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  1. I'm breathlessly waiting for the video of your hand two feet above the rim.
  2. No, ops positions don't drive fork lifts and they're definitely not responsible for the transportation of equipment on the road (which a forklift isn't needed for, either).
  3. Petteway is in Italy.
  4. That's the understatement of the year. That salsa is an addiction....and I've got it bad.
  5. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  6. All it would have taken was AWIII helping in four games. The three 1 point loses and the 2 points at Clemson and they would have been over .500.
  7. Yes many times. When was the last time you did?
  8. No, it's really not.
  9. Don't need any kind of tourney for that. Teams can legally practice together up to the Final Four.
  10. He's sitting down.
  11. There were Nebraska Ultra Boosts as well, don't worry.
  12. Paul's senior year playing at KU, their PA guy actually started announcing him as Justin Verlander. The media relations director had to walk over to correct him.
  13. Paul still can't shake the "Verlander".
  14. I don't believe walk-ons affect APR. But I could be wrong. What you can do, however, is give walk-ons with great grades and graduating soon a scholarship after the year starts and that would affect your APR. Did I use the right affect? You're right, my mistake. But you definitely don't want walk ons not pulling their weight on the academic side.
  15. What do you mean by this? A walk on who has an academic scholarship is an advantage over a regular dumb walk on? How so? The obvious advantage is the use of a non-athletic scholarship for a "unrecruited" walk-on. There are recruiting rules in places for this circumstance, that's why the players aren't named until after school is in session.I understand the advantage that could be gained there and the rules in place to stop these occurrences. What I didn't understand was what advantage was gained by having an academic scholarship walk on versus a regular walk on. They are both walk ons so eat up no athletic scholarships. Because walk ons who aren't going to play meaningful minutes for you and don't get good grades drag down your APR.