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  1. Not true. It accounts for your opponent's winning percentage, and your opponent's opponent's winning percentage. So unless each opponent, as well as their opponents, have the exact same records, it absolutely matters.
  2. Let me guess, Wisconsin is now solidly in and we’ve dropped another spot or two.
  3. Free Throws/ Runzas

    Michael Phelps is very mis-proportioned.
  4. Receiving Votes

    At a quick glance, McDermott, Painter, Monson and Long Beach State and Henson at UTSA are the coaches we've played against that are voting this year.
  5. Receiving Votes

    Actually #33 in coaches poll with 18 pts.
  6. Palmer listed in Mock Draft

    Fishing for down votes?!
  7. WE'RE #1 IN ONE METRIC!!!

    God damnit. I just checked and that third team ahead of us is......Xavier!
  8. WE'RE #1 IN ONE METRIC!!!

    Also in the Sagarin ratings he has one factor that rates how well you’ve been playing recently, only Virginia, Texas Tech and someone else I can’t remember are ahead of us. So what I’m saying is, We’re also #4 in one factor of one metric! (As of this morning.)
  9. Thanks guys. I've seen the breakdown, just wanted to make sure it was RPI they were looking at for those.
  10. Yeah, our defense didn't travel tonight as the saying goes. Forced very few turnovers. We went 1-3-1 for what, one possession? Thought that could have helped keep easy entry passes to Murphy in check since he was just taking it to us in there. At least made them figure out another way to get it in there. Anyway, we kept it in our pocket. Glad the shots were falling. Shooting over 50% with the guy taking the most shots going 4/14? I'll take it! It was a fun game to be at. I let out a couple "wooooos" on Roby's dunks and the Minnesota fans around disliked the number of times I had the opportunity and began mocking me by doing it whenever Minnesota did something. I had a good laugh about that, then did it again the next time he dunked.
  11. Sorry to interrupt the fun, but does anyone know which ranking system the committee is using for their quadrants? I browsed a few articles and couldn't find a solid answer. I'm assuming it's RPI?
  12. Minnesota Game

    Anyone in town and need a ticket? I have one extra behind the husker bench, 25 rows up.