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  1. Unfortunately no guarantees for a regular season champ. Projected by BA to have NU be in Baton Rouge.
  2. Everyone's undefeated this time of year, but as I recall, last year NU was still recovering from the sour grapes portion of the AW-III grad transfer "situation."
  3. Actually, the "automatic" qualifier is Iowa from the Big Ten. But, yeah, I'd say that Nebraska is going to be in the tourney. I certainly hope it's not at Arkansas, though.
  4. Jake Schleppenbach made the Big Ten All-Tournament Team!
  5. Just all the delays throughout the tournament. It's craptastic!
  6. B1G Tourney in Bloomington is B.S.
  7. Go Minnesota & Maryland!
  8. Yeah, 15 to 0 with a 5-er at the end.
  9. In that 1-2 finish for Nebraska, the Huskers outscored the opponents 20-19.
  10. As long as that B1G game doesn't go 4+ hours, then NU will be back out there tonight vs MD. GBR
  11. Exactly. Load the bases in the final two innings. Zero runs. Srsly?
  12. 8 two-out hits by Nebraska. Unbelievable to score zero runs. 14 L.O.B. 12 hits. Srsly?!