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  1. AW-III could have left Lincoln a legend and a team's leading scorer in leading said team to heights previously unseen. Alas, he took his talents to the un-air-conditioned Carrier Dome. Irony instead of destiny.
  2. Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament located at Walt Disney World's HP Fieldhouse in the Orlando area away: Big East Challenge (Gavitt Games) - St. John's (Thursday, November 16, 2017) home: ACC/Big Ten Challenge - Boston College (Wednesday, November 29, 2017) Likely home & away Big Ten conference games, either Friday, Dec. 1 & Sun. Dec. 3 *or* Sat. Dec. 2 & Mon. Dec. 4 away: Creighton (likely to be either Sunday, Dec. 10, or Wednesday, Dec 13) home: Kansas (Saturday, December 16, 2017 -- most likely a *prime time* matchup with fall graduation ceremony earlier in the day...) Advocare Invitational (Orlando): West Virginia, St. John's, Missouri, Oregon State, Central Florida, Long Beach State, Marist (similar to the '13-14 tournament in Charleston)
  3. Wonder how AW-II views it all now.... as father pushed son to the 'Cuse.
  4. That game better be, for atmosphere's sake!!!!
  5. Wow, indeed. Down go the Beavs.
  6. Sixers grabbed some Melo after the Draft.
  7. Just look at the Sixers draft picks over the past few years (medical reasons, of course).... Joel Embiiid... Ben Simmons.
  8. GBR as the Huskers needed that big to fill the middle! Nicely done!!
  9. If Tai gets picked & AW-III doesn't, that will be some type of justice or somethin'
  10. The new shooter in Lincoln, Nana Akenten:
  11. Nebraska and UC-Riverside meet for a four-game series February 17-19 at Tempe Diablo Stadium, home of the Angels spring training.
  12. *basketball
  13. Five-game suspension? .... what a joke.
  14. Maybe he could join Deverell Biggs on the Omaha Chargers minor league basketball team.
  15. There is a 1990's Nebraska "30 for 30" in the works, and the last I heard is that it will air in the fall. LP's death may have changed the final production dates for the "30 for 30" from the original timeline.
  16. The Cornjerkers of Hoopeston, the sweet corn capitol.