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  1. Creighton - Nebraska

    Hannah's going to have to shoot more. Eliely (just off an injury) and Cincore (just in general) can't take 7 shots each and Whitish only take 10.
  2. Prolly the Thanksgiving tourney for both. Maybe a lil later.
  3. Row6Seat10 Musings

    Yes she does. Strong hands. Rebounds stay grabbed.
  4. It'll improve in part because the offense gets better. If Nebraska's not turning the ball over 17 times per game, creating easy scoring opps for the opponents, it'll help.
  5. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Perhaps I'm wrong but I think Miles will benefit greatly - perhaps most - by Moos' hiring. Miles will work well with an AD who's outgoing and extroverted and relationship oriented. Eichorst struggled there, and Miles - unlike Bo - made his share of good faith efforts toward Eichorst. This'll sound odd, but you know what could really use a good men's basketball season? Nebraska football. Some other sport at Nebraska needs to take the pressure off in the spring/summer. Husker football, regardless of the coach, could use a little less opinionating and talk radio coverage in the offseason. Of course Husker football will always be No. 1, but it wouldn't hurt if the No. 2 story in March was a NCAA berth/NIT run vs, you know, junior day in recruiting.
  6. Ed Chang

    Miles thought it was worth recruiting at Colorado State.
  7. Ed Chang

    He'll be better than Agau. He'll play more years than Patton, but Patton going in the 1st round would have paid some major recruiting dividends. The NBA is what these kids care about. I'd take Taz - Khyri Thomas - over all 3.
  8. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    I don't cover Creighton. He may get a raise, but this wasn't about money. He's good for Creighton - including in some ways Altman wasn't - and Creighton has been remarkably good to him and his family.
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    I watched the presser and Smith seemed pretty convincing that, he just assessed how poorly recruiting was going and pulled the plug. It's a gutsy move. I respect it.
  10. Jess Shepard

    By "nice" I mean a NCAA Tourney berth, not Jordan Hooper's senior year. nebraska's backcourt by then should pretty, pretty good. Whitish, Eliely, Stallworth and Kissinger? Pretty good.
  11. Jess Shepard

    Not too far. Not this year. The following year sets up nice.
  12. Sam Haiby is N

    I'd doubt that, but one never knows.
  13. Sam Haiby is N

    The kind of team Amy Williams wants long-term, not sure they're gonna get much "bigger" than Veerbeek is at 6-2/6-3. Mershon is 6-1. Brown is 6-0 and may be 6-1 when she gets here. Williams' second team should be in much better shape - to run and spread the floor - than her first team was. And she wants to play more aggressive perimeter D...like Connie's teams did in the earlier days. (Maybe not quite as aggressive as Connie's early teams did with extending the D.) Veerbeek is the No. 51 player in the nation now, BTW.
  14. Sam Haiby is N

    She plays HS baseball.
  15. Morrow leaving

    I can't say with any confidence that Morrow would or wouldn't start at any given position. He'll have a year to retool his game, and maybe he will. He also might not. But I'd think he'd go to a school that has multiple NCAA Tournaments in the last 4 years. Horne did. Kind of like Chad Johnson did once upon a time. Johnson wasn't a better player at Pitt than he was at Nebraska. He played less. But he played on a Sweet 16 team, too.