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  1. Who is the true baseball fan? Completely O.T.

    Balls are different. https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/10/29/world-series-baseballs-leather-justin-verlander-yu-darvish-ken-giles-kenley-jansen Probably can’t rule out the balls being juiced as well.
  2. Harriman

    Well, instead of checking the date on the article I should have checked it on the thread. My bad. Doesn’t change the fact that there was a 0% chance any of that was going to happen. It’s for the best that that guy stayed away from this program.
  3. Harriman

    Why on earth does anyone think Harriman should run his own program?
  4. Harriman

    This is from April.
  5. Harriman

    I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest thread on the board. Harriman isn’t coming back to this university, Miles/Molinari aren’t going to move into “fundraising” roles, and Boehm isn’t retiring.
  6. OT: What would you guys name this band?

  7. By the way ...

  8. By the way ...

    It means maybe they weren’t who he thought they were.
  9. By the way ...

    Maybe he was at the bizzaro world rec center.
  10. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Do you believe that Nike and UA are innocent of these sorts of deals?
  11. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Your source of choice is full of crap.
  12. Eichorst Out

    So since the option of giving it to the fullback is determined before they break the huddle it ceases to be part of the triple option? I disagree. The fullback is the third option regardless of when it’s decided upon that he’s getting the ball.
  13. Eichorst Out

    The fact that you think the fullback can’t be part of the option because he’s not chosen as the ball carrier after the snap is.....interesting.
  14. Anton Gill

    He'll play and contribute. To think that modern science can't reconstruct a knee to make it stronger than prior to the injury would be unfair to Anton and orthopedic surgeons.