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  1. I doubt it. Altman's never been a big media guy. You gotta do it all the time at IU. I'll bet they offer the job to Jay Wright. I would. Right time to leave, too. Nova's never gonna have a run that good anytime soon.
  2. Underwood will have the same challenge Weber and Groce had - convincing one-and-done kids who can go and do go to Duke, Kansas and Kentucky to go to Illinois. I don't put him in the Izzo/Beilein class of coach, though.
  3. Nobody says it only happens at Nebraska.
  4. I can't recall writing any coaches on the hot seat articles. I'm also not sad Miles remains the coach.
  5. Miles did not recruit Shields or Parker. They were signed up when he got here.
  6. Agreed. he was winning more than miles though.
  7. IMO, Miles has been treated quite well on sports talk radio.
  8. Spoken form?
  9. After the player walkout Nee had another 4 years. All years I was in school. And I'm telling ya: The press was pretty tough on him. Miles has had it easier than all of them.
  10. Well, you never know. I'm not sure Miles has felt much outside media/fan pressure until now; Barry and Doc - even Nee, after the player walkout - had it tougher than Miles has to this point. Sometimes necessity is a catalyst.
  11. How closely do you follow Nebraska and the Big Ten? Thurman could play for Nebraska any day of the week.
  12. While I agree with Parrish's premise - who wouldn't agree with it? - he doesn't lay out any criteria upon which a coach should or should not earn "belief" from an AD. So, basically, the piece is meant to say Weber and Groce shouldn't be fired. Some of these national guys are just coach whisperers. You can gaze at the headlines and subheadlines of recent articles written by Parrish and derive that: This should temper wild expectations for NC State: 'I wouldn't touch that job' Dear haters: You're dead wrong about Gonzaga, whether you realize it or not A bubble, a double standard, and a Wichita State team on the wrong side of both Roy Williams has never quite gotten his due, but he's outdoing even himself at UNC Parrish saves his strongest criticism, each week, for the AP voters he thinks are bad voters. (And he ripped Kim Mulkey, as everyone did.)
  13. Shepard is important, but it's the guards...in two years, with Eliely, whitish, Stallworth and Kissinger...that's a good Big Ten backcourt. You might get 45 points out of that quartet per game.
  14. Oh, it is worse in Amy's first year without question. Without Nicea, Jankoska might have had 50 on Sunday. Or Nebraska would have stayed in zone and given up 90.