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  1. HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    I don't know, ask @HuskerFever
  2. HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    The closest to the correct prediction always gets a -25 "bonus" for their total. I had the same inquiry a while back...
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    If that scenario occurs, Nebraska winning tomorrow will have wrapped up the 4th seed at 12-5 with one to go, while UM would be 11-6 & PSU 10-7. It would give PSU another Quadrant 1 win, and a lot of incentive to beat NU to gain a final Quad 1 win & potentially be 'in' the field of 68 with a lot of momentum going to NYC. So, I'm likely in the mindset that NU will want UM to win Wednesday over PSU for a few reasons. 1-I doubt Nebraska is getting in the field of 68 as an "at-large" without 22 regular seasons (and 13 wins in the B1G). 2-I also think Nebraska will want that UM win to count as a Quadrant 1 win, which means 3-UM is the 5th seed & sets up the potential for another Quad 1 win by beating UM again in the B1G tourney.
  4. Nothing Really Matters

    Buck off. [That's their promotion...]
  5. Nothing Really Matters

    Basically, it's put up or shut up for this year's squad on the home stretch. I think the fans can help the fellas attain their goal of finishing strong at home: show up & get into the games. Let's do this!
  6. If Nebraska can beat Indiana & PSU to finish up the regular season, the Huskers will have beaten the 0.03% that was predicted in early January for a 22-9 regular season. That's as dramatic as it gets as far as outcome variance. And, another thing: the 22 wins would be the 2nd most regular season wins in Husker hoops history, tying a team from nearly a hundred years ago. This team is doing great. Let's enjoy the ride!
  7. Yeah, pretty much. Nebraska went from about 6 minutes 'til 19 ticks on the clock without a field goal. That's how a team loses to a team like Illinois.
  8. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Nebraska's back in the Phoenix area next weekend.
  9. Agreed. Sometimes a 'reality check' kick-starts a team to fight to the finish.
  10. Offensive Efficiency

    Aleks Maric would have had pretty decent numbers, I'd imagine.
  11. Nebraska's offense in the final 6 minutes was horrendous. While the Huskers made 7 of 10 on two-point shots in the 1st half (clearly not enough 2-pt shots, but I digress), it was in the 2nd half that NU was a paltry 6-17 on twos. And many were forced attempts that had no one there to rebound. I seem to recall Palmer tried going 1 on 3 quite a few times (so it would seem that at least one to two other guys had to be 'open'). Watson threw up shots that he hasn't consistently made for a while now... It was not good basketball in the last 70 seconds, particularly.
  12. Yep, that's how I have chosen to look at the situation. And it's tough to win on the road, particularly on Senior Night.
  13. The Happy Place Thread

    I have a good feeling the team will bounce back better than many of the fans. It'll be fine. GBR!