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  1. Man, I'd love for Nebrasketball to have a better backcourt next December *against* KU!
  2. I thought Copeland would take a ton of minutes at the 4 and Tshimanga at the 5, so is it really all *that* surprising that MJ & Eddie moved on?! Really, it is not that complicated.... I didn't think enough "minutes" were left before they transferred, and after a month's reflection I *really* don't think so. It all sort of worked itself out. MJ & Eddie were good, but the fit with the rest of the players may not have been exactly what Nebrasketball needed going forward. It's okay to change things up, and I'm perfectly fine with the end result. Defined roles will likely be fairly smooth, for the most part. Guess we'll find out exactly how it all shakes out in due time. GBR
  3. Well, Teddy Allen is going to West Virginia as well as the Owens "Teddy" to FL. Time for the Teddy's to go.
  4. Duby picked the right time to snag that #0. O yeah, he did!
  5. Scooby Duby Doooooo
  6. The state of Misery no more.
  7. I guess we'll have to wait and see.... here's hoping for dancing shoes come March 2018.
  8. Please pull the knife out.... ughhh.
  9. I'd be all right with zero percent under the right circumstances.... and I'd be perfectly fine with 100 blocks added on to that.
  10. Thomas Allen is planning to already be in Lincoln by the first part of June to attend summer school.
  11. Against the top 3 teams, Nebraska has won all three B1G series vs Minnesota (2-1), Maryland (2-1), and Indiana (2-0-1). Now, keep it going Big Red!
  12. Add a senior in Duby Okeke today! GBR
  13. Yep, pretty much. Every team is undefeated... now. GBR
  14. Lots of good quotes: