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  1. Miles thought it was worth recruiting at Colorado State.
  2. He'll be better than Agau. He'll play more years than Patton, but Patton going in the 1st round would have paid some major recruiting dividends. The NBA is what these kids care about. I'd take Taz - Khyri Thomas - over all 3.
  3. I don't cover Creighton. He may get a raise, but this wasn't about money. He's good for Creighton - including in some ways Altman wasn't - and Creighton has been remarkably good to him and his family.
  4. I watched the presser and Smith seemed pretty convincing that, he just assessed how poorly recruiting was going and pulled the plug. It's a gutsy move. I respect it.
  5. By "nice" I mean a NCAA Tourney berth, not Jordan Hooper's senior year. nebraska's backcourt by then should pretty, pretty good. Whitish, Eliely, Stallworth and Kissinger? Pretty good.
  6. Not too far. Not this year. The following year sets up nice.
  7. I'd doubt that, but one never knows.
  8. The kind of team Amy Williams wants long-term, not sure they're gonna get much "bigger" than Veerbeek is at 6-2/6-3. Mershon is 6-1. Brown is 6-0 and may be 6-1 when she gets here. Williams' second team should be in much better shape - to run and spread the floor - than her first team was. And she wants to play more aggressive perimeter D...like Connie's teams did in the earlier days. (Maybe not quite as aggressive as Connie's early teams did with extending the D.) Veerbeek is the No. 51 player in the nation now, BTW.
  9. She plays HS baseball.
  10. I can't say with any confidence that Morrow would or wouldn't start at any given position. He'll have a year to retool his game, and maybe he will. He also might not. But I'd think he'd go to a school that has multiple NCAA Tournaments in the last 4 years. Horne did. Kind of like Chad Johnson did once upon a time. Johnson wasn't a better player at Pitt than he was at Nebraska. He played less. But he played on a Sweet 16 team, too.
  11. Well, except, perhaps, for the wins and losses.
  12. There's just one whole truth. The truth is the truth. As to what it is, we can't always discern, in part because of differing perspectives. But the truth just...is.
  13. He's not going to. He could play it in college, I suppose.
  14. Collier wasn't fired.
  15. I think this is a bit much, but I'd agree that today's athletes have average-to-poor role models at best when it comes to selflessness. Brad Underwood did not make a selfless decision. He knew the situation his AD at Oklahoma State was in, chose to be offended one year after understanding that situation, and bailed on the job. If I were in the Illinois beat writer pool, one of the first questions I'd ask is: "How can you tell your players to be patient with you when you didn't show any patience at your previous job? Why should they do something you couldn't do at Oklahoma State?" On another note: I assume you were against Tim Miles banning his players from the perks of the locker room a few years ago?