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  1. They all should commit to being better both individually and as a team. For Nebraska. No one should leave. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Every role on the team is important. The entire program (coaches and players) needs to hole up in the Hendricks Center and work on getting better. Start with a Joe Maddonism, do simple better, and go from there. It would be nice not to hear a thing about Nebraska basketball until the season starts next year. There's work to do. GBR!
  2. This was handled perfectly by SE I thought he needed to address this quickly after the season. Can't get much quicker than that. Now lets build some unity of purpose in the program and fan base so we can have the season we all want next year.
  3. So do we lock this thread now since it really IS bs and get on with talking about how we can and will be better next year with coach Miles leading the way?
  4. I never minded a butt chewing from my coaches, it meant they cared, it meant they knew I could do better, they pushed me to be better. I'm sure Miles has high expectations for Roby because he sees his potential. That butt chew wasn't just for Roby's sake either, some of the things were said the rest of the team probably needed to hear also. I would have more concern if Miles ignored the kid and just chocked up his mistakes to being a Freshman. Especially if it were things that were emphasized in practice that were missed or not executed. Good coaches know when to push that button and since this is A typical of coach Miles, I think he knew exactly what he was doing.
  5. I remember Tom Osborne sat behind the bench for the NIT game with Wichita State. When it was evident we were getting rolled (half time I believe), he moved up to the nose bleed seats to finish watching the game. Doc got one more year after that game. I also remember the AD that should not be named being behind the bench when Charles Richardson hit the game winner against Texas Tech, so not sure how much the AD sitting behind the bench helps or hurts.
  6. Big, big, kudos to coach Miles for being on his coaches radio show tonight. He took calls. Didn't duck anything. Setting a great example for his team during a difficult time.
  7. our uniforms looked pretty sharp tonight. and i'm out.
  8. I have to end the night on a positive post...
  9. Jack, you just got buuurrnt.
  10. SE needs to address this quickly after the season. Either retain the coach or not (I'm for retaining still I guess) but without unity of purpose in the program its just a futile process.
  11. tia deseved better tonight
  12. need glynn for sure. being mia has hurt.
  13. yeah, as fun as the last colonoscopy I had.
  14. Jordy should have helped there.
  15. Roby should of helped there.