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  1. AuroranHusker

    2018 College World Series

    I was there on 6-20-11, the worst weather date I can recall. I miss Rosenblatt Stadium often.
  2. AuroranHusker

    2018 College World Series

    The weather is winning........
  3. AuroranHusker

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Shavon Shields is playing for the Pelicans in the Summer League. Apparently, he is kind of a big deal in Italia.
  4. AuroranHusker

    Father's Day

    Welcome to the twenty-first century, col!
  5. AuroranHusker

    Father's Day

    Hope all the HHCers have had a great Father's Day!
  6. AuroranHusker

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    What in God's green earth are those opponents' threads??? That is a crying shame.
  7. AuroranHusker


    This is the sport that I'd like Nebraska to develop a real rivalry with Iowa.
  8. AuroranHusker

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    David Rivers. Andrew Drevo. Brian Conklin. Terran Petteway. Jay-R Strowbridge.
  9. AuroranHusker

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    Still there.
  10. AuroranHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    KD has publicly stated he's re-signing with Golden State. I want to know who will be GM of the Sixers, they need to capitalize on their young stars by adding legit superstar(s) to the roster to make a serious run at the eastern title.
  11. AuroranHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    KD wanted to play in a free-flowing offense that GSW offered. He's a smart man. The Golden State organization seems to be really good at all facets of professional basketball. The new Chase Center is going to be an amazing venue in San Fran.
  12. AuroranHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    If you go to an NBA game, sit down as near the court as possible. It's amazing how great these athletes are at a simple game.
  13. AuroranHusker


    Well, that was mainly because UM shot about 1 of 12 on threes to start that game. It was brutal from beyond the arc.
  14. AuroranHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    And, oh, nice work J.R. in getting LBJ to go elsewhere.
  15. AuroranHusker

    NBA Playoffs

    LeBron to Philly. Calling my shot. New PG/PF on the court with PG/PF Ben Simmons, his mentee.