allen barely being asked to play point as a freshman, if ever, with Watson, Taylor and Gill (if healthy) as more experienced guards in front of him.
  3. Copeland

    Our schedule after North Texas is full of good teams. St John's is better than BC, UCF won 20+ and has a center that is like 12'2", if we get West Virginia they'll be really tough, North Dakota was a tournament team last year. We'll have plenty of tests against quality teams before we play that team from Omaha.
  4. Rub it in? Or let it go? A poll.

    Haha! I finished reading Hocus Pocus this morning. Almost done going through all of Vonnegut's books in order for a project I'm working on. Funny to find him pop here.
  5. Haven't seen anybody make this comparison yet, but healthy Edward reminds me a bit of Rodman. Very active inside for being a bit undersized and very explosive. Was a lot of fun watching him last night. Watson also looked more sure of himself and less hesitant. Jordy needs some work offensively, but I loved his effort and he seemed to have pretty good smarts defensively. Small sample for him, I know, but good to see he'll pry be able to contribute a bit.
  6. Post season hopes

    So how many power 5 teams have won mid-major tournaments if only 1 mid major team has won? Secondly, how do we get to play in a mid major conference tourney next year instead of the Big Ten tourney?
  7. Creighton Game

    Sounds like Tai should be trying to get the rim a lot and him being able to will be key offensively.
  8. Creighton Game