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  1. Let me get this straight...

    I agree, and wouldn't an assistant coach look at our roster returning and know we have a pretty good chance at making the dance next year, and also conclude that it would be quite a resume bullet item to be able to say you were part of Nebraska's first NCAA tourney win.
  2. Miles extension poll

    Miles needs a contract set-up in a way that does not cause a disadvantage in recruiting. If that's 5 years, 4 years, whatever. If we have to buy out remaining years because things do not go well down the road, fine. Its the cost of doing business in my opinion. I'm just hoping the team can stay together for another run next year. Like Moos has stated, build on this year's success. I'm excited for next year's team.
  3. I guess we were seeded about right. Hope everyone comes back. Need off season programs to develop all these guys. A little disappointing Miles and staff didn't have these guys more ready to play. Such a Nebrasketball season. Geesh.
  4. This is the Beginning...

    How many seconds were left on the clock in the KU game, or when did we lose the lead at PSU, or Creighton? 19 point loss at MSG to MU. Put that on the clock after every work out, every practice and work as hard as you can for that much longer. Day, by day!
  5. This is the Beginning...

    some folks make it to the acceptance stage of grief quickly
  6. knee jerk reaction

    AAAAHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!.......feel a little better, thanks
  7. NIT bracket announcement

    Beat Ohio State 3X I guess. Not saying its right.
  8. NIT

    Oh...my...god. We don't even get a home game.
  9. Crazy to think how things would have been different if we beat KU. Three Q1 wins make a difference (Mich, MN, KU)? Who knows. How about being ND today, that Davidson win knocked them out.
  10. knee jerk reaction

    Until we beat them, I think we should continue to play the series. Its a program we need work to get to their level. Its a good measuring stick game. We also recruit a lot of the same players. It was a competitive game this year, maybe next year get over the hump. On the plus side, we OWN the bluejays in baseball, so that's nice.
  11. Selection Show, who to watch for

    It doesn't appear we were even close. While I wish we would have gotten more support from the BIG network, I guess they were right, we probably needed to win two in the tourney to be considered. What a strange year. A lot to be proud of. Metrics just didn't add up.
  12. Selection Show, who to watch for

    Not to be rude, but thats BS, you have no idea. Why speculate like that? Other than to get a negative reaction? People that speculate on who stays and who goes are getting tire some. You talk with Cope and Palmer often? If anything this type of thing can unite a group and both would be more likely to come back. Geesh. Rant over.
  13. Where does Nebraska land?

    Just read Lee B.'s article, put me in a funk
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Holy smokes, Nevada is getting boat raced out of the gym right now. Down 20.
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I hear ya man, there is no way we should be discounted so vehemently by this guy. Its like he's taking it personally with us. Not very professional at all.